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Eric Cartman

Anyone like a downgrade to bullemore to fund grant? Not many cheapies at thay price range atm

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Burbo? – probably gets a starting gig for 3-4 weeks, whereas Bully has Schuster and Davey to contend with.

Eric Cartman

Already got him mate but cheers. Either Ethan or I nuff but an extra bye number could be handy

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I am a big fan of Wishart. I can see him getting the FB or Centre role at Storm while Pap is out. Will probably play in the halves 17 and if Munster is rested too. 5/8 or HOK dual. 60 in 60 mins last week, all base.


Hi Guys,

Which of these 4 guns should I prioritise getting in the LEAST??


OVR player


TPJ (plays in a weak team and is suspension prone).

winnies wonders

Was gonna bring turbo in this week but with the weather forecast being terrible for magic round I’m not too sure anymore, anyway was thinking of this aswell

TU – Schneider, Jones —> turbo, burbo
TD – Schneider, Jones —> Ola, TPJ


Looking for some advice

Team below for reference

Grant Starling
Taumolo Jing Ming Fifita
Talakai Crichton Papalii Jones Tuilagi Rushton
Cleary Taafe
Munster S Walker
Coates Tago May Tuipolotu Koula Tass Vailea
Papenhuyzen Hynes

Pretty comfortable doing Jones to Burbo.

Second trade I’m looking at skipping Teddy and Turbo due to origin and next run of games. But where should i use the money from Papi

TU: Drinkwater
TD: Garrick
Comment: Meaney or Olakuatu



How many players for round 13 is ideal? At the moment I’m aiming for 12-13 is this too little.

TU – 12-13 will do

TD – you need more

Thanks guys


12-13 is a good number. I’m hoping for 14 myself atm. It also comes down to the quality of those players.
With the buy still 4 rounds away who knows what kind of carnage will happen before then!


17 is ideal. 13 or 14 would be good.
Don’t forget, rd 13 they allow 3 trades, and a boost for 4. I prefer to attack 17, as I think we can get 17 players that we can keep for that


Who’s the better trade out for Burbo?

TU – Tuilagi

TD- Vailea

Thanks guys


hopefully you’re not playing either…. but Tuilagi has arguably peaked (BE of 32), compared with Vailea that still has cash to make (as little as it’ll be, BE4)


Nah thankfully not! Just see Vailea as the bigger AE issue down the line though and not sure he makes any cash at all. 32 with a try is putrid.


TU: Papenhuyzen -> Tedesco; Tago -> Garrick
TD: Papenhuyzen -> Turbo; Luki -> Kikau


Is there a world in which you would sell cleary (high be, wet weather, tough draw coming up, origin) and obviously buy him back post origin? What are people doing with him?


Depends if you’re willing to use 2 trades… If you’ve got the trades it’s not silly, I wouldn’t, but it’s an option.

Second Year Syndrome

Papy > Garrick
Smith > Burbo

Boost to be used on Ilias > Munster or Howarth > Ipap and honestly I can’t split them. Gut is telling me Ipap through the bye period…

Thoughts appreciated 🙂

Grant – Cotter
Haas, Lolo – Jking, MKing
Talakai, Yeo, Aitken – Tago, Tuilagi, Howarth
Cleary – Taaffe
Dylbaags – Ilias
Garrick, Graham, May, Tuipulotu – Suaalii, Tass, Burbo
Hynes – Koula

Second Year Syndrome

After some further consideration… I’m going to Manly up this week.

Papy > Turbo
Smith > Garrick
Tuilagi > Burbo


Really stuck on a second trade this week:

HOK: Grant (Starling*)
FRF: IPAP, HAAS (Lolo*, Mking)
2RF: Murray, Talakai Tago (elliot*, Tuilangi, Macdonald)
HB: Cleary (Taffe)
5/8: Munster (TMM)
CTW: Lomax, May, Sualii, Cobbo (Tass, Valiea, Koula)
FLB: Pap (Hynes*)

Trade 1 locked in being Paps – Drinkwater. Plan being eventually move both drinkwater and hynes from FLB and bring back paps and Turbo once injuries/draw clears up

Trade 2 options

  1. Cobbo – Garrick
  2. Tuilangi – Cotter
  3. Tui -Burbo

I think Burbo could be a miss as he might end up back on the bench/extended in a few weeks?

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