Stilesy’s Late Mail – Round 15

All things considered, last week was one of the least eventful post-Origin rounds I can recall in recent years. Sure there were some changes, but largely all the SC relevant players backed up in what was a huge relief for those worried about fielding a half-decent 17.

Hopefully we can carry that momentum into this round and at this stage there are a scary amount of 1-17’s on the cards. It truly is the end of times.

Moving forward, with the banner/round chat going up on Thursday evening I’ll be doing the one post for all late mail. The Thursday game will be updated early with the rest of the games remaining TBA, with the aim that I update them all across Thursday night.

As usual, the Tweets will be flying across the round @AStilesAuthor


DRAGONS: Nobody in doubt so 1-17 looks likely here.

24 Hour Cuts: Josh Kerr, Jayden Sullivan, Billy Burns

RABBITOHS: Another 1-17 on the cards. Happy days.

24 Hour Cuts: Isaiah Tass, Dean Hawkins, Jed Cartwright


SEA EAGLES: The Manly side looks settled here, not expecting any changes with Daly Cherry-Evans set to return after being a late out last round.

24 hour cuts: Ethan Bullemor, Kaeo Weekes, Kurt De Luis

COWBOYS: The Cowboys also appear 1-17 here. Not relevant for this game, but despite being released early by the Tigers, Luciano Leilua’s move to NQ is “far from done” since he may not fit within NQ’s salary cap this season.

24 hour cuts: Kane Bradley, Ben Hampton, Robert Derby


STORM: Ryan Papenhuyzen’s return has hit a wall after testing positive to Covid on Thursday morning. He has already been cut from the extended bench and replaced by Jack Howarth. Controversially, Felise Kaufusi has been cleared at the judiciary after his elbow to Sam Walker’s head, meaning the side should be unchanged.

24 hour cuts: Jayden Nikorima, Jordan Grant, Jack Howarth/Ryan Papenhuyzen

BRONCOS: Word out of Red Hill is that Payne Haas will suit up this week despite carrying a shoulder injury, though his minutes will be capped at 60 (which is still not too bad TBH). He at least becomes a start/sit decision rather than an is he in or out sweat. The rest of the side should be unchanged.

24 hour cuts: Delouise Hoeter, Xavier Willison, Ryan James


SHARKS: Dale Finucane is lurking on the extended bench however NRL Physio pointed out on a podcast during the week that he’s a bit pessimistic on Finucane after a string of injuries in recent times, so it wouldn’t surprise here for him to be given more time to recover. Can’t see much else changing in the named 17.

24 hour cuts: Lachlan Miller, Jesse Colquhoun, Kade Dykes

TITANS: AJ Brimson is cleared to return from his Covid layoff. Erin Clark went for an MRI to assess his rib injury but he’s been named in the #9 jersey so I’m assuming all is good here. Physio also has Kevin Proctor as a round 15-16 return and I can see him on the extended bench, but unsure whether they bring him in this week or not.

24 hour cuts: Herman Ese’ese, Kevin Proctor, Esan Marsters


WARRIORS: Addin Fonua-Blake’s named has resurfaced on the extended bench after missing time with his lisfranc injury. Physio has him as a round 15-17 return but he seems to be firming for an inclusion. His return would likely send Jazz Tevaga back to the bench should he be thrown straight back into his starting prop role and not be eased back via the bench.

PANTHERS: Isaah Yeo is good to go after being a late out last week and the 17 look injury free so expecting another 1-17 here.


EELS: Nathan Brown has been dropped from this week’s side due to a poor performance last week and apparently given permission to speak with rival clubs, bringing about a seemingly abrupt end to his Eels career. Ky Rodwell is tipped to take his spot on the interchange.

ROOSTERS: Luke Keary made it through Tuesday’s training after his head knock last weekend but it seems like he will be held out this round as a precaution. Drew Hutchison will replace him in the halves with Terrell May joining the interchange.


RAIDERS: All the injuries were on the Broncos’ side of the equation last week so the Raiders are another side that look likely to run out 1-17.

KNIGHTS: Ponga only made it through 15 minutes before copping a head knock and failing to return, but coach O’Brien seemed to clear him on Thursday. The rest of the side should run out as named.


BULLDOGS: The Bulldogs look settled here, should be 1-17.

TIGERS: The Tigers also look like they’ll be unchanged on game day at this stage.

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Thank you as always.

Mr Perfect

I love the banner on thursdays now, gives me the last minute kick up the *** i need to commit to trades (or not as it may be)


Yes Campbell’s not likely to be out dancing with the other lads at a Wollongong 1980s retro nightclub I don’t think! They should replace Glory glory to South Sydney with Olivia Newton John’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’ in the team bus on the way back to Redfern! 😉

Last edited 1 year ago by AJW

Good work young Stilesy! Glad we didn’t lose you to the NHL mate! How’s the adaptation back to Aussie culture going? Well anyway, good work and keep it up dude! 🙂


Hope things are back on track for you! Ie. No more Covid! 🙂

Prestige Worldwide

That sucks, I went to a Rangers/Islanders game at MSG and it was one of my top sporting atmosphere moments ever.Hockey fans are mad for their sport/team. I can only imagine that in Canada around playoff time… (not trying to highlight how much it sucked you missed out on this).


Kafausi fell onto Walker didn’t want to let go of the ball pretty much common sense really basic accident

The Pretender

He has a long history of ‘basic accidents’ which is the problem, everyone knows he is a grub.


Keary has been ruled out due to HIA


What are the details re Haas? Are the shoulder issues minor? or is he likely to keep getting injured? Concerned that if you hold him he is rested or re-injures shoulders.


Lol no cap ! Deary me .Lucy now a cowboy . The hold up was a medical clearance which is now done as Lucy withdrew from the Pac Test series
ps love the rest of your stuff.

Last edited 1 year ago by CoG

Also seeing Hess into starting side -unsure but Lemu to bench maybe one of Cotter/Hess to that 2rf spot

Last edited 1 year ago by CoG