The SC Weather Report & Heat Maps – R25

In SC news, I’ve just cracked the top 2000 for the first time since Round 12, which is a pretty solid achievement after all my trades and bye planning were undone by a host of injuries/suspensions etc in rounds 15-16 (I lost 1500 places in the second big bye round!)

I thought I’d dig up my previous year ranks and post them up as well, to show I have actually been half decent at this game on one or two occasions in the past!

2011 –  approx 5000 in my first year, lots of the usual rookie mistakes

2012 – 200 (playing pure H2H)

2013 – 4995

2014 – 1797

2015 – 980

2016 – 757 (still using my keyring!)

2017 – 2840

2018 – 1415

2019 – 1718 (with 1 round left)

Weather Report

Onto the final weather report for the SC season – and on the whole it has been a pretty dry footy season, in fact probably the driest in the 10 years I’ve been doing forecasting in relation to NRL matches. So no doubt that helped the halves and outside backs get a few more attacking stats than they would get in an average year!

Friday 6pm: There is a chance of a brief shower, or some light patchy rain at Homebush for the early evening match, as a strong cold front passes through. This front will also bring gusty winds, which will not allow any dew to form on the playing surface.

Eels vs Sea EaglesChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Parramatta 6-8pm25%12-16CLow

Friday 8pm: The main period of shower activity has moved through Melbourne in the last hour or two, with a lull in activity expected this evening, before showers increase again overnight. No rainfall at all is a little more likely than a shower to move across the stadium. If it doesn’t rain at all, expect a moderate amount of dew on the playing surface.

Storm vs CowboysChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Melbourne 8-10pm40%10-12CMod

Saturday 3pm: There is a fairly slight chance of a shower in Canberra during the afternoon match, however these are much more likely further west on the Brindabella Ranges. Otherwise it will be cold and windy during this match.

Raiders vs WarriorsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Canberra 3-5pm15%8-10CN/A

Saturday 5:30pm: Fine weather is expected at Homebush for the early evening match, with little in the way of dew forming on the playing surface as the match goes on.

Bulldogs vs BroncosChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating

Saturday 7:30pm: It will also be fine for the Saturday night match on the Gold Coast, most likely seeing no dew forming on the playing surface, with the westerly airmass proving too dry.

Titans vs DragonsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Robina 7:30-9:30pm0%17-19CLow

Sunday 2pm: Fine and mostly sunny conditions are expected at Leichhardt for the early afternoon match.

Tigers vs SharksChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Leichhardt 2-4pm0%17-19CN/A

Sunday 4pm: It will remain fine for the late afternoon match in Penrith.

Panthers vs KnightsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Penrith 4-6pm0%15-18C N/A

Heat maps

Eels vs Sea Eagles

Storm vs Cowboys

Raiders vs Warriors

Bulldogs vs Broncos

Titans vs Dragons

Panthers vs Knights


Serc is meteorologist who sends tailor made, and highly accurate forecasts to some NRL clubs (and many other industries). We are very happy to have him on board NRLSCTalk again in 2019.

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