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sucked in, Joey


Shit! I was going to bring him in for Coates. I don’t know if my balls are big enough to take on the banner. Stuff it! Challenge accepted. I think!

Rex Bannercurse

First banner I’ve not owned! Good stuff.
Thinking of a loose VC choice on a hooker with captain on Ted
TU: Cook
TD: Starling (loose!)
Comment: Settle down champ


Geez! I brought him in and captained him. The banner will not win this one!


Extremely Brave!


Last reserve:
TU: Schneider
TD: Ilias


Having made the correct captain choice only once in the first five rounds, I’m again having second thoughts this weekend. Last week, had it on Moses all week but changed to Papy just before kick-off.
This week, having to decide between Moses, Grant, Papy and Hynes. I’m a bit concerned with the last three with Melbourne v Cronulla.
Presently have the C on Moses and the VC on May. Should I stop second-guessing or should I go for one of the other three?
Opinions welcome.


Watson, what your take on Papys concussion?
He came out last week and did not get into the game at all.
Of course i had the (C) on him.
I like your (C) & (VC) this week.
Good luck.


Hi Bunnny, I wouldn’t read too much into it. The Melbourne doctor has been there for years and definitely plays by the rules. If there was any doubt, he would not let him have taken the field again. I also had Papy as my captain last week and, to be honest, he couldn’t really get into the game in the first half either. I just think it was one of those games when the ball didn’t find him: players making breaks through the middle (Hughes and Munster) and, although he was often there, they didn’t need him. Thanks for the… Read more »

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Thanks, Watson.


Hi 179.
Thanks for the tip but I’m going to stick with you and with my gut this week.


Not sure on your whole team but this week I’m thinking VC on May or Teddy and C on D.Brown(or if I had Moses it would be him)


I traded in Teddy for Hynes this week so VC on May and C on Moses it is.

tofu yarris

Call me stupid but I’m going Teddy again…


Good luck, tofu. He’s certainly due


Vc Ryan No idea after that

Sally M

Raiders: 1-17, Kris (18)
Cowboys: Cotter (prop), Luki (2nd row), McLean (bench), Gilbert (bench), Hampton (18)


Thanks as always, Sally.

Benny's Jets

anyone liking a sneaky Captain Taylan May? up against my Broncos and loves scoring tries. also a round with no real obvious choices (at least for me)

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I have the VC on him as he is playing early. I have Momo sitting on the bench that I can use if I want to loop. However, I think it’s a good call.
Good luck.


Will May be running at Staggs and Cobbo ?

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No he will be running past them


Steve and Charlie will be running at Hooter and Porridge – much more entertaining


Is Cotter a good pick up starting and can we see him starting going forward ?
Or is there something thats changed to cause this…I was looking at B.Jones but would rather Cotter and if he is more then likely a starter week in week our.

Last edited 3 months ago by Krusty180

I’ve convinced myself on him, 60av I’ve calculated he makes around 100k by Melb game. Big work horse with high ppm. Jones can watch and worst case 320k with a neg break even next week.


FYI i like both but hammy concern for Jones has me on watch


How many points do we expect cotter to score at prop??


This has been a repeat of recent weeks final teams list so you’d expect similar output


Last R

TU Fermor
TD Schneider

I’m a daze


Each opposing edge leaky

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Can just afford Randall-cotter (grant starting), is it worth the trade?
TU yes
TD no

tofu yarris

Randall has more money to make, cant trade a 2rf?


No other viable option unfortunately, can possibly wait another week on the trade though and just hold for the week

Scott Minto GOAT

Tu) cotter
Td) curran


They gave a TS to CHN for a tap on. Pretty sure that should belong to Schneider who ran the ball and threw the pass.


Nanai gives away so many pens and missed tackles it’s ridiculous


Does Schneider not get anything for the rapana try?


Surely he gets a ts on review. Since when does some one that does a tap on pass get the ts

The Duke

I agree with the commentators, that Cotter challenge was the stupidest I’ve ever seen too.

Sally M

Difficult decision next week. With 2 gun fullbacks and one gun halfback, Schneider owners need to work out whether they hold or trade to Taaffe.

Pros – cash injection for next upgrade banking $160k plus on the trade
Cons – Schneider looks playable in your starting 17 and plays round 13


Tossing up this decision myself…Looking at Schneider to Raffe…Fermor to Ipap


Probably against the grain but I’m leaning towards holding the spider. Taaffe may make a compelling argument though if he scores well V dogs. Handy changeover for an upgrade elsewhere if so….

Those keen on Cleary pre-origin will have to decide on timing to get him in also – big watch V weak looking broncos. Bit of a squeeze at Hlf & FB soon.


When is fogarty back? He is only there because of that. Only a couple of games left right?


NRL web site has Fogarty estimated return at round 15.


Looks like Luki was the one to get.

If he hasn’t locked down that left edge spot then payten is stupider than I thought.


As a Cowboys fan this was why I started the year with him – shame that I since sold him to Nanai and then to Jones hahah


I kept Nanai . Might hold him untill the bye. Here’s hoping he continues to improve

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Anyone else think Cotter should be a Hooker…His sort of Cheese/Cook like…Nippy and Nuggety.

He looked great there in the All Stars games from what I remember.

Last edited 3 months ago by Krusty180

Lol He is a hkr playing lock. Injuries held him back and now Robson is ahead of him. I would like to see some craft from him ,ie ball playing backrower but not seeing it.

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