Thursday Night Late Mail & Chat – Round 13

This post contains all your Thursday night chat and mail needs. The remainder of the late mail will be posted tomorrow morning and the banner will be revealed Friday evening!


Dragons: Matt Dufty is still listed in the casualty ward for the Dragons but by all indications he will play with no changes expected. Jayden Sullivan and Jordan Pereira were cut 24 hours out.

Broncos: Tesi Niu and Jordan Riki have survived the first team cut and holders are no doubt hopeful. I won’t rule out one of them coming into the final side – Riki more likely than Niu – however the Broncos and usually pretty transparent with their Tuesday team lists and like the Burton/Momirovski situation a couple of weeks ago, I often find it telling when a player is named on the extended bench coming back from suspension and not injury. Either way, if you’re a Keenan Palasia buyer I’d be waiting until after 6:50pm when final teams are announced as he is the man who has been filling in for Riki during his suspension and is most likely to make way. Dale Copley and Cory Paix were the first omitted.

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Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
2 months ago

Love your work Stilesy. Keeping my fingers crossed that Tesi is a late inclusion but not very likely.

The Duke
The Duke (@the-duke)
2 months ago

Thanks the write up Stilsey, As a Keenan Palasia owner, I’m hoping Jordan Riki isn’t playing.

The Duke
The Duke (@the-duke)
Reply to  Stilesy
2 months ago

Means I have five players instead of four.

Stupor Coach
Stupor Coach (@thatsmyteam)
2 months ago

Whats the Reed Mahoney latest? QLD letting him go or is he playing??

Origin really throwing spanners in the works with the Angus “does game 1 count” and now the reed or no reed thing

nuffman (@nuffman)
Reply to  Stilesy
2 months ago

*insert comment about Broncos needing 18 players to beat Dragons*   :wpds_razz: 

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