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Hi All Have made the decision, mostly, for my trades this week. Burbo > Tapine. Can keep the rest of the year. Mitchell > Isaako. Can move to CTW and keep for the rest of the year. Hosking > Hopgood. Can keep for the rest of the year. (Thank you The Pretender) At this stage I have traded Grant > JMK. But cannot decide between JMK and Cook. If I get Cook I will have $445,100 for trades next few weeks (Extra $90K) I do have some duds to say goodbye to Peachey, IKat, Luke, Moale to name a few.… Read more »

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I’d only consider JMK for Grant. Cook is currently a downgrade

Afro Monkey

Feel like Cook averages about 10 points less than JMK for the rest of the season, so depends if you can make up those points with the money you save in hooker elsewhere.
They both have high BEs this week so I’m waiting until next week to solve this problem myself.


Cook BE is 53 (not what I would consider high).


Thank you for the comments. I decided on Cook. Gives me an extra $90k to play with. Will now see how he goes.


Grant / SLuke
Tapine Haas / Edwards Moale
JDB Fifita Preston / Schuster Ford Loiero
Hynes / Cleary
DBrown / Katoa
Meaney CNK Garrick Marzhew / Turuva BillySmith MaxFeagai
Walsh / Bula

Looking at the below trades. Am I crazy for skipping over CWalker? Could get him instead of SJ if I trade Grant to Cook instead of Soni Luke.

SLuke > Cook
Moale > Tohu
Loiero > Hopgod
Hynes > SJ

Afro Monkey

I think he is, he’s been on fire lately and their run is Raiders/Titans/Dragons/BYE/Cows/Warriors/Dogs I’m bringing him in for these 6 games surely he goes large in 2/6 and averages decent in the other 4.

Chiefs luck

Holmes > Isaako looks a good trade??


Is either AJ or T’oo to Isaako too sideways?

And would you go find a way to get Ponga or Isaako in?


Or Haas -> Isaako?


AJ would be a waste imo but T’oo is in origin and is probably a decent trade out

Temple Guard

Am I crazy to trade Miller to Kiraz been on a bye H2H only overall gone long ago


Yes, TG. Both will not move in price this week. Save a trade. Have you 13 able bodies for this round? Even if you are H2H only, unless you want to make lots of trades next round. GL.


Lachie coming off the bench (BE: 87) so could lose some value. His minutes are probably dependent on Ponga’s minutes.

Temple Guard

Thxs DCE… I was scratching my head about him not losing money


Sorry, TG. Just found out that Newey do play this round. My bad.

Temple Guard

Not a worry Mate 🙂

Afro Monkey

Time to start trying to climb up the ranks, 14 playing this round. Trades were;

Hosking – Tohu
Hynes – Walker
Holmes – Isaako
Walsh – Ponga


Going a little unconventional and skipping on a replacement hooker this week and getting them in next week as I already have a solid 13 selected. I have 23 trades/2 boosts left so happy to move Hynes and look to bring him back. Thoughts?


Is it worth using my last trade this week to get schuster by trading out keppie?


Just keep in mind that Keppie is named at lock this week so we expect a better score/more mins from him.


Yeah I might just save the trade


H2h player. So not fussed about this week
23 trades $319j ITB

Grant, Luke
Haas, Tapine, Edwards, Hetherington
Ford, Hosking, fifita, Nikora, gosiewski, Peachey
Hynes, Cleary
Brown, schu
Garrick, Ronaldo, To’o Marzhew, Turuva, bsmith, Eisenhuth,
Turbo, Bula

Thumbs up
Hosking, Luke, gos > Calker, Fainu, Nikorima

Thumbs down > make other trades

Comment other suggestions please


Unless you have big plans for next week, i don’t know that any of them are urgent moves


Thanks Rabs. I might look at just Hosking to Calker. I just see Luke as an AE nightmare atm. Gos could be the same now on the bench and Cotter to come back


24 trades 2 boosts
189k itb

Pretty set on this unless convinced otherwise

Now this is the one I’m stuck on
Turbo or to’o – isaako
Turbo doesn’t play 14 but rd 15 has dolphins
With a low be then storm after origin 2
To’o plays 14 against St George , 15 against the roosters 17 against the knights


Trading Trell but not sure who to get

TU. Isaako
TD. Tapine via duels


Who to sell for Hopgood;
TU Gilbert
TD Welch


Can someone please confirm if Welch will be available during SOO being Qld 19th man? (PS I know he misses this week with a bye)


My understanding: only 1-18 miss club duties.


Alright have backtracked on my decision and am now trading Hynes to Walker via Katoa, also going Val to Tohu via Eisenhuth and Luke to Robson. I’m not going cook because I would have 4 Rabbitohs and Robson would be a Round 16 number.


$30k short for Issako, next best option?

TD: Bird

Open to any other CTW/2RF under $651k


Other option would be to Boost for the money (2 left)

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Santa Claus

AJ if you don’t have Cody Walker. Otherwise Jack Bird


One of my other trades is Cody


Is owning tohu, AFB and ford putting too many eggs in one basket?

I can do pele to harris or stefano to Hopgood (can cover next week)

Salty Former Owner

No. I don’t believe any of those players affects the score of the others. I’d also imagine AFB and Tohu will score OK even if the Warriors get thrashed. And if the Warriors get thrashed, there’s nothing you can do to plan for that.


I’m purely in cash h2h and our comp doesn’t play matchups in the Rd 13 16 19.
What moves can I make for the other bye rounds?

Grant jmk
Tapine tino moale baby Tino
Fifita carrigan Preston peachey williame howarth
Cleary hynes
Munster katoa
Issako Garrick marzhew turuva Talakai Croker smith
Turbo miller

$3.5k itb, 25 trades, 2 boosts


My Team for this week.

Tapine, BMM
Tohu, Ford, Schuster
Brown, Walker
Marzhew, Garrick, Isaako, AJ, Croker


Sorry, not sure if it’s been asked already & questioning my interpretation of the bye information in the app.

Are we still able to VC loop this round?

wombat stew



Have no idea what to do with miller but definitely want to sell preferably someone who plays rd14 too

Grant Luke
Horsbrugh Welch Uto Pele
Tapine Hopgood Schuster Fifita Ford Howarth
Hynes Cleary
Brown katoa
Garrick Holmes Johnston Marzhew Crocker Turuva Smith
Miller Teddy

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Isaako or Tohu through duals

kegs kings

Good luck all in this new revamped origin period


If I have 14 playing and only my top 13 score then the captain loop is easier does that sound right?

As I have guys on field I can put the C on who are not playing If I like the VC score

Then still only my top 13 score anyway so auto reserve does not come into play or am I looking at it wrong

wombat stew

You nailed it