The Lockdown Series – Broncos Preview

There may be no NRL season for the time being but the SC Report is kicking on. We all need something to listen to, right?

We will be going back to the future and previewing all 16 teams in the hope that the season will return around the same time. So that’s two previews per week.

We start with the Broncos and what a beautiful place to start it is.

Wenin is joined by Wilfred and JT also chimes in from time to time.

As we mentioned on Twitter, we are going to promoting small businesses for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just email us at or DM us on Twitter and we will get it done.

The two for this week were:

The wife’s chef

Macarthur Decks and Pergolas (Western Sydney). Great chippy with an attention to detail.

Download here

Stream via the below links:

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Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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BunnyAllStars (@bunnyallstars)
3 months ago

Thanks Boys. Good to get our minds off things, even if only half and hour. Stay safe

Watson (@hastings)
3 months ago

Thanks Wenin. You’re worth your weight in gold (and I don’t even know how heavy you are…).
Keep up the good work.

Tommy Smurf Sangsta
Tommy Smurf Sangsta (@tommy-smurf-sangsta)
3 months ago

Fun pod. Keep em coming regularly. And don’t worry how long they are. We’ve all got plenty of time on our idle hands.

Lickety Splits
Lickety Splits (@lickety-splits)
3 months ago

Just wow!!! This is like watching and listening to the staff on board shuffling deck chairs around on the Titanic as the band plays away. Come on fellas, don’t lose your credibility with desperate rubbish, stick to quality and reality please. A poor segment that has no relevance, wasted air time for your audience, and wasted time for you. Fair dinkum, Donald Trump like fake news, cut these to the season resumes if it does please

Fitzy (@george-cantstandya)
Reply to  Lickety Splits
3 months ago

“..don’t lose your credibility..”

That’s a bit rich coming from a long time troll on this site Geoff.

Hurtlocker (@hurtlocker)
Reply to  Fitzy
3 months ago

Ignore him…I loved it…more please…as someone who is in “Iso” due to “Rona” for coming back home from Portugal holiday…..I need a distraction. Especially since Im ranked 40K after a million hours research preseason…depressing.

vertigo (@vertigo)
Reply to  Fitzy
3 months ago

Is this that one guy who has spent something like the better part of a decade signing up here just to troll the people who run it?

If that’s all he has going for him this lockdown is going to drive him crazy. Please go see a doctor mate and get on a mental health plan.

Fitzy (@george-cantstandya)
Reply to  vertigo
3 months ago

Yep, same guy mate.

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