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Hey guys, would be great if I could get a fresh set of eyes to have a look at my team and potential trades:

Current team with 130k itb
Grant cook
Lolo haas mking Leo
Talakai cotter Ola ipap burbo Momo
Cleary Hynes
Munster Illias
May staggs Aitken sualli koula tass vv
Turbo taafe

My trade thoughts are:
1. Leo -> Nat butcher and play sualli or koula as 4th ctw and keep turbo
2. Turbo + Leo -> matters + Tago/fermor and play as 4th ctw

Any other Suggestions?

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I like option 1 mate – Good to save a trade where possible, you just never know with turbo atm

The Pretender

Probably a bit of a rush on Nat Butcher if you ask me. I would wait a week to see his role.


interesting take TP – played 80 2/3 times named to start this year i think.

Roosters bench looks like 3 front rowers – looks like decent minutes to me.

The Pretender

Probably is – but whats the rush. If he only plays mid 40’s, hes hardly a must buy.

I personally think he will play 55+, but one week wait wont kill us.


yea true, as long as you are prepared to pay a little extra all good


Leo to Fermor imo.


What do we think of Wighton? Want to offload Ilias and Wighton might be a good point of difference.


I think there are better options. Plus does freddie pick him for origin (loves whighton) and miss 13?


How many minutes does Nat butcher get do we think and how long will he keep #13?

Mr Perfect

He will keep the 13 while Radley is out (6-10 weeks). hen he plays 80 he has scores of 59, 55, 49, so you can expect around a 55 average.

They have a hooker and 3 props on the bench so big mins, unless watson rotates through lock. Should get 60+.


When he played 80 he was on an edge, bigger workload in the middle. He should be good for 55-60 and priced much lower


Hi Guys,

Have two options this week and im tossing up which one to pick. 25 trades left and 2 boosts and $12.5k ITB.

TU) Randall to McInnes, Billy Smith to Peoples via Tago back down to CTW
TD) Turbo to Matto via duals, Randall to McInnes – option to get Turbo back in after origin after hes looking a bit busted.

Team looks better with TD option but without turbo which is scary.



As much as I think Turbo is a great player I really don’t think you want a busted Turbo in your team at the moment. Unless he shows signs of overcoming his knee problems this might be the first year my team goes Turbo-less.

SC Rookie

Really stuck on trades this week. Would appreciate any advice. Looking at turbo > manu, penisini > cotter (15k short of ipap)

Before trades: 89k ITB
Grant / Randall
Haas, arrow / m king, momoisea
Olakuatu, talakai, tago / fermor, tuilagi, burbo
Cleary / hynes
Munster / s walker
May, penisini, tuipoluto, Suaalli / koula, tass, vailea
Turbo/ Teddy


Maybe consider Turbo to Walsh, Penis to Ipap

Manu has only averaged 11 more than Walsh and Walsh has a much better draw coming up

Ipap is a must have as a season keeper, gotta get him in

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Hey fellas

Is Asi a play considering he can fit into CTW, he’s gonna make some cash and is the starting 5/8. Figured it was a good option for bye round.

TU bring him in but don’t play him
TD don’t waste a trade
Comment bring him in and play him over Tripulotu as my 4th CTW


If you do bring him in surely he’s a play against my poor defensive dragons?


Coates to who?

TU: Manu
TD: Matto

Benny's Jets

TU: Klemmer
TD: Kikau

leaning towards Klem as a FRF keeper but Kikau is tempting for the bye coverage


Klem is much less of a roller coaster than Kikau – do your heart a favour and go with the less stressful option.

Tommy Turbo

Hey guys having trouble with what I should do with my team, any suggestions appreciated

Current Team 301k itb 25 trades 2 boosts

Grant Paix
Ipap Haas Ming JTB
Talakai Olak Aitken Tago Burbo Bully
Cleary Hynes
Munster Cwalker
Staggs Coates May Koula Tass Valeia Schiller
Turbo Taafe

Thinking to go
1.Coates > Sualli/manu/garrick
2.Talakai > Matto/Cotter/TPJ/Lolo


might just be me, but im selling staggs before talakai


Last reserve

TU – Taaffe
TD – Sualli


Any love for Taane Milne – big negative break even. Doesn’t play 13. Any job security issues?

Mr Perfect

Has solid job security given he took Tass spot and is playing well.

winnies wonders

TU – Randall and Mking —> wishart, manu
TD – Randall and Bjones—> woolford, manu

Or do I just do Randall to wishart and save the other trade?

Mr Perfect

TD gives you 2 extra bye players over TU so i voted based on that alone.


Hey Lads,
Just want your opinion on the below couple of things;
Coates out for Nat Butcher
Randall out for Wishart (open to other ideas though)


Troubled by my reserve selections this week, need 4 from Lolo, Cotter, Taaffe, DBrown, Teddy.

Would usually be an easy enough question but the Cows and Teddy have a tough matchup while Taaffe has a decent one.

Thinking DBrown is probably close to locked in given how Manly fared last week and Parra will be looking to bounce back.

bally bear

Teddy, Brown, Cotter, Lolo for mine.




Going Thompson + Tuilagi > Butcher + ???

Can get anyone under $580k in any position except HOK. Who should I be looking at?


Reece Walsh


Cotter if you don’t already have him.


Is Haas as a potential sell?




Hass to TPJ and Taffe to Milne?


I know I asked if Haas was a sell (see post above), but I do feel these 2 trades are a bit of a waste. I see you want to bank some coin, and get another warm body for 13, so I guess there is some merit in this move. You’re probably targeting a gun for next round with the extra dollars.

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From all the talk from Kev and the team and it seems the play for Haas now is less minutes but more quality when he’s on the field. Carrigan has been taking a lot of hit-ups since he’s come back and with the bench littered with decent forwards I think Haas average will drop.


Not much and not enough to burn a trade on…


Yep that’s what I was thinking. Hass doing the same as last year. Normally quiets down around origin then picks back up after. A 630k player averaging 55 points I think I can find value elsewhere with tpj playing the bye and easy two games ahead. Milne -45 BE with good draw think is a no brainer


Haas will maintain his 70 average for the season. Him and Papali’i are set and forgets. Can’t waste 2 trades taking them out and bringing them back in.

Milne is classic chasing last weeks points. It’s a near miracle he has put 2 scores down back to back. Bunnies always favour AJs side and there’ll be 30s on the way for Milne


Yep, fair point


I’m a bit stuck this week and would appreciate any advice.

120k ITB and 24 trades left
Grant / Cook
Haas Lolo / Ming Momo
Papali’i Talakai Arrow / Tuilagi Jones Burbo
Cleary / Schneider
Munster / Hastings
Lomax May Fermor Tuipulotu / Suaalii Tass Koula
Hynes / Taafe

Thinking maybe Schneider and Tuilagi to Wishart and Butcher although they are both a bit risky.


Tuilagi to Butcher only


Who is better to keep out of staggs and penisini?


I prefer Penisini. Staggs has 3 scores over 40 from 10 games. Plus he’s unpredictable so you can’t even just play him based on a good match up


Also if you are trading one this week Staggs has a huge BE


im trading staggs, so expect to see him go over for a few tries tonight 


Will Cotter miss any other games between rounds 13-17? (assuming he gets picked for Origin)


Cowboys and Dragons play the Friday night after SOO 1 so any Origin players from either team are a risk not to back up. Cotter likely to be a reserve forward though if picked, so may not play a stack of minutes.