The SC Weather Report & Heat Maps – R19 – updated

Like this time last year, I’ll be going through the tries scored, and tries conceded plots as shown in the NRL app, to see if there is anything of use in the matchups for selecting your starting side each week. Its probably appropriate that ‘heat maps’ (as described by the NRL) are included in the weather report!

Keep an eye out for these each week, underneath the full weather report.

The Weather Report

Friday 6pm: High cloud will continue to develop and thicken as the afternoon goes on, however no rainfall is expected in Newcastle for the early evening match.

Knights vs TigersChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Newcastle 6-8pm0%15-18CLow-mod

Friday 8pm: Thickening cloud cover is also developing in Sydney, and no rain is expected during the late evening match, even if the radar shows that some may be falling (this is mid level rainfall, evaporating before it hits the surface). A low to moderate dew rating is expected, mainly due to the warmth of the day being kept in by the cloud cover.

vs Dragons
Chance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Homebush 8-10pm5%13-16CLow-mod

Saturday 3pm: It is highly likely to be fine (and partly cloudy) for the Saturday afternoon match at Parramatta, however there is a low to very low chance of a shower.

Eels vs WarriorsChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Parramatta 3-5pm10%16-20CN/A

Saturday 5:30pm: Fine weather is expected for the early evening match at Robina, with a moderate amount of dew developing on the playing surface as the match goes on.

Titans vs BroncosChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Robina 5:30-7:30pm0%17-20CModerate

Saturday 7:30pm: While most of Saturday is expected to see little in the way of showers in the Melbourne area, during the late afternoon and early evening some isolated showers are expected to develop. These will be most likely prior to the match, however one or two isolated showers may still be in the area during the match (most likely the first half).

Storm vs Sea EaglesChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Storm vs Sea EaglesChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating

Sunday 2pm: Mostly sunny skies are expected for the early afternoon match at Homebush, with game temperatures in the high teens.

Bulldogs vs RoostersChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Homebush 2-4pm0%18-20CN/A

Sunday 4pm: It will remain fine for the late afternoon match at Penrith.

Panthers vs RaidersChance of rainGame temperatureDew rating
Penrith 4-6pm0%17-20CN/A

Heat maps

The Knights appear to score a higher percentage of their tries through the middle, which lines up with the Tigers conceding tries through the same area.

Tries most often are scored by the Rabbitohs in the middle, which lines up with the Dragons conceding tries in a similar area. Also the Dragons right side attack lines up favourably with the Rabbitohs left edge defence.

The Eels score a fair percentage of their tries through the middle, which lines up with the Warriors conceding many through a similar area.

The Titans appear to score many of their tries on the left wing, which lines up with the Broncos conceding a number of tries during this season so far in a similar area. Also, the Broncos success areas in attack line up fairly closely with the equivalent areas in the Titans defence.

Where the Bulldogs defence concedes a significant percentage of their tries, lines up fairly closely with where the Roosters have most success in scoring.


Serc is meteorologist who sends tailor made, and highly accurate forecasts to some NRL clubs (and many other industries). We are very happy to have him on board NRLSCTalk again in 2019.

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