Thursday Night Late Mail & Chat – Round 17

This post contains all your Thursday night chat and mail needs. The remainder of the late mail will be posted tomorrow morning and the banner will be revealed Friday evening!


SEA EAGLES: Jack Gosiewski is listed in the casualty ward as a round 17 return and has survived the first team cut, meaning he could come into the side in place of either Kurt De Luis or Ben Trbojevic with Tevita Funa likely to be 18th man again. No other players are in doubt and the only other change that could happen is the semi-usual benching of Marty Taupau. Jorge Taufua and Tolutau Koula were the first men cut. Update: Gosiewski replaces Ben Trbojevic on the bench, Ben becomes 18th man.

RAIDERS: Should be 1-17 with nobody named in doubt, barring the occasional shuffle in the forward pack on game day. Brad Schneider and Harry Rushton were trimmed 24 hours out. Update: 1-17, Timoko 18th man.

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Thanks Stilesy.


Noooo not Burbogun!

Thanks Stilesy

Sally M

Sea Eagles: Gosiewski IN (bench), Ben Trjobevic OUT (18)
Raiders: 1-17, Timoko (18)

kegs kings

Damn there goes that 1 extra point i needed to win my h2h.

The Duke

Burbo probably out because of the botched try last week.


That was the Bunker’s fault!! Or whoever the dork was who’s was shepherding in the lead-up to Burbo’s first ever NRL non-try! 🙂


Sorry, ‘who was shepherding’. Forgot who exactly. Poor Burbo!