The SC Weather Report – Round 3

Weather notes:

Note: All times are local. Sea Eagles vs Warriors is in Christchurch, Panthers vs Storm is in Bathurst

Friday While the early evening match may begin fine in Canberra, there are already storms present approx 100-150km to the west of Canberra (as of 5pm), which may reach the stadium in the second half, and will most definitely move through Canberra following the match. If there is no rain at all, little to no dew is expected to form on the playing surface as the second half goes on.
Raiders vs Knights Chance of rain Game temperature Dew rating
Canberra 6-8pm 35% 19-22C Low later
Friday Fine weather is considered to be quite likely for the Friday night match, even though some shower and storm activity may develop to the west and south of Sydney (on the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands). A mild to warm northeasterly breeze will limit the amount of dew able to form on the playing surface.
Eels vs Roosters Chance of rain Game temperature Dew rating
Homebush 8-10pm 20% 22-25C Low-moderate
Saturday Fine and mostly sunny weather is expected at Christchurch for the (NZ time) early evening match. Game temperatures will be in the mid to high teens. Match will be played at 3pm NSW/VIC, and 2pm QLD time.
Sea Eagles vs Warriors Chance of rain Game temperature Dew rating
Christchurch 5-7pm 0% 15-18C N/A
Saturday During tomorrow afternoon and evening, there is expected to be a number of showers and storms in the Townsville region. While these are considered to be most likely a little inland from Townsville on the ranges, there is a slightly greater chance of their being some rainfall during the game, than it remaining fine.  

It is also worth noting that there will be high humidity levels to go with the fairly warm temperatures, which will make a significant impact on player comfort. There will be a fair amount of cloud about however, which will take the edge off the otherwise oppressive conditions for the players.
Cowboys vs Sharks Chance of rain Game temperature Dew rating
Townsville 4:30-6:30pm 60% 27-29C N/A
Saturday Fine but cold and somewhat windy conditions are expected at Bathurst for the Saturday night match. The dry airmass and breeze is not expected to allow any dew to form on the playing surface. Therefore this will essentially be like playing a day game.
Panthers vs Storm Chance of rain Game temperature Dew rating
Bathurst 7:30-9:30pm 0% 9-11C Low
Sunday Mostly sunny skies and cool to mild temperatures are expected for the afternoon match at Campbelltown.
Tigers vs Bulldogs Chance of rain Game temperature Dew rating
Campbelltown 4-6pm 0% 19-21C N/A
Sunday It will remain fine for the Sunday evening match at Homebush, with again no dew expected to develop on the playing surface, mainly due to the dry airmass present.
Rabbitohs vs Titans Chance of rain Game temperature Dew rating
Homebush 6-8pm 0% 17-19C Low


Serc is meteorologist who sends tailor made, and highly accurate forecasts to some NRL clubs (and many other industries). We are very happy to have him on board NRLSCTalk again in 2019.

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