Trade Talk – Round 12

Comment section glossary:

TU – Thumbs up (voting button)
TD – Thumbs down (voting button)
ITB – In the Bank
POD – Point of Difference (player that is not highly-owned)
BE – Breakeven (the approximate score that the player has to reach for his price not to move in value)
AE – Auto-emergency (lowest-scoring reserves player above zero who is automatically substituted into your 17 scoring players if a player you have originally selected does not play)
AE Nightmare – Player who may score terribly and become a risk of a very low score if they become your AE substitution for the week
Nuff – Cheap player who is very unlikely to play any games
Dual Nuff – Cheap player who is very unlikely to play any games who is available in two positions (e.g. CTW/2RF)
NPR – Non-playing reserves (players you have not selected in your 17 for the week)
DPP – Dual Position Player (player who is available in two positions (e.g. CTW/2RF))
TLT – Team List Tuesday
The Banner – the player who features in the photo at the top of the article on the weekly scores post on the SC Talk site. Normally this is the kiss of death!
Cows – players, generally cheap, who will make a stack of cash as they ‘fatten up’
FLB – Fullback
CTW – Centre/Wing
FE – Five-Eighth
HFB – Halfback
2RF – Second row forward
FRF – Front row forward
HOK – Hooker

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North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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DoughnutPunchers (@doughnutpuncher)
2 days ago

TU: Api & RTS > Teddy & Randall
TD: Coates & Api > Smith & Nuff

dfez03 (@dfez03)
Borderline keeper
2 days ago

Could potentially loop Matto if ruled out?

TD: VC Nofo

Thurstonville (@thurstonville)
2 days ago

Banners up .

zen (@zensboys)
2 days ago

Is it worth selling Fotu & Rudolf for Papalli?

Note – I havent been playing Rudolf as one of my reserves.

Scott Minto GOAT
Scott Minto GOAT (@oly144)
2 days ago

Who scores more

TU) Lucy

TD) Butch

Melmo (@melmo)
Borderline keeper
2 days ago

Who’s the better overall trade in:
TU: S Katoa
TD: Sivo

luigi (@luigi5551)
Borderline keeper
2 days ago

with regards to matto resting this w/e for long term health reasons,a certain regular poster called me a drama queen for suggesting this very scenario on p29 of r12 trade talk,i am waiting for the apology.

OnTheBus (@samardo)
Reply to  luigi
2 days ago

apologies, love from mario 🙂

luigi (@luigi5551)
Borderline keeper
Reply to  OnTheBus
2 days ago

thank you

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE
I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE (@nrlsupercoach00)
Reply to  luigi
2 days ago

“lol , alot of drama queen’s around . You have your opinion as i have mine. I’m no doctor but giving him an extra week or not would be irrelevant.
If he really does have issues maybe retirement is the way to go.”

I wonder who that could’ve been…….

GrassHopperCollecter45 (@grasshoppercollecter45)
1 minute ago

TU: Smith and Walters > Randall and Munster (bring in smith back in 2-3 weeks when he comes back)
TD: Walters and Luai > Munster and (who ever the Sharks Half is this week)

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