North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Mexicans (@mexicans)
5 days ago

Have Cleary and Gamble at HFB and Turbo and Walsh at FLB, need to trade at least one of these guys as I’m effectively playing with 16 currently as only get one AE and Cleary/Turbo unlikely to back up. Thinking Gamble for one of the following HFB’s as don’t have duals.

Tracey (61 avg when playing 80)
Hughes (doesn’t play 17)

Any thoughts? Playing overall and a fair way back so just wanting to finish as high as I can

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CheeKam Schoupp
CheeKam Schoupp (@cheekam-schoupp)
5 days ago

Last Reserve?
TU Curran
TD Lodge

nugget (@nugget)
5 days ago

Welch to tko chn Angus
Niu to marzhew


Welch and Barnett to chn and tko

Or save the trades

tk (@tk)
Reply to  nugget
4 days ago

Ive gone to CHN but the value of TKO is very hard to ignore, so option B/2 it is for me

Jabronis (@jabronis)
5 days ago

Hey guys, what trades do you think are more important to bring in this week. One will have to miss out
Brailey > CHN via BSmith
Kelly > Holmes
Burton > Walker

Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
Reply to  Jabronis
4 days ago

Kelly to Holmes imo.

Jabronis (@jabronis)
Reply to  Trade-a-holic
4 days ago

Yeah me too. I think Walker can wait until next week

Benchy Marshall
Benchy Marshall (@domsantaguida8)
5 days ago

H2H, 305k ITB, thoughts on these trades? Watson + Niu > CHN (via Cheese) and Holmes (17.3K ITB) Leaves me with a likely team of: Cheese – Brailey* Thompson, Haas – Uto, Leniu Harris, Angus, Matto – CHN*, Curran*, Fui Burton – Cleary Walker – Schu Hynes, Holmes, Staines, Suaalii(If named) – To’o, Roberts (if not named), Burbo Gutho – Laurie* Thinking of picking up Holmes as a long-term keeper, if not named (late mail suggesting he will back up) will switch to either AJ or Tupou. The only real worry is if Haas doesn’t back up. Thoughts on the… Read more »

CSI (@csi)
5 days ago

If Too is rested who out of Kelly and Simmonson would be a better in for him
Also may have Suaalii available if Teddy pulls out

Trav80 (@trav80)
Reply to  CSI
5 days ago

Simo named at fullback against the Broncs is where I’m heading…

chooks (@chooks)
5 days ago

Ted to back up

Pablo Bill
Pablo Bill (@pdbigfish)
Reply to  chooks
5 days ago

poo, new I traded the wrong fullback last week. Ted playing, Turbo out, at least I got trading Cleary out right….

Sally M
Sally M (@sally-m)
Reply to  chooks
5 days ago

Guessing Suaalii will be another week before a price rise with Tedesco to back up.

Pablo Bill
Pablo Bill (@pdbigfish)
Reply to  Sally M
5 days ago

Well that’s good I guess I don’t have to trade him in this round and can stick with AJ or Garrick instead for Fergo

Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman (@eric-cartman)
5 days ago

Article is behind a pay wall but robbo saying that teddy most likely to back up vs titans. Great news as I feel turbo might be rested via DT

Last edited 5 days ago by Eric Cartman
Sheldon (@sheldon)
5 days ago

Why would you risk Teddy? Less than 3 days after origin and he’s been struggling with a hip injury? Madness.

But at least I can bring Harris instead of Sulaalii.

SoapDodger (@greenybne)
5 days ago

Head to head player but in the top 2k so starting to pay attention to overall too!

Brailey, Grant*
IPap, JFH, Uto, Leniu
Harris, Matto, Barnett, Angus*, Curran*, James
Cleary, Hughes
Schuster, Gamble
Hynes, Too, Holmes, Staines, Capewell, Fergo, Suaalii
Turbo, Gutho*

Will struggle to field 17 with so many rested/dropped

TU: Schuster -> Calker & Fergo -> nuff/Robati/Marzhew
TD: Capewell -> AJ & Barnett -> CHN (the only possible trades due to $$$)

Comment: Thoughts on Marzhew/Robati? AE nightmares?

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