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Green arrows this week again . Surprised about how much I jumped this week. 3 weeks ago I was ranked 40k this week I’ve hit the top 6k .Let’s get it everyone

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Building momentum! Bit of a funny round. I scored 1107 (felt about par or maybe just under) and somehow jumped 1130 spots to R3416. Will happily take that!


I had read it wrong , I’m in the top 6k not 7 so even better haha. It was a very weird round I got 1155 and it jumped me 4K spots . Less than 40 points seperate me from the top 5k that’s how close the competition is


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Sally M

The magic number used to calculate breakevens has increased from 10003 to 10040, making breakevens slightly easier to achieve.

To calculate a breakeven, use the following formula:

BE = ( ( Players salary / Magic Number ) x 3 ) – last two scores

eg Latrell Mitchell = ( ( 962100 / 10040 ) x 3 ) – 102 – 96 = 89

I’ll repost when the Trade Talk thread is created.


Who to bench

TU Marzhew
TD Johnston

Comment – Garrick

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