Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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Walkers On

Thinking Pap -> Garrick tonight and then tomorrow either

Penisini -> Gutho or R13 CTW/2RF
Ilias -> Wishart if named at fullback

TU: Yes
TD: No


Regarding the weather. The Gold Coast was forecast to get smashed by rain yesterday (50-85ml)and today (50-85ml). Though its been dark and windy we’ve only had very light drizzle sporadically over the past 2 days (<20mls). I understand its been pretty wet in North Qld but is it as bad as they say in Brissy or are the media just over-hyping the forecast.


BOM has to issue worst case because of the whingers
Atm there is a rain mass bigger than Tasmania (Bundy to Caboolture) heading south.
Even if it fades the playing conditions will be ordinary at least

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Brisbane CBD has had more than 120mm of rain since Wed morning… with more on the way (see CoG’s description above)


Thank you for the replies. We are only an hour south and were supposed to get the same deluge but have not been affected anywhere near the same extent. I think everyone can agree that we are sick of the rain though. Time to warm up the telly, sit back and watch what will hopefully still be a great event with fantastic footy!


Who to trade in?

Garrick or Drinkwater


16v 15 and the knights tap and go up 10-6 …..
We are a dumb arse footy team …
FK me !!!!


C’mon VC Turbo…

Scott Minto GOAT

Tu) sitili to iPap
Td) aitken to iPap


Good luck Tohu


On report already

Temple Guard

Not CoG’s fault… it looked like a coat hangar tackle but I didn’t see any close ups


I have the VC on Cody.
I hope he can continue to weave his magic.
A meatie or two Cody this half.

Temple Guard

I’m on your horse too 🙂 hope he gets 120 and I will loop

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