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1069.(C) Papy. with Toupniua 14, Staggs 14, and Tass 24.
I suppose i cannot complain. Hit my average.


hopefully tass bounces back next week


1267 Papi C from rank 1200 odd.

Using a boost to bring in Olakau’atu then having him drop out was dissapointing.

Look forward to ending my Hynes deathride next week for Papi.

Temple Guard

I just had a look at my 10 leagues… and for now I am winning 5 of the games because I picked Hynes over Grant as Captain…also feel sorry to the Papz Owners … he would have tonned up if not injuried BoL Everyone next week

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Round 1300, missed the Guac being a late out, copped the Tui AE of 24.
Paps looks out for a bit, might zag to Garrick if everyone is zigging to Turbo. Could use that extra 250k to beef up my FRF, as I have seen enough of Arrow.


What’s everyone’s opinion on Garrick getting his dual FB back this year? Has played a fair bit this season, considering they started Manu with a dual, and he only plays when Teddy is ever out. It’s a same same for me

Mighty tigs

1370 C Pap Tago/Coates the week links
For anyone wondering Hynes should update about 20, Pap possible lb/couple offloads and Munster potentially a ta


Cracking score. Hope you’re right about the updates

Mighty tigs

Well Hynes done even more than expected, I was right about the 20 from tbs/offloads just got other stuff. On 1480 now, should be top 100!

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well done
i was 3 behind on 1367 thinking i could catch u on updates but only got to 1452
3rd time lucky next round. lol

Temple Guard

Hynes 185 now already???!!!!


Done some quick research.
No team in the top 210 had Nico Hynes as their Captain.
Too tired to go any further tonight.

Temple Guard

LoL thanks Mate


Hahaha I hope your 9-5 doesn’t include any research


Nah, bulldog, retired.


I reckon most were like me and had Cleary as either C (or VC with the C on Papps or Teddy for the sub option) and with Nico as back-up 7…. I managed to switch my C to Munster from Papps which worked out well…. Had Harry as well so went from 150 behind in the H2H to winning by 140….

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Just watching the game, he had mass updates coming

Temple Guard

an Hour ago I was 1253… now
I am 1370…. seriously them scorers do my head in

captain hindsight

Beating me by 11, well played sir.

Temple Guard

Pour Ass but I take it Thanks Buddy You done well too

captain hindsight

Scoring 800+ on a sunday helped us out a bit! Good luck for the rest of the season

Temple Guard

Same to You Mate… Go and get them …. You are way up there


1,129 including stinkers from Tass, AJ, Staggs, having C paps, being out on sat so not seeing the late mail on Olak. Not my week lol

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