Trade Talk – Round 11

Heads are sore and the boys are moving slowly this morning after a very successful Magic Round. They might need your help figuring out how to SuperCoach this week. Leave your tips here.

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TU: Randall (34 BE) + Tuilagi (Benched) > Lolo (109 BE) + Cotter (22 BE)
TD: Tuilagi > Cotter and save trade


Good evening everyone.

I think it’s time to stop discussing here and instead move to the “other” Round 11 chat (found here Trade Talk – Round 11 – NRL SuperCoach Talk) which is promoted under the Chat section.

Not sure what happened this week but I am too confused to look at both.

Temple Guard

That was brought up yesterday… but the powers to be probably still recovering from Magic Rd 🙂

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