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All out for 1395! I’m hooked again since returning to SC. Captain Papi and D Brown are absolute heroes.


Have received Kings 37 as AE for Amone’s zero.
But I reckon they will take it back.
Ah well….


Pretty sure AE has to be >0 even if they take the field. Can’t seem to find it in writing in the app tho.


AE Your substitute players dont score unless an ae is required to replace ONE zero scoring player who DIDN’T take the field
It is the AE who must be above zero


Yep read that wrong. Thought he meant received Amone’s 0 as AE score instead of King’s 37


cant get an AE for amone bcuz he took the field
only way u get an AE is one of ur other 16 players was a DNP


Amone -1 in the end…


1372 with Amone.

4200 in total, looking for a good jump from 27k.

Jarvie wall bangers

1095, C Hynes. 4058 total. Very ordinary start but will keep persisting. Congratulations to those who went massive

The Beer Whisperer

Couldn’t change to Pap as vice captained Hynes in FB. Captain Munster took a nap or something?


He just didn’t need to be too involved, the storm were making line breaks every second play off hit ups/offloads. He didn’t play “bad”, he just was not that involved in the massacre.


Traded Moses to Munster and put the C on him….looking for that ‘delete team’ button this morning

Score to Settle

Finished with 1466 this week, really happy with radley, pap c and moses but need a replacement for staggs and mahoney. Any suggestions lads Thanks


Hey guys, would be great to get a third person perspective on trades this week. Current team with 136k itb
Cook Randal
Haas jking mking leo
Fifita Ola fermor Nanai tuilagi momo
Hynes Schneider
Munster Illias
Aitken Tago staggs peni koula Bsmith Vailea
Ted papy

First trade is staggs -> May locked in.

My second trade thoughts
Bsmith -> lolo
Ola -> ipap

Any other suggestions?


While one is the loneliest number its what i’d do. IPap will go up and down .and while its great to get him now he should be reachable around bye time. I’d consider having some cash itb to make future options more flexible. Each to their own !


Eels and rabbits good run has me wanting Cody, Johnston and dbrown but can’t seem to find a way to get them in without selling players still making money….

Staggs + Bsmith + Ola -> May + AJ + talakai

Last edited 2 months ago by Markus10

Cant have them all M10.
Well not at this stage of the season
I,m willing to give Sths players another week to see if they have some high end rhythm
The mob was was selling Dbags last week but what goes up must come down
I’m a 25 rnds sort of guy who is not at the top end atm.

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