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1069 C on grant. Red arrows incoming methinks.

I vow from this day forward to always captain an attacking player. The days of relying on solid base stats are over, might as well try and catch the upside every week.


Not too big of a drop I reckon. Maybe even par. I’m in 7 leagues and I see a lot of sub 1000 scores.


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1187 C Turbo.
A week for the have and have nots. Got Nicho in. Playing Schuster at 5/8 for 2 weeks was part of the deal to get him but was it still worth it. Well played those that blocked out all the noise and Captained him.


I’d say with the low scoring of other 5/8’s yeah. I traded Doueihi for D.Brown and got 3 points or something.


Well done mate. You pipped me this week, just. The gamble on Nicho paid off.


Cheers Hoffa! Will be good to see some green. The captainers will zoom up. Just a relief we brought him in.

I think if the nrl were a bit more transparent with their injuries there would have been a lot of others that brought him in. Once Trindall dropped off that bench (4 fwds) I thought oh dear why did I VC Cleary. No way though that you picture 180! :-0 :-0

I’m thinking Hammer to Garrick this week. Hoping Tommy and Trell bounce back too.

franky 4 fingers

With betting and fantasy so big now. These team lists 1hour before each game is bullshit. Needs to be a better deadline for listing teams


I have Cleary and Pezet in the half back position.
I have to wait another week to get a price rise out of him
After game one he scored vey well, then with a pair of 31s he is predicted to rise $64k.
His score this week is 64.
Any one hazard a guess with another 50 what he could rise to.
Yes, i am looking at Nico in a few weeks.

Never walk alone

Rise approx 110k


Thank you, NWA


The bunnies have been pretty tough on halves avg 37. DCE now put 62 on them so makes it a ~43avg. Not a great match up for him but even then a 90-100K rise. Agree ~110K for a 50.


Thanks, Bluegoose.


1042 C on Garrick

After tonight looks like Nico is a must but want to give him a few weeks first to be safe.
Looking at Munster in for Whigton this week and then Katoa for Lui next week. A few other trades in there should free up the tag for Nico come Rd 7. Also trading out Hudson Young for Preston before I lose more cash.


In saying that im also looking at Brown.
TU – Brown
TD – Munster


Was an obvious trade in hynesight..

Marks Marauders

1181 capt hynes AKP on the bench sold warbrick for sloan 🙂


I was going to do that Warbrick to Sloan but brought in Hynes instead. Dodged a bullet there.


Big updates just in


Nicho now 180, that’s insane.


Yeah, I didn’t expect that. I’ll take it though.


Nicho 180, very happy having the C on him. Block didnt miss a beat coming back.


Hynes up to 180 is taking the piss


In 3 games Cleary has a total of 170 points, Hynes needed only 1 game to go past him, lol.

The Duke

All out for 1219. Biggest score in a while. Thanks to AKP, new recruit Nico and Captain Tapine.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 12.03.15 am.png
franky 4 fingers

1360. Feels like gloating. akp and Warbruck benched, Harris injury. The possibilities.. Cheers for the advice on Hynes over Cleary this week. Sweated on it til the last minute. Ironically still lost my h2h by 30

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Bloody hell. Fantastic result mate but bad luck on coming up against someone who did 30pts better than that! Unbelievable! 😉


Big updates in up to 1450
C hynes, played khan.


Turbo c

Managed to whimper to 1070.


1402 with khan-pereira and warbrick on bench, couldve cracked 1500 with better bench choice but can’t complain at all with a week like that


Some huge scores. Grats on those with Nicho.

I have 700k itb waiting for him for next week but he decides to go huge first game back .

1173 in any case which im hoping wont drop me too much.


1179 with C on Turbo.

Big grats any with C on Nicho! Some massive scores.

Eric Cartman

1412 gets me 717 overall from 16k overall from the last gound. 225 for the week too! to the moon baby!


TU trade cleary to hynes,TD dce to hynes,votes please


Can someone explain how they awarded 9 TA for the sharks but there was 7 Tries

im just saiyan

should i go hammer or trell to garrick. they are both going opposite directions price wise and hammer plays 13… bit torn


I feel like my trades are pretty straightforward this week. ARey + Doueihi > Hynes + Schuster

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