The SC Weather Report – R8

Note: All times are local. Raiders vs Panthers is in Wagga Wagga.

Friday 6pm: Fine weather is expected for the early evening match at Townsville, with a moderate amount of dew forming on the playing surface as the match goes on.

Cowboys vs TitansChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Townsville 6-8pm5%24-26CModerate

Friday 8pm: While the rain currently present over Sydney is expected to ease somewhat in the hours leading up to kickoff, there is still expected to be some light and patchy rain impacting upon the game at Cronulla. If it doesn’t rain at all, expect a moderate to high amount of dew on the playing surface.

Sharks vs StormChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Cronulla 8-10pm70%18-20CMod-high

Saturday 3pm: Fine weather is the most likely outcome at Wagga Wagga for the Saturday afternoon match, however there is a fairly low chance of one or two brief and isolated showers in the area, most likely occuring before the match. Game temperatures will be fairly chilly in the southwesterly airstream which will move in behind today’s cold front.

Raiders vs PanthersChance of rainGame temperature Dew rating
Wagga Wagga

Saturday 5:30pm: Some isolated showers are expected across the Sydney area later tomorrow afternoon and into the early evening. There is also a slight chance of a storm or some possible thunder as well, however the chance of rain during the match is slightly lower than the chance of the entire game being fine. A low to moderate amount of dew is expected on the playing surface.

Sea Eagles vs
Chance of rainGame temperatureDew rating

Saturday 7:30pm: Isolated showers and a chance of a storm (or possible thunder) will continue around Sydney, however by the time of this match, most of this activity is expected to move offshore. A moderate amount of dew is expected on the playing surface.

Roosters vs TigersChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating

Sunday 2pm: Sunny skies are expected in Auckland for the first of the Sunday afternoon matches.

Warriors vs KnightsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Auckland 4-6pm0%16-18CN/A

Sunday 4pm: Isolated to scattered showers are expected in Sydney coastal areas on Sunday afternoon, however much more isolated activity is expected further inland at Parramatta. During the match, there may be one or two isolated showers in the general area, however the chance of one of these moving over the stadium at any time is fairly low.

Eels vs DragonsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating


Serc is meteorologist who sends tailor made, and highly accurate forecasts to some NRL clubs (and many other industries). We are very happy to have him on board NRLSCTalk again in 2019.

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