The SC Weather Report – Round 6


Weather notes: The unseasonably hot weather in NSW, and around Sydney in particular has been marked by these records this week:

On Monday, Sydney recorded its hottest April day in 160 years of records (35.4 degrees), which was followed up on Thursday by its second hottest April day on record with 34.6 degrees.

The bottom line with the Friday night matches is that while they will be fairly warm (particularly in Wollongong), the playing surface should be dry, which will be good news for attacking players, just like a day game.


Note: All times are local.


FridayFine and warm weather is expected for the early evening match in Melbourne. There are some showers forecast overnight, however this is not expected until well after the match concludes. A dry and persistent warm breeze will result in no dew on the playing surface.
Storm vs KnightsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Melbourne 6-8pm5%22-25CLow


FridayThere is a chance of a shower or storm in Wollongong late this afternoon and into the evening, however this is most likely before the match starts. Very little in the way of rainfall is expected, and should any rainfall occur, the playing surface is likely to dry quickly – as a result, no dew is otherwise expected on the playing surface. Game temperatures will be very warm, however no humidity is expected. This match will essentially be like a very warm day game played under thick cloud cover.
Dragons vs SharksChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Wollongong 8-10pm20%26-29CLow


SaturdayWhile there will be rain for much of the day in Auckland, it is expected to clear during the mid to late afternoon, and at the very latest, just in time for the match at Mt Smart Stadium. Given that a significant amount of rain (over 10mm) is expected to fall in the hours prior, expect the playing surface to be a little damp, with a little dew forming later in the game.
Warriors vs BroncosChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Auckland 5-7pm20%18-20CModerate later


SaturdayThere will be some isolated showers in the Townsville area during the day, the chance of which will decrease at night. It will most likely be fine, with moderate to high humidity levels (Bulldogs won’t have played in these conditions in a night match this year, though they did play a fairly hot day game in round 4). This will combine with relatively light winds to also bring moderate to high humidity levels.
Cowboys vs BulldogsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Townsville 5:30-7:30pm30%23-26CModerate-high.


SaturdayIn the hour or two before the match begins (or even arriving just before the beginning of the first half), some showers, including a possible brief storm, is expected to move through Canberra. This may bring some gusty winds, with a chilly westerly breeze continuing throughout the match. A wet playing surface is the most likely outcome.
Raiders vs EelsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Canberra 7:30-9:30pm60%10-13CN/A rain


SundaySunny skies and mild to warm temperatures are expected in Penrith for the early afternoon match.
Panthers vs TitansChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Penrith 2-4pm0%22-25CN/A


SundayFine and sunny weather will continue at Brookvale for the late afternoon match.
Sea Eagles vs TigersChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Brookvale 4-6pm0%21-24CN/A


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