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TU: Randall to Cook; Coates to Tupou
TD: Coates to Manu, hold a trade
Comment: Coates to D Tupou, Tuilagi to Kikau

Just barely can’t afford Randall to Cook and Coates to Manu sadly


I like the Comment option , it’s two good players and 2 good Rd 13 players.

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Temple Guard

after I gone through the TL I reversed trades… I wait and see on TMM… luckily he is playing the first game…. tortures wait till than


Thoughts on these trades?

TU = Like
TD = Don’t Like

Starling, illias, burbo out –> matterson, dbrown and zac woolford in

Hookers | Grant | Starling*
FRF | Haas, TPJ, Ming, Afif
2RF | talaki, tevaga, ipap, burbo, sharris, mgeyer
HFB | Cleary, Hynes*
5/8 | Munster, illias
CTW| penisini, garrick,tui, may, tago*, tass, koula
FB | Teddy, Suali *

rank 462 | 429k itb | 22 trades

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I like Matto and Dylbags. I’d hold off on Zac Woolford for another week until he’s on the bubble and get another look at him (also I don’t trust Ricky).

Benny's Jets

who is the better buy this week?

TU: Klemmer
TD: Cotter


I can’t decide. Klemmer prob more consistent and plays 17. cotter will play origin but slightly more upside


Klemmer. Would only get Cotter if you’re happy to carry him if selected for Origin.

kegs kings

I’ve got $550k to spend with 25 trades and 3 boosts. Problem is the last 2 x weeks I’ve made 3 trades and gone back wards. Think I’m gun shy now.
Best Buy’s this week probably Manu?

The Duke

No origin and his halves are unlikely to be picked so they’ll be a combined unit through the byes/origin period and he’ll likely be fullback when Teddy is out. That’s the bonus of having mostly Kiwi’s in the Roosters, little disruption.


True. But temper expectations given the upcoming draw is the toughest of all teams – PANTHERS,SHARKS,RAIDERS,STORM,EELS,PANTHERS

The Duke

Very true. Proceed with caution.

Eric Cartman

anyone care to give any trade ideas gents? struggling with who to take out paps for. want to try bring in 2 guns. cheers

grant / cook
haas AFB / King mcdonald
talakai tuilagi ola / burbo piakura jones
Cleary / Hynes
munster/ TMM
manu may koula tui / amone tass vailea
turbo / papy

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kegs kings

How much cash u got


need to strengthen your 2RF. I would trade Tuilagi (benched) and Jones. Swing koula down to flb

How many boost left? you could do 1 CTW and 2 x 2RFs or 1 and 1.

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Eric Cartman

Cheers lads I’ve got 50k ITB but if I trade pap to Tago I have around 450 to upgrade my 2RF. Got 2 boosts so I’d rather space the plan over a fortnight

Also like papy > d brown & tuialgi > cotter

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Pap>IPAP.. he is 2 guns
Kelma>TPeeps building bank for next week

Footrot Flats

I know it’s a week late, but what’s everyone’s thoughts on Asi?

Can do Tuilagi to Asi (Fermor to SRF, free CTW spot)

Will he keep the No. 6 spot or will CHT take his spot?


hard to say what Brown will do. Asi is playing well but you would think either he plays 6 or CHT does and the other plays 14 or ideally Asi goes to CTW and they drop Vailea.


^^^ Asi did play game/s at centre for Cows




depends if you will end up wanting both. Matto may be over 700k next week whereas moses at 75 score gains much less. If purely for one or the other flip a coin haha


Leaning more Matto as a keeper but there is a wealth of backrowers about to bottom out and Moses seems ripe for the picking and I’ll be able to move him to Turbo/Paps when they are back.. Hmmmmmmm


I did some magic and got both in, but geez its hard if you had to pick 1 up, just acknowledging that moses will be easier to get in next week assuming he scores 80 compared to matto scoring 60

Rex Bannercurse

Who goes first out of Tass, Billy Smith & Brodie Jones??


Depends on cash in the bank . Billy Smith for a gun CTW, or Jones down to Peoples if yo need cash.


BJ – bench role at best , most likely to leak cash

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Jones easily, Knights have a lot of cattle returning in coming weeks


Hi all, long time reader first time poster.
I desperately need a cheapy this week for Ming
TU Peoples
TD Woolford
Comment any other options?


If you are playing overall, hold Ming.. if H2H, I like Peoples more. Job security seems pretty good with Host & Murray out for extended periods and he looked like a talent. Just my opinion.


Cheers LB13


My problem with Peoples is Sele. Sele is on the extended bench and is a chance to come into the side. He could come on the bench in place of Moale, but, there is a chance he could come in at lock pushing Arrow to an edge and Peoples to the bench. Souths are very short on edge forwards though with Host now gone, their bench is full of middles and a utility so if Sele doesn’t come in I expect Peoples to get decent mins.


A bottom dollar work horse is always a good option


Trading Tuilagi out but torn on whether I go McInnes with the Finucane news and could be a handy dual to switch around with Cotter, or Butcher who should play decent minutes in the 13 and plays the first bye

TU McInnes
TD Butcher

central coast crab

like the way youre thinking, both have records of going well with minutes and under priced. Cheese could be another though can anyone tell me why he only got 30minutes last week?


Want to make some money over the next month –

TU Luke Garner
TD Nat Butcher

Who has the most upside / best security?

Never walk alone

Butcher didn’t do that much in the 80 min games he played earlier in the year

central coast crab

has done well in the past when he’s got the minutes- definatly not a keeper


what are fellow staggs holders doing? I don’t see him as a keeper as he scores poorly more often then not, so now seems to be the time to sell before he drops bulk cash.

CTW is Garrick, may, Aitken, tago, suaalii, Koula, Tass ( with plans to move talakai down soon for either Tass or koula). that would give me 6 playable CTW.

staggs could be a handy 5/6 CTW but picking when to play him is the hard part and he’s about to drop a shitload. seems kind of now or never for him

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I am currently thinking of trading to Walsh for a round 13 number and although the Warriors are terrible he is still scoring points, could be bit of a risky pod.


Fox reporting that Staggs may kick goals this weekend with Reynolds having an injury that wont prevent him from playing but could stop him kicking, could be a hold trade after all


Who to trade for Cotter?

TU: Randall
TD: Luki

Randall’s BE is better but also has the earlier Bye.


TD: Max King to Angus Crichton and Penisini to Nat Butcher
TU: Sideways Trade

Never walk alone

1st trade is an upgrade, 2nd not so much

Second Year Syndrome

Grant – Cotter
Ipap, Haas – Lolo, Ming
Talakai, Yeo, Jing – Aitken, Burbo, Howarth
Cleary – Ilias
Munster – Brown
Graham, May, Tago, Tuip – Suaalii, Koula, Taas
Hynes – Taaffe

I was set on holding trades (22 left, 1 boost) and still may. But have been tempted with:

Scenario 1: Josh King > Reece Robson, bank the second trade
Scenario 2: Josh King > Nat Butcher, Ilias > Walsh

Scenario 2 would leave me with a total of 13 bye round players, including Cotter and Burbo.


Mhmm, not sure what to do this week trade wise. Looking to get Lolo or Cotter, upgrading Randall is an option


$337k, 23 trades


Tuilagi to Butcher, Randall to cotter? Could also get in Reece Walsh via duals for Tuilagi if you want 13 cover


26 trades left…
TU: Yeo > Klemmer
Penisini > Papalii
TD: Wait until after the buy
Comment: Cotter?

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What’s happened to Billy Smith? Any chance of him coming back for Rd13?

Mr Perfect

what happened was he played like a turd and suaalii took his spot. 50/50 on playing the bye round.


He isn’t playing lower grades either though.


He played for the Bears last weekend

Massive attack

TU sell Coates and Talakai
TD Keep them ( planning on keeping)
Thanks and good luck!


Coates to Manu if you can but otherwise hold

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