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All done 1146. Anyone shed some light on what happed to Yeo. Rested or injured?


Rested, I think.


Thanks mate.


877 all out for anyone wanting a pickmeup 🙂


Cracking draft score


Hahah I’ll pay that


1008 C Papy R 291
First real setback this year. Determined to rebound next week…


Cracking start to the year mate. Backing up a great year last year. Well placed this early on to have a real crack at overall. Might be a bit unders this week but I don’t think you’ll fall to far.


Cheers mate! Hope you are travelling Ok? I burnt a boost after R1 & then have used 2 trades each week to get up towards the pointy end. Trying to attack each week rather than just sort team issues out. See how that pans out.

The 2RF still needs sorting but the action seems to be in the halves. Moses V tigers this week could be big for those that have him… hopefully D Brown gets involved for me…


Weird sc weekend for me, got logged out of my app after trades and was made to register and start a new team when I logged back in, then tried to log back in mid round and thankfully had my team back with help from IT after emailing. Finally put a good round together with c hynes a 1250ish. need a heap of green and it won’t be enough from 40,000’s


Great round. Should jump into the top 20k. Plenty of season yet to go

I Fall Down A Lot

somehow scraped by with an alright score of 1100+ even with some of my reliable bois literally scoring 1/3 of their normal points.. so im ok with it.


1231 that gives me 5665 hope I go green.


Can anyone tell me where to find the captaincy percentages.


Go to player stats then filter to coaches choice.


Need SC gold/plus. Go to players. Under Supercoach plus (Right column). Then hit “coaches choice”

Papy 25.7%
Hynes 24.4%
Teddy 8.2%
Haas 4.0%
Cleary 3.7%
Moses 3.0%


Harry Grants’ downgrade points was surprising/ridiculous on the review. The guy was owed line break and try assist for putting Hughes through a hole and Josh king was given it for an offload. Just doesn’t make sense. Expected him to be upgraded from what he finished on (89), not downgraded. Anyone else think the same?

langers legends

I could not agree more. There are real inconsistencies around TA/LBA. Would almost prefer going back to the old days where it went to whoever the last pass. For the sharks there were 2 identical try’s, exact same play same players involved 1 went to Hynes the other to Kennedy and when there worth too many points as it is it’s just another frustrating part of SC that’s ruining the enjoyment


Not at all. It was a valid score for JKing IMO. He ran a great line, changed direction to draw 3 defenders into him and hit the line and was still able to turn and offload to Grant who only had to catch and pass for the try to be scored … without that play by King, the try doesn’t get scored in my opinion. Not sure where Grant lost his points from, but it was that play as it was awarded to King in normal play. What I want an explanation on is where Fifita got 30 points in… Read more »


They missed a couple of line break assists where he put the winger away. That’s 16, just gotta find the other 14 haha

The Green Monsters

Yeah I thought Grant would go up too, I am ok with King getting that TS but agree there are some serious Lb/LBA issues.
Desperate Timoko owner here but he very clearly put Elliot Whitehead away down the wing for a line break. SC paid whitehead the Lb and nothing for Timoko. If it was Teddy/Papy or anyone popular who throws that to Whitehead it’s an lba for sure.

Agree I would also like to see Fifita’s 30 in updates explained as he did nothing except that try?


I’m quite surprised that Randall hasn’t been given an error for him knocking on the try attempt. I guess I’m only aware of it since I just traded him out but 2 points is 2 points.


My first good score and good captain selection in hynes. 1260 got me from 40,000’s up to 20,000’s still way off the pace though!

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