Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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King Gutho
King Gutho (@skimmer)
17 days ago

last reserve TU watson or TD staines

MyYfH8sSC (@tigers-for-15th)
Reply to  King Gutho
17 days ago

I’m strongly considering dropping Watson to loop Hynes. Staines all the way!

Parramaniac (@dpjames)
17 days ago

The Niko Loop equation is tricky. If I loop before Cleary plays I will have Leniu and Saab as possible AE. I would have a choice of playing Capewell as C and putting S Chricton on the bench. Centres are Niko, Nofo, Too and Laurie. However, the other option is to bypass Cleary and put the C on Turbo if Leniu’s score is too low. However, if Leniu scores say 30+ I would then replace Barnett (45-60) with A Chricton and put the C on AChriston In this case myAE is Saab – who I think may score well against… Read more »

luigi (@luigi5551)
Reply to  Parramaniac
17 days ago

play the game in the spirit it is meant to be played.surely that is the basis of all sport.this looping business is a cheating loophole.

Parramaniac (@dpjames)
Reply to  luigi
17 days ago

that’s why it is called a loophole. Its legal and ethical – ie: in the spirit of the game

luigi (@luigi5551)
Reply to  Parramaniac
17 days ago

i stand by my previous statement

MyYfH8sSC (@tigers-for-15th)
Reply to  Parramaniac
17 days ago

I’m in a very similar position. How crazy is to have concerns about looping a 150+ score! This couldn’t have happened next week could it!

Last edited 17 days ago by MyYfH8sSC
Benny's Jets
Benny's Jets (@bennyandthejets)
17 days ago

any info on whether Crichton plays 14 or not?

uncledami (@uncledami)
Reply to  Benny's Jets
17 days ago

In the late mail

Hold Your Horse
Hold Your Horse (@hold-your-horse)
17 days ago

Fergo or Staines

nrl (@nrl)
17 days ago

Overall player
Sell walker to burton TU
Keep walker save trade TD (21 trades left)

Rare panther
Rare panther (@gb022)
17 days ago

Was considering looping hynes, and ae Ryan James. Now sam walker is out which I was playing and no more reserves.
Brings me to my decisions.to loop or not.
Tu: captain d Fifita or Cleary and cop James ae
TD: trade out walker to burton
Comment: capewell to best.
Worried best or burton may only get 30s which will be my ae anyway.

1MoreNobody (@1morenobody)
Reply to  Rare panther
17 days ago

Id still loop.
C walker and get James ae anyway.
Just hope no more late outs. Saves a trade.

CheeKam Schoupp
CheeKam Schoupp (@cheekam-schoupp)
13 days ago

TU Brian Kelly
TD Bradman Best
Like some others, I’m pretty bummed Fergo & Riki dropped after holding them for the bye. Would have booted them both long ago otherwise

jerryg32 (@jerryg32)
12 days ago

Klemmer to:

TD: Gutho

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor (@trentsmith)
6 days ago

Ranked 1600 and looking for advice over this period and 16 trades left
ITB 450K
Will get Turbo or papy back in after origin

Brailey Watson
Ipap TPJ Leniu James
Matto Gus Harris Barnett Capewell Curran
Cleary Gamble
Luai Burton
Nofo Too Hynes Laurie Stanies Mead Leremia
Gutho Teddy

TU Barnett & Luai to Calker & Dfaf

TD Barnett & Stanies to CHN & Holmes

Any other thoughts

Last edited 6 days ago by Conor McGregor
trentmark (@trentmark)
5 days ago

Can anyone update on how Sam Verrills is tracking with his recovery from his eye injury?

Hoping for him to be my backup HOK for the run home

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