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Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman (@eric-cartman)
1 year ago

so last night they gave me host as an AE and now they changed it walker wtf

Paddy (@paddyn)
Reply to  Eric Cartman
1 year ago

Always the lowest score, will continue to change live.

Hypebeast19 (@hypebeast19)
1 year ago

Sold Mitchell Moses for Shaun Johnson for round 16 and for what I though was the season – but it turns out Moses is more solid than Johnson. I want to buy Moses back but need some help. I have 8 trades left and ONLY $75K ITB. Current team as it stands. McInnes – *CS9 Fifita – TKO – *Haas – Whitbread Jurbo – Matterson – Taumalolo – Nikora – Young – Kerr SJ – Huchison Ponga – *Munster Maumalo – Mitchell – Burns – Bateman – Herbert – Xerri – To’o Trbojevic – *Tedesco *4 chosen reserves It seems… Read more »

Gregjm (@gregjm)
Reply to  Hypebeast19
1 year ago

The biggest problem with 1. is i dont think you can afford to lose any forwards. Youve got no cover if any were to miss a game. Im not completely against a direct trade of Munster to Moses (esp if Munster was to be rested this week) whilst you work on building some bank to potentially get him back. So of youre 2 suggestions id go this one. Otherwise; Its a bit of a risk with only 8 trades remaining but id be thinking over the next 2 weeks nuff whitbread, young and Herbert to upgrade Hutchinson next week. The… Read more »

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