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Thoughts lads? 320k in the bank and only looking to do 1 trade for a R13 player


I’d go Penis to Butcher via Tago. More funds to adjust your team after 13


$23,400 itb.
H2H, just need to bring the best players in i think as no cows yet.

Haas,J King,M King (Bullemor)
Papalii,TPJ,Luki (Tuilagi,Burbo,Momoisea)
Munster (Ilias)
Garrick,Coates,Aitken,Penisini,Koula (Tass,Vailea)
Teddy (Pap)

Coates- Cotter/Kikau/Matterson an option?
Pap – ?

Seem pretty light on keeper or cow options at the moment.

Temple Guard

I got no Cows either…. missed the boat on Cotter but that happens
Kikau could be ok


haven’t missed the boat on cotter imo. underpriced still and a good backup hok that still might play 13




i did say “might”


Cotter could be a szn keeper – pumping out good numbers and handy dual


its basically him or cook for 2nd HOK spot


Better buy this week?

TU – Klemmer
TD – Matterson

Temple Guard

Anybody would like to pick the possible Front Row of Qld, please
Grant the obvious Hooker
Arrow Wallace Big Papa Collins Tino Carrigan Flegler ( Cotter, not sure about his roll but got to be in the mix somewhere ) anybody else I missed


You would think that Tino, Papa and Collins are locks. I think that Carrigan will make it too.

Hunt off the bench. Prob DFif too ?!?

Kaufusi and Capewell on the edges?

Just my guess.

Temple Guard

Yes the 2row will be and Kaufusi and Capwell…. DFif… well who knows with him… that will come down to Slater and Match fitness is my guess


Fotuaika is the only other one I can think of


Cotter is in much better form than Flegler who is a penalty magnet.


Thoughts on moving on from Talakai?


He’s leaking cash. Do it


Do you play Drinkwater this week?
Slightly weakened Melbourne side and cows at home on a good run.
Expecting Melbourne to bounce back though..
Would play Taaffe vs Raiders otherwise


hey mate, i’m in this situation as well and am playing drinky. Slightly worried about his minutes with the hammer buzzing around again but i feel he still has more upside than taaffe, in my opinion anyway. Goodluck!

SC Rookie

Turbo > manu and penisini > cotter locked in. Leaves me with 230k for a Randal upgrade next week.

Final R this week?
TU: Suaalli
TD: Randall


Currently 10 players for rnd 13 bye. Trading Randall out this week.
TU: Matterson
TD: Olakaulatu


Hey guys.

Do we really see Cotter making the 17 for Origin? He is a smaller body and the Blues will have a monster engine room. IMO I think he will be picked as the utility rather than a middle forward. And I think that QLD will stick with Hunt in that role. Love to see what others think…


He’s in


That’s what they said about Gillmeister. An unknown with a funny name and way too small for Origin. Then the Axe let loose.

The Duke

Always remember Ricky Stuart said Jonathan Thurston was too small for first grade, let alone origin.


100% he’s in the side.


This is a bloke that came through all the junior rep sides. He is playing the biggest minutes out of any prop right now and the big fellas don’t worry him. Would like to see Papa and Collins/Carrigan deal with the early chaos and Cotter on after 20 to run those guys off their feet


What minutes do we think Matterson will get. Will he play 20-30 mins at lock then move into second row and Lane plays less mins.


I wish I knew the answer to that question, I am getting Klemmer this week but Matterson is very tempting.


Having second thoughts ….
TU: Randall to Klemmer
TD: Randall to McInnes

Score to Settle

I am not sure about both of those, maybe a robson or cotter?


I have Cotter mate and don’t want Robson for the time-being because I already have Cotter & Lolo from the cowboys pack! In saying that – He could still be an option over the next couple weeks

Score to Settle

Okay mate fair enough, klemmer is probably a better option although there is concern for his minutes now that frizell and barnett are back? And mcinnes has gametime issues so upto you mate

Score to Settle

how much is itb


200K ITB


If not worried about 13, which im guessing your not going off those options, Klemmer is a great option. in beast mode currently

Score to Settle

Gday lads I am completely stuck with who to get radley out for.
I will have 650k to spend on a second row and cannot decide. Thoughts would be great I have been considering just getting harris and holding season long. Although I would like someone cheaper so I can upgrade ilias next week cheers.
Already have talakai I pap Olok Leilua


Hey mate I would look at considering the following options: Aitken; Butcher; Peoples; Ola; Schuster
Am sure most of these leaves you plenty cash to upgrade Illias and all but Peoples play bye round!

Score to Settle

Thanks for your help mate, I was definetely considering schuster but I dont wanna have olok and schuster in the same side. I thought about brandon smith because of harry grant not playing the next few weeks because of origin. Thanks


Do you need to trade? Your second row looks strong. I know it’s not ideal to have that cash sitting there but it might be worth holding out to see how Tohu goes with more minutes. He should have a small price drop before 13 as well.

Score to Settle

Yeah thanks mate for your help but If I do not upgrade him this week I have to play mking?. Reckon that is a risk with a 28 last week


Thoughts on mciness?


Big minutes at 13. Safe 50-60

Wallah Hezbula

Remaining: 160K

Grant, Paix
I-Pap, Haas, Arrow, Ming
Talakai, Cotter, Fermor, Tago, Tuilagi, Burbo
Cleary, Hynes
Munster, Ilias
May, Garrick, Suaalii, Koula, Tass, Vailea, Kiraz
Turbo, Hiku

No idea so decided to make the following trades for the bye and cash generation:

Vailea > Asi
Tuilagi > Butcher
Leaves me with 52K

Rip and tear SC peeps

moon the loon

Keep Vailea and sell Ilias for Asi for bye rounds


Which 2 of these 3 are the better buys?


The Duke

If planning for byes then Manu and Olak but if not worried then Manu and Klemmer.

Beaten Favourite

Tu Asi
TD Aitken

Currently have Garrick, May, Tago Koula, B smith, Tass, Vailea

Anyone else??

Wallah Hezbula

I’d be flipping B Smith. Keighran and Naiqama seem to be front runners for vacant CTW spot when Teddy goes to Origin and has been named for Norths when fit.


I’m absolutely lost on what too do would appreciate any advice and thoughts 178k ITB, 21 trades left. team as follows:

Grant, Randall
Haas, Ipap, MKing, A.Fifi
Ola, Crichton, Tevaga, Tuilagi, Burbo, Momoisea
Cleary, Schneider
Munster, Ilia’s
Graham, Staggs, May, Suuali, Tass, Vailea, Koula
Turbo, Hynes

Clutching at straws but currently have Randell too Kikau via Tevaga.


Only trade this week is upgrading Tuilagi. Got $685k to spend on any position except a HOK. Who should I target?



assuming before you trade Tuilai you have approx 336,900 ITB?

How about
Thompson > Butcher via Arrow – will cost you 104,800,leaving 232,100
Tuilagi > someone @ 580k or less.


Any ideas who to trade Coates for?

Thinking: Koula, Garrick (high price), Suaali (Rooster tough draw).
Any names would be helpful.


need to share your team and cash ITB

I would def not be trading in Koula. obvious hold for those who have him but def not a trade in option imo


Current CTW: Tuipoluto, Coates, Graham, Hiku (Tass on bench and 2 cheapies). (No may or Tago) 400K in the bank.

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TU Randall to Wishart, Taffe to Manu
TD hold trades


Maybe wait a week, Woolford may end up a better option than Wishart