Thursday Night Late Mail – Round 8

This post contains the Thursday night mail only. The remainder of the late mail will be posted later tonight/tomorrow morning and the banner will be revealed tonight at 6pm!

Thursday, 7.50pm, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

BRONCOS: The Broncos appear to be running out 1-17 even though Payne Haas injured his AC joint last week. He would likely benefit from the week off but Bronco medical staff are reportedly willing to administer a pain killing injection to keep him on the park.

24 Hour Cuts: Jordan Pereira, Ezra Mam, Ethan Quai-Ward, Logan Bayliss-Brow, Ryan James

SHARKS: Wade Graham is a likely inclusion to the run on side.

“He’s a good chance. He trained yesterday, trained really strongly. He’s got to get screened and assessed this morning and then get through the captain’s run. But he’s looking really good at the moment.”

Craig Fitzgibbon on Wednesday.

Graham has now got through the captains run well so he’ll go back to his left edge, pushing Teig Wilton to the bench. Jack Williams is the predicted casualty.

Will Kennedy is also nursing a shoulder complaint. If he’s ruled out this afternoon, Nicho Hynes would switch to fullback with Braydon Trindall coming into the halves.

24 Hour Cuts: Matt Ikuvalu, Mawene Hiroti, Lachlan Miller, Luke Metcalf, Franklin Pele

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With Hynes seemingly moving to FB, we thinking his scoring will be hampered? Forgot how he traveled when being moved last week.

The Duke

He racked up near 100 for the whole game. I suspect he’ll be a third half for the match.


Think he was at 70 at halftime from memory. Could be wrong. Just can’t remember when he was moved to FB. Though Manly had all the running in the 2nd half which could just as well explain his low scoring in the 2nd

The Duke

Possibly. If you’re keeping him long term, like me, one game won’t cause too much issue. I’m not v/c or captaining him in case he doesn’t do well.


Look at his scores from last year when he was fullback and he is a very good VC option .

The Duke

I have Talakai so I went with scarier of the two options.


If anything FLB = less 1st receiver = more chance for attacking stats. Don’t think it will hurt him.


If I owned Hynes I would be hoping he plays FB . He has been scoring well at HB but could be even better from the back.


Interested in hearing who people think will be on the banner this week .

Temple Guard

Teddy haha

kegs kings

Has talakai had a go yet


It surely has to be Talakai (anticipates 100 downvotes). Munster or Papy a chance?

The Duke

Well, you’ve seen by now. Slightly predictable.


Are you superstitious, Duke?

The Duke

Diceman, superstition is the religion of feeble minds.


Williams out would be a good thing for the Sharkies … he makes mistakes every week and awful hands … I have no idea how he gets a run in first grade …


Owners of Cobbo, would you play him tonight against Talakai, Mulitalo, Wilton/Graham.
TU: Yes.
TD: No.

Temple Guard

Who would you play if you don’t play him is the question for all them non-owners?


Koula, TG.

Temple Guard

I actually would pick Koula over Cobbo anyway… not that I get many right haha


Anyone playing Staggs tonight?


Where the banner for the Talakai non-owners last week?

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