The SC Weather Report & Heat Maps – R23

Friday 6pm: Fine weather is expected for the Friday evening match in Townsville, with a moderate amount of dew forming on the playing surface as the match goes on.

Cowboys vs PanthersChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Townsville 6-8pm0%17-20CMod

Friday 8pm: It will also be fine for the Friday night match in Brisbane, with a moderate southeasterly breeze only allowing a fairly low amount of dew to form on the playing surface.

Broncos vs
Chance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Brisbane 8-10pm0%14-17CLow-mod

Saturday 3pm: Sunny skies and mild temperatures are expected for the Saturday afternoon match in Cronulla.

Sharks vs WarriorsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Cronulla 3-5pm0%21-24CN/A

Saturday 5:30pm: It will remain fine for the Saturday evening match at Campbelltown, with a fairly dry airmass present, only allowing for a low to moderate amount of dew to form on the playing surface as the match goes on.

Tigers vs KnightsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating

Saturday 7:30pm: Fine weather is also expected for the Saturday night match at Kogarah, with a fairly dry northwesterly breeze only allowing a low to moderate amount of dew on the playing surface.

Dragons vs RoostersChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Kogarah 7:30-9:30pm0%15-18CLow-mod

Sunday 2pm: There is expected to be a handful of isolated showers around the Melbourne area on Sunday, most of which are forecast during the morning, before kickoff in the early afternoon match. There is a chance of small hail in any showers that occur (again most likely during the morning). Fine weather and chilly southwesterly winds are the most likely scenario.

Storm vs TitansChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Melbourne 2-4pm15%10-13CN/A

Sunday 4pm: A weak southeasterly change is expected to bring a chance of a shower to Canberra for the late afternoon match. The chance of a shower is higher to the east of Canberra, with fine weather most likely at GIO Stadium.

Raiders vs
Sea Eagles
Chance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Canberra 4-6pm20%12-15CN/A

Heat maps

All heat maps courtesy of the NRL app

Sharks vs Warriors

Tigers vs Knights

Dragons vs Roosters

Storm vs Titans

Raiders vs Sea Eagles


Serc is meteorologist who sends tailor made, and highly accurate forecasts to some NRL clubs (and many other industries). We are very happy to have him on board NRLSCTalk again in 2019.

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