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Second Year Syndrome

Thinking I’m in a world where I can hold this week. Have been tempted to depart with Yeo for McInnes/Robson since I’m going to depart with him anyway. Just hold?

Grant – Cotter
Haas, Lolo – JKing, MKing
Ipap, Talakai, Yeo – Tago, Burbo, Howarth
Cleary – Ilias
Munster – Brown
Aitken, Graham, May, Tuipolotu – Suaalii, Koula, Tass
Hynes – Taaffe

$22,200, 22 trades and 1 boost remaining.

Sally M

Holding doesn’t hurt. If you are playing overall there are still 37 opportunities to trade (if you have 5 boosts left), for H2H who play GF’s in round 24, 35 opportunities to trade (for those with 5 boosts).

You will want some trades in the back end of the season. To save 2 now is not a bad thing.


How’s Woolford’s job security? Didn’t watch the raiders game last week, only played 37 minutes


Not great. Elliot could come back this week. I would want to wait a week and see how it plays out.


Elliot apparently starting lock CHN bench Woolford still starting. Wouldn’t go this week we can all reassess next to see Woolford’s minutes this week and the Ricky’s roulette lineup next Tues 🙂


Nat Butcher?
TU: Yep, get rid of Tuilagi, R13, cash gen
TD: Not worth two trades

SC scores when 13 from 2019 in chronological order*:
88 (69 min) 66 Base (1 x TA, 1 x LB) 1.28PPM
47 (50 min) 48 base, 0.94PPM
49 (53 min) 45 Base, 0.92PPM
65 (46 min) 57 Base, 1.41PPM
46 (50 min) 47 Base, 0.92PPM
Hasn’t played there since 2020

I’m thinking if he can get Radley type 65+minutes (or thereabouts say around 60 ) he might be worth a shot, expecting 50-55+ scores.

*sourced from stats on http://www.nrlsupercoachstats.com

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Tuilagi > NButcher is a no-brainer if it involves one trade. Not so sure about two trades (unless you’re building up R13 numbers). I think your SC expectations of Butcher are realistic. Good luck!

Walkers On

With 25 trades left, is it worth using 2 trades on Randall -> Robson and Coates -> Kikau.
This would give me 12 players for R13, including Vailea and Cotter.

TU: Yes do both trades
TD: Just Coates -> Kikau, save the other tade

Beaten Favourite

How many minutes do you reckon Randall will play tonight?

TU 80
TD 55


i’m not sure on the specifics but i can’t see him playing the full 80


I cant understand it but as long as there isnt an injury, Obrien has shown he likes Randall 55 and Crossland 25.


80min for Randall, Crossland to replace Milford at half time Knights when down 24 – Nil.

Sally M

He plays 80 if there is an injury which Crossland has to cover, otherwise he gets a spell when Phoenix slots in for a stint at dummy half.


Hey Lads

Best round 13 player to bring in this week trading Penisini out

TU – Manu
TD – Kikau

Comment – POD option Walsh



Time to spend some of that cash sitting in the bank to beef up my 2RF for the long term

Kikau and Matto in, Tuilagi and Vailea out (Aitken to CTW)

Solid enough right? Any other gun 2RFs worth considering?


hang on. you are prepared to forgo VV points in round 13?


I think so. The other options are Tass or Burbo, but it would be painful to give up that future cash. VV is unlikely to get me more than 30 points in that round i’d say


Apologies if already posted.

Late Mail: Broncos skipper Adam Reynolds has been ruled out after battling a groin injury that saw him on restricted duties at the captain’s run. He will be replaced by Ezra Mam, who will make his NRL debut.

Source: foxsports.com.au


Means Staggs could kick goals then for those of us still holding?

But then on the downside Brisbane unlikely to actually score many points without him so may not matter….


Then again Mam might actually pass him the ball.
As much as i like Renno, he did not give much ball to Staggsy.


yeh im torn on selling staggs now. a new half might be more likely to just give staggs the ball and hope he creates something. arey likes to cut out his right centres. having said that, im not convinced broncos will do much attacking without arey


Hey guys,

Would really appreciate some advice on trades this week. Not sure whether to bring in Cotter or best to hold trades with his likely SOO selection…

$275,900 ITB – 25 trades left

Grant (Randall)
Haas, Lolo (J.King, M.King)
Olakauatu, Talakai, Aitken (Fermor, Tuilagi, Burbo)
Cleary (Schneider)
Munster (C Walker)
Garrick, May, Tago, Cobbo (Suaalii, Vailea, Tass)
Hynes (Taaffe)

TU: Randall or Tuilagi > Cotter
TD: Hold trades

Any other suggestions? Thanks all!

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Feels silly to leave out Sam Walker from my reserves but would you play him over any of the following:
Robson, Arrow, Tago, Cody Walker?

Bring Back The Bears

I’m sitting him also this week against the Panthers


Reynolds out.. DAMN


Hi everyone! I managed to get SC Plus for free by stumbling upon this free subscription to the Australian for 12 months (found on OzBargain) which also includes the Daily Telegraph. Make sure you’re already logged in with your SC/Daily Tele account and just accept the deal. You won’t get upgraded instantly, it takes a bit, but it worked perfectly for me. Happy Supercoaching!


cheering, thanks mate


Thanks Sean – I was a student (about 30 odd years ago!), so maybe I can wing it too! Cheers mate! 😉


Damn it – comes up with this message ‘Please note that this offer is not readily available.
You may like to select an alternative offer or contact Customer Support directly on 1300 MY NEWS (1300 696 397) Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm & Saturday 7:30am to 11:30am (AEST) for assistance’

And puts me through to the normal subscription offers. Twas too good to be true! 🙁 (Or maybe I’m just one of those ‘Over 50’s technically challenged’ people! 😉


Looks like it’s been pulled. Sorry mate.


No worries – they’ve gotta put a time limit on everything, so them’s the breaks! 😉


i somehow have never paid for SC plus but have had it for over 5 years now. i got it free initially with a foxtel subscription, but they have never taken it off even tho i havent had a foxtel subscriptions for years

Eric Cartman

TMM a play tonight? With munster a chance of not playing might be wise so I don’t cop a AE. He’s just been awful latley

Keyser Soze

What’s wrong with munster, hadn’t seen anything?

Eric Cartman

heard he might have the flu. nothing concrete tho


TU: Thompson + Tuilagi > Walsh + Butcher
TD: Tuilagi > Butcher

I’m not sold on trading for Walsh. And I dont feel Thompson is an urgent trade out. H2H player that is sitting comfortably in Top 3 for leagues so I feel like I can afford to drop one or two matchups. I dont really think that using a trade is worthit for a mediocre player just for bye rounds. Could also upgrade Tuilagi to someone like Kikau. Opinions?


Got to get rid of Randall and his 55 min games

Narrowed it down to three
I am only in for head to head

Brandon smith may see a lot more time in the frf rotation especially with Harry grant playing origin, price is cheap and could make some money

Cotter is tempting but could
Miss a few weeks with origin

Mcinnes is the last, May get extended run at lock

Any thoughts or reasons not


i see cotter as a keeper as 2nd HOK, not convinced that mcinnes is when finucane is back though.


After shifting some DPP magnets around I think I’ve finally settled on Max King to David Klemmer and Will Penisini to Jahrome Hughes this week. Still tempted by Mitch Moses who is cheaper than Hughes. I could be convinced to change to Moses…

TU: Hughes
TD: Moses

Temple Guard

Hughes is no certainty this week from what I heard…. nothing confirmed though…. just be aware of that


Thanks. The extra 90k saved by selecting Moses instead of Hughes would help me in any case so I’m definitely giving it some thought.


Make that 105k. Nothing to sneeze at.


TU: Matto
TD: Kikau


I have the same question. Who scores more points for the run home?

King Dribble

Who will kick in the absence of Reynolds???




Final Reserve
TU Fermor
TD Taaffe


TU: Klemmer
TD: Manu

Only have 9 for round 13 right now but tempted by Klemmers stability