North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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TU: Alamoti to AJ as 5th gun ctw and hold welch till r13
TD: Welch to Tapine as 2 gun frf and miss AJ for now


I did the Welch > Tapine trade a few weeks back, but I’d maybe look at doing Welch > JDB or even Horse

Tapine’s very consistent but hasnt gone higher than 67


Who should I get?

TU: Harris (FRF of Haas/Tapine/Uto/Nuff)
TD: AJ (CTW of Manu/Garrick/Manu/Turuva, but with 77 BE)


Know I want Garrick this round, just not sure on second trade

TU: Warbrick/Turuva > Garrick/AJ (AJ 5th CTW)
TD: Ford/Katoa > Garrick/D Brown (Brown pairs with Munster)

Comment: Warbrick/Uto > Garrick/JDB (JDB 3rd FRF with Haas/Tapine)


Comment: Warbrick/Uto > Garrick/JDB

The Pretender

I wouldnt force a 3rd FRF. I like the Garrick/Brown move.


Yeah, does seem a bit excessive. JDB just seems the rage this week, plus like his bye coverage



Who do you guys rate better as a buy?
TU: Miller
TD: Marzhew

Benny's Jets

29 trades, 3 boosts remaining pre-trades

TU: Welch > JDB (60k ITB)
TD: Hold (160k ITB)


Could someone please advise where to find the captain % for the round please. Thank you for your assistance.


If you have SC Gold you can check Coaches Choices under Players.


Thank you. Yes I do. Just could not work out where it was

Temple Guard

Latrell should be high on that list vs Tigers


Surprisingly only sitting at 5.9% at the moment (3rd most popular Capt). Nicho on 38.8% and Cleary on 14.5%.

Temple Guard

Can’t take too much out off that really… everybody flicks C’s including me haha but thanks Tradie 😉

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Who to sell for Tohu?

TU- Collins
TD- Welch


TU: VC Trell/C Hynes
TD: VC Cleary/ C Trell


Do we think Matto plays origin?
TU Yes

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The type of bloke to take a suspension instead of paying the fine and letting his team down? Pass


Am i missing why Welch seems to be a popular trade out this week?


Preparations for R13 (Tapine and Tohu well-priced ATM).

Temple Guard

If you got Tapine Haas Tohu and Big Red in your FRF… You didn’t miss a thing 😉


Except money to spend in better scoring positions

The Pretender

Bingo 😉


219k 27 trades
Luke jmk
Tapine Croker sipley greig
Fifi hosking Preston ekatoa peach schust
Hynes cleary
Munster katoa
Meaney Manu Garrick cnk marzhew turuva Jennings
Walsh turbo

Ideas for trades pls? Am currently thinking Walsh-Bula, turuva/jennings-miller. Or do I need dylbags?

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Never walk alone

You have missed 82k with Bula and he has a couple of harder matchups before a bye. You have Munny so Brown not a necessity.
Without any boba fide cheapies, you could just save trades


Sloan out for….

TU: Garrick
TD: Timoko


Hey coaches, happy to send some money someone’s way to help me ha
H2h player 28 trades 64k

Trying to avoid playing Uto again this week and next…

Only way to avoid is

Turuva > Nuff
Uto > JDB

TU Yes

Grant Boyd
Tapine Uto Moale Pele
Fifita Harris Hosking EKatoa Peachy Shuster
Hyne Cleary
Brown Crossland
Manu Garrick Holmes AJ Turuva Croker Alamoti
Latrell Teddy

If I missed something, let me know

Jimmy McNulty

Instead of going Turuva to a nuff you could take a chance on VTW and cross your fingers he’s named next week and round 13.

You could then move Tohu Harris to FRF and trade Uto to Matterson or Hopgood, both who have more upside than JDB.


Yeah that would be the ideal play if Tohu didn’t have the bye next week, so I need coverage there


H2H player

My lack of bye planning has me with Schuster as my only available 5/8 this week and i can’t afford a big boy without tearing my team apart. I have Manu and it’s pretty frustrating that he’ll become 5/8 eligible on Monday!

Currently considering Ponga, Sullivan and Wakeham in that order. Wakeham doesn’t excite me though, Ponga I’m favouring due to his potential upside but i don’t know much about Sullivan. Can anyone fill me in with pros and cons please?

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The Pretender

If you are a H2H player – never ever tear your team apart for a bye.

Treat Schuster as a free loop and take the AE. Though I would suggest prioritising a 5/8 in H2H regardless as it is a high scoring position. You should never be left without a gun 5/8 and a stacked forwards department in H2H.


Am I being silly to go Katoa + Turuva to Te Whare & AJ?
I had nightmares last night when i realised AJ was the banner

The Pretender

I wouldnt say silly, I get the moves. Could you go Katoa > Oloapu who at least looks like making money and appears to be in a set role where he will play 50+ mins at 6 until he gets used to the NRL?

Can grab VTW via someone else in a few weeks.

Silky Smooth

Manu tupou walker back round 14 … billy smith may only get 1 price rise ??? Or does he keep his position

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