North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Current team of

Grant / Luke
Horse / Haas / Keppie / Edwards
Fifita / Preston / Hosking / Ford / Peach / Couchman
Hynes / Cleary
Brown / Manu
Garrick / Marzhew / AJ / Val / To’o / Turuva / Smith
Teddy / Bula

122K ITB, 1 boost

Looking at

Hosking > Tohu
Preston > Schuster/Fainu
Val > Cody via Manu

Leaves me with a whopping 11 this week

Thoughts gents?

The Pretender

Hold Preston. Hosking and Vak out is nice. I would look at Peachey, Turuva, Haas or Teddy before I went Preston.


Interesting, i don’t view Preston as a keeper and has peaked in value. Peach + turuva got money to make, haas best frf, teddy + roosters will round into form (I bloody hope). I’d like to keep Preston as 4/5 2rf but see him more priority than the others this week

Edit: Haas actually a good shout, I’ll crunch the numbers and see who scores more leading to the end of origin period between Preston and him

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The Pretender

I wouldnt be concerned about $$$ at this stage. Preston plays 14/16/19, hes not a sell imo until rd 20.

Are you H2H only?


Definitely focus more on h2h would still like to do well overall though

The Pretender

If more H2H, then Preston can go, but id try and keep him for now.


Ok do i get Jeremy Marshall-King or Nikorima

Niko is and good 3 round but has been to full back is that good or bad for him?

Im liking JMK but also like the cash difference


The Pretender

JMK if you can afford it. Niko is good value but unsure on role with SOS due back soon.


JMK all day. Cook missing SOO good option too


I’m also trying to decide between JMK, Niko or Cook.

Looks like SOS is due back Round 17 following their bye.

Kodi played fullback for Souths twice last year for scores of 48 and 52.

The calculator has him making $110k over the next 3 weeks scoring 60’s which is not worth the two trades to go to someone else.

Cook has a bye in Round 26 if you are H2H and JMK is averaging 6 points more than Cook per game….so I’m leaning to JMK but not certain!


Have Munster in my team, thinking of trading him to CWalker as a hold and Munster playing Origin. H2H player btw with 12 players this week, but looking at future proof of the team.

TU: Make the switch
TD: Hold Munster.

Matty Sing

Who would be the order of trade ins out of: hopgood, Harris, Walker, ponga, cook.
Want to sell hosking, hynes, val or potentially luke.
Team is as stands before trades:
Grant – Luke
Tapine, horse – moale, pele
Ford, shushter, Preston – Fifita, peachy, hosking
Hynes – Cleary
Brown – katoa
Garrick, marz, AJ, croker – manu, Val, B Smith
Teddy – Bula

Matty Sing

Have plenty of money and trades
Okay need three trades to make 13

The Pretender

Assuming you want them all and factoring in long term performance and BE’s – Walker, Harris, Ponga, Hopgood and Cook.

I like Hoppy more than Ponga, but this is the week for Ponga.

Matty Sing

Ranked round 25k and need to make up ground so I think a pod move could be a play


hard to say but i would have ponga and cook at the bottom of the list. The other 3 are all equally good buys. Id have Hopgood and walker the top two.


What’s the general consensus on fifita and haas backing up after origin? Tossing up to go Nichols to hopgood which leaves me 17 playing next round if those two are playing.

The Pretender

Both should, but reduced mins.


Afternoon all. need some trade advice.

Fairly certain on my first two trades but last trade

TU: Grant to Cook and keep mahoney for now as second hooker.
TD: Mahoney to Nikorima and keep Grant.

I’m worried about Nikorima at fullback. If he was at 5/8 id be a lot more comfortable with the trade.

The Pretender

Both work, its tough but id lean Cook’s upside personally.


Would you go Hynes > Moses if it let you do Gilbert > Tohu & Val > Isaako?

The Pretender

Yes, just. Make sure Hynes is back for you rd20.


Had a second thought > Walsh to Isaako instead. Holmes > Lomax & Gilbert > Tohu.

Feels less scary losing walsh compared to Hynes


TU Hynes > Walker
TD Matto > Hopgood


TU: Munster to CWalker
TD: Mahoney to Cook

Already trading Hynes to Brown (Cleary/Katoa HFB) and Luke is my other hooker


Trade out hosking for:

TU: tohu


which halfback do i trade out for fogharty,,,TU cleary out,,,TD hynes out,need to beat my son in h2h

The Pretender

I dont think either of them should go to Fogarty.


Ew. Neither


Sorry all, but help required or a comment to say you goose for not planning the bye period better. Ill need to trade 3 in to be competitive for H2H.

Grant Luke
Haas Gilbert Edwards Izac
Wilton Preston Murray Schuster Afoa Murdoch-Masila
Hynes Cleary
Munster Katoa
Mulitalo Garrick Too Johnston Burbo Te Whare Smith
Walsh Turbo

Gilbert or Murray to Tapine
Munster to Walker
Walsh to a FLB or CTW suggestion welcome.

360000 ITB


it all depends where you sit on the ladder. if you are up the top and can afford a loss don’t waste three trades on people either not making you money or not upgrading to a keeper.

If you are lower down and need a win, tade and do what you can.


Hmm, going for a win.


Am i crazy not to do
Mahoney to Cook

for $55k difference

The Pretender

I would do it.


H2h has different factors, as in do you need the win etc. Grant and JMK are likely #1 and #2 options.
However in isolation, Mahoney to Cook is an upgrade.



Turbo to Tohu (then Val to Turbo for 15)
Mahoney to
TU – Cook
TD – Robson
Comment – talk me in or out of Lussick or Liddle


What’s the minimum VC score to activate a loop this round? 85?

Sally M

I’d VC loop on a score of 5 more than the average score during the season of your chosen captain.

Santa Claus

Maybe this is conservative, but i’d take 75


1st trade – an obvious one
Hosking > Tohu

2nd trade – 20th most traded in player (30th in top 1%) kinda gone under the radar
Uto > Jofa – Jofa currently priced at 40 avg ($2,700 less than Uto), with RCG out till round 18 and Paulo on SOO duty, Jofa should get increased minutes (hoping 55-60 min) should score well 55-65 points and increase in value nicely

3rd trade if made
Holmes > Isaako/Lomax


TU – Walsh, Haas/Carrigan, Cheese to Issako, Harris and Cook (Other hooker is Grant)
TD – Walsh, Haas, Carrigan to Issako, Harris, Hopgood

Thinking Haas will play less minutes over origin and price will drop a bit for trading back in round 20 odd. Thoughts??


H2H player by the way


So really just between TU Cheese to Cook or TD Carrigan to Hopgood. Cheese is the weaker link but Cook has the bye in Round 26 for H2H

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VC loop bye rounds?
The way I read the rules, is to loop your VC, normal scenario occurs of the lowest scoring player outside your 17 comes in as an AE.
I have 13 players, so if my VC goes well I will most likely loop.
My understanding is I will have to drop one of my 13 outside of my 17 selected so they can continue me in, instead of only having someone who scored 0 as they are on a bye or Origin.
Seem right?


Same AE rules will still apply, lowest score outside of 17 to come into your team


Exactly. So if I only have 13, and left them all as starters/reserves, a 0 score will come into my 13 man team as I don’t have any points outside my 17


Not sure why you are looking at it this way. We know the rules are that the best 13 out of 17 selected (13 on field and 4 reserves) will be scored for you. So to ensure a nice simple VC loophole option simply have a NPR (bye preferred as they count all the way to the start of the last game) on the field. You can have 4 playing as your Reserve. Then if your VC goes well just put the C on your NPR (who is on the field and on a bye). No AE nightmare swap or… Read more »

wombat stew

They would come into your team as 14th man with a zero


TU = 14 players this week
Keppie > Hopgood
Mahoney > Cook

TD = 15 players this week
Pele > Hopgood
Mahoney > Nikorima

Already gone Hynes>SJ to fund the moves


Is grabbing C Walker (to replace I Katoa) overkill for my HFB and 5/8 spots if I already own Cleary, Hynes and Brown? This means that four of the other remaining 10 bench spots could be filled by non cash generators impacting bye numbers, etc.

TU: Save cash and grab Ponga in RD15, use Manu there, etc
TD: No concern- Grab Walker and complete both lines


If no concern- is there an appealing option that plays this round and ideally RD14 under $325,000 on either the CTW, 2RF or FR line?