The People’s Team – Round 3

Well, this is kind of embarrassing. Despite setting an alarm to help me remember to make the Lodge to Leniu trade last week, somehow, with a few beers under my belt, this did not happen. Sigh. On the positive side of things, we still have 37 trades left!

The People’s Team scored 1,125 to now sit ranked 2,471. A drop in our season ranking of 3,907, but it could have been worse.

This is a massive week for trades given that prices rise after Round 3, so what would you like see done? Don’t forget to comment and have your say below.

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Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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Krusty180 (@krusty180)
1 month ago

Staines and Lodge out

Leniu and Sitili in Via Capewell

Depending on Matto and Cleary outcome

Last edited 1 month ago by Krusty180
Brian Gordon
Brian Gordon (@brian-gordon)
1 month ago

this side is way too close to my own, makes me feel nervous lol

Sally M
Sally M (@sally-m)
1 month ago

Lachlan Lam to Jayden Brailey via Watson is my recommended trade.

LoneWolf5498 (@lonewolf5498)
1 month ago

Lam to JBrailey via Watson
Matto to Barnett
Crichton back into the 13 for Riki

Time For Plan B
Time For Plan B (@timeforplanb)
1 month ago

Lam to JBrailey via Watto
Roberts to Koloamatangi

Swap Angus in for Matto, Capewell in for Tino
Put the r on Liddle (JBrailey start), Watto, Tino and Paps

King Benny
King Benny (@king-benny)
1 month ago

easy this week
Lodge > Alvaro
Lam > J Brailey

TeaBagginTBaz (@doggiestyle)
1 month ago

Would you consider playing Saab over Staines this week?

Bondi Spy
Bondi Spy (@bondi-spy)
1 month ago

Cleary to Hunt, and Lam to Brailey via Watson – gives cash to get Cleary back next week if he recovers via sale of Matterson and Liddle and a solid scorer in Hunt this week (move to hooker next week) rather than lowest scorer

Sally M
Sally M (@sally-m)
Reply to  WeninRome
1 month ago

Play Laurie, Niu, Simonssen and Staines. Roberts can be used if the team needs an interchange playing late in the round.

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