Thursday Night Late Mail & Chat – Round 12

This post contains all your Thursday night chat and mail needs. The remainder of the late mail will be posted tomorrow morning and the banner will be revealed Friday evening!


Broncos: Rhys Kennedy is an unfortunate mid-afternoon withdrawal with a leg infection. John Asiata will fill the prop void with Dale Copley joining the interchange. Richie Kennar and Cory Paix were omitted Wednesday night.

Storm: Christian Welch is a big out for the Storm with a swollen knee. It is thought to be minor and the Storm estimate him as 1 week. Nelson Asofa-Solomona has moved to prop. Cooper Johns will also start in the halves in place of Chris Lewis. Loiero will be 18th man with Aaron Pene also joining the interchange. Isaac Lumelume was also cut 24 hours out.

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Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
19 days ago

Thanks Stilesy. Love your work.

The Duke
The Duke (@the-duke)
19 days ago

Thanks for the news Stilesy.

_wads3 (@_wads3)
19 days ago

What do we think about Pangai making Origin? Tough call on getting him in because he’s up tonight.

RandleDunne (@randledunne)
19 days ago

Fittler just put a line through To’o’s name, I reckon, thanks to Coates. Has to be Tupou on the left wing for the blues

The Beer Whisperer
The Beer Whisperer (@twodogs)
19 days ago

What score for looping this week? 200? 300? Hynes was halfway to the first.

Martel (@martel)
Reply to  The Beer Whisperer
19 days ago

160 plus for me. Cleary vs the dogs could be insane

Martel (@martel)
Reply to  The Beer Whisperer
19 days ago

VC on hynes with a free loop for me and he is on 144 atm with 20mins to go. Hard choices

Rare panther
Rare panther (@gb022)
Reply to  Martel
19 days ago

According to SuperCoach live hynes owed another 24.
Now who to take out to loop, will get Ryan James as ae.
Sam walker or junior paulo, Other reserves are Tedesco, b kelly, or could take out Staines but playing dogs???

fcttb (@fcttb)
Reply to  Rare panther
19 days ago

The 24 points is just people’s votes. He will not get 24 more points. He won’t get the try assist or lba for smith’s solo try, although he may get a TC for it (since his offload led directly to the try). He might round up to say 160 odd points or so.

Last edited 19 days ago by fcttb
Hold Your Horse
Hold Your Horse (@hold-your-horse)
19 days ago

Hynes as VC could update to 168+

Uto on Field and Get Leniu as AE.


Roll the dice with Cleary

Yes….. i Know crazy to even ask…..but crazy year.

Temple Guard
Temple Guard (@temple-guard)
Reply to  Hold Your Horse
19 days ago

I am thinking…. not many had Hynes…. everybody be pouncing on Cleary as C…. so I C Cleary seems the safe option

Sheldon (@sheldon)
19 days ago

466/3 solid start.

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