North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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knickers (@knickers)
25 days ago

Hi guys is the reverse trade function not working?

TSH (@tsh)
Reply to  knickers
25 days ago

trades are locked once first game is played. if you have one trade left you can essentially ‘reverse’ trade by doing the opposite of what you’ve done.

Example: If you went Lolo to Barnett, you can reverse by doing Barnett to Lolo

knickers (@knickers)
Reply to  TSH
25 days ago

Cool…Thanks mate. I guess S Katoa to Bmoz isn’t to bad…sigh I’ll have to live with it 🙂

Weister (@weister)
Reply to  knickers
25 days ago

Not Kelly vs Bulldogs + save $50K?…

knickers (@knickers)
Reply to  Weister
25 days ago

Funny you should say that…because that’s what I was going to do but cannot reverse the trade…

Sally M
Sally M (@sally-m)
Reply to  knickers
25 days ago

Have you made your second trade. There is a way of reversing it if the two players involved are yet to play and you still have your second trade up your sleeve.

tanous (@tanous)
Reply to  knickers
25 days ago

u can reverse the skatoa>bmoz trade only if u have not used ur 2nd trade by trading back in bmoz>skatoa as they have not played yet. if u used ur 2nd trade then the trade option disappears

anto1994 (@anto1994)
25 days ago

Last reserve:

TU: Talaki
TD: Flanno

Soundasapound (@soundasapound)
25 days ago

Last player in 17:
TU: Rudolf
TD: Flanagan

End Zone
End Zone (@end-zone)
25 days ago

In a close h2h match my opponent captained cleary,i vc him.Should i match his captain,my ae will be jaxton paulo or rudolf or captain teddy or someone else but then be forced to play paulo.Really torn what to do,any advice???

Weister (@weister)
Reply to  End Zone
25 days ago

really depends on how many unique players you both have and who they are. Without knowing and that Cleary’s score is under his average, I would say C on Teddy or another with high upside (Ponga, Brimson, etc…)

Last edited 25 days ago by Weister
Merdy33 (@merdy33)
Reply to  End Zone
25 days ago

I’m in exactly the same situation. I think I’ll go with Teddy. I’m betting he’ll get 73 plus, even if he doesn’t go huuuge.

chukka (@chukka)
Reply to  End Zone
25 days ago

Don’t loop! 75 is nowhere near enough points to make the risk worth it.

Tiger Town
Tiger Town (@tiger-town)
25 days ago

With reports Grant might be starting from the bench. Last reserve:

Grant or Rudolf?

Have Hammer but surely I’m not that desperate.

Pool Man
Pool Man (@paulo)
25 days ago

Drats, just missed out on trading SJ to Brimson. Hopefully SJ is back next week and be a pod play for me.

BunnyAllStars (@bunnyallstars)
22 days ago

Who scores more to finish the season

TU Klemmer (Roosters/Dragons/Titans)
TD D Fifita ( Titans/Parra/NQ)

rubyeden (@rubyeden)
20 days ago

pick 2
Too vs parra at home
mansour vs parra at home
Fermor vs broncs at home

Randy (@randy)
Reply to  rubyeden
19 days ago

Fermor lining up against Staggs…I’d pick To’o and Mansour

SGA (@supergreatawesome)
19 days ago

Anyone set up a NFL fantasy league this year and needs another? been late joining a league this year

SC_FINEST (@sc_finest)
19 days ago

TU: Paulo to Nofo, Twal to Nuff
TD: Paulo to Mcinness(via Yeo), Walters to Nuff

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