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Can’t believe I’m thinking this but looking at moving Teddy and Cotter on next week. Reece Walsh is a trade in candidate and possibly Tohu or AFB


Both Teddy and Cotter have good potential to cause sellers remorse.
Walsh isn’t going to score 70+ points in the final 8 minutes very often


Turbo and Trell are the 2 Fbs to have, but Walsh could be a stepping stone. Bear in mind he was on 10 at half time, you won’t get the low scores out of the other 2, and they have a higher ceiling


I started with them and can’t see myself changing them anytime soon.


Same here. Will probably have to move Trell on towards the end of the year with South’s late byes and SOO, but they should be the highest scoring by that stage IMO. I know that barring injury, they are the 2 safest plays for the next 8-9 weeks


In an unlimited trade fantasy i’d dump Cleary Latrell Drinky Wegan Loiero Nuikore Dearden but might have to settle for Walsh Turbo and upgrading one of the 2rf’s
I know its the pain talking but !!!


Was planning on trading Cleary out next week but Im really struggling to find a halfback to trade him to before his price drop?
ARey n DCE of the current crops that are fit and then there’s Hynes.

Leaning towards ARey due to goals (at least 16 points if Broncos maintain the attack), FDAs n TS that should be minimum 40 pts per game.
Or save trade n Hold?

The First XIII

Arey has a long history of being on the edge of SC relevance while in good/ great South’s attacking sides, but in the end falling short. It’ll be an act of wilful amnesia to think he’ll become relevant now. Almost the same for DCE. Both great half’s IRL, but only have flashes of being good SC assets.

I also have Cleary and am unhappy with his output so far. I still back him to outscore both Arey and DCE up to Origin


It’s a tough one. Yes Cleary’s price is more than likely to drop but can any other half, other than Hynes, be trusted to outscore him moving forward.
Arey is currently the highest averaging half and they have a pretty good draw, not that the draw is meaning much so far this year lol.
Personally I’m holding


The closer I look at the numbers the more i lean towards holding.


Price isn’t an issue with Cleary, he will make it back to that value soon enough. He could score 150 the next 2 weeks and you will be bringing him back in for more


I am running SWalker, and considering being in Cleary next week myself. Eels letting in a lot of points atm. I’m holding off Hynes til rd7-8, shoupd have some cows to cull by then


I’m holding but not ecstatic about Panthers attack. I’ve used maximum trades and still have to get turuva and Schuster. So trading out a gun is the last thing I’ll do.

late Hit

DCE’S work rate may be reduced now that Schuster is a second ball player. A few points this week we’re dropped when he chose to pass.
Might be worth watching another game or two before buying him.

Never walk alone

I’m considering Hynes if back next week, will buy me another 3/4 weeks to decide before his price changed. If he goes off then great


Last 2 reserves out of Preston/Alomotti/Perham.

TU: Preston/Perham
TD: Preston/Alomotti
Comment: Perham/Alomotti

I can’t decide between perham and Alomotti really. But I’m willing to hear an argument for leaving Preston out. If Doueihi pulls out late, this will be much easier.


Somehow I knew Alomotti would outscore all my players in this game.


Who scores more in doggies tigers game

TU Preston
TD Uto

moon the loon

Not looping Turbo for Grant (C) worked, reserves scores of 65 65 59 and 60 Dodged AE Moale 25


AE nightmares are real ;^)

Salty Former Owner

Looping worked for me, just. My alternative captain was probably Fifita, but I didn’t like it, and while I missed Boyd’s points, I was still just in front.
It felt better to cheer on Turbo though, and semi-death ride Fifita.

Not very good

I checked earlier, is it still only one game updated?
My H2H is pretty tight , hoping for a few updates before I loop or stay the course


Will see what today brings, but looking like only the 1 trade next week.
SWalker > Cleary is the likely play. Tempted by ARey, but in all likelihood he can’t won’t put score Cleary between now and SOO. Have a lot of cows making money for a Boyd > Nico play in rd7


H2h is tight I’m behind by 21

I have kikau addo carr alamoti
Doughi uto kiraz

Who wins?


Who to play
TD Alamotti


Last Reserve

TU: Doueihi
TD: Preston


late Hit

If it helps, I’ve got a Head-to-Head against Tommy Sangstar, and he’s (currently) playing Doueihi over Preston.

Sally M

Bulldogs: Pele OUT, Tanner IN (bench), Reynolds (18)
Tigers: Blore (bench), Bateman IN (2nd row), Tumeth OUT, Matamua (18)


Who to captain?
TU Mahoney
TD Kiraz



AD setting up alamoti shows his a true team player for my team.


Looks like the dogs found out everyone traded in Kiraz now actively avoiding going right.


The banner curse is back!


Tigers have done their homework on him. Every run you can hear them yelling out offload, offload. As a non owner every run makes me nervous, runs so hard.


Dogs barely going down the right, he’s had no ball in attacking position and is on 32 at half time.

Will take that any day.


Preston looks awesome punching through the line. They’ll go back right at some stage, just depends whether it gets out to Kiraz


Preston has bombed a try for Mahoney there I reckon


Grant updated to 105


Kiraz thinks he is a middle forward this week.
Taking the ball up hard.
Great base player.


Looks like a breakout year for Kiraz and potential keeper with his work rate.


Doueihi rage trade incoming.


He looks awful so far, unlike Preston who I sat for him ‍♂️


I sat Alomotti. I was trying to find a reason to play him. Truthfully I never considered sitting Doueihi, but I wish I had. He’s gone for Schuster


I accidentally sat alomoti for douhei


Haven’t been able to watch the game… why is Mahoney only on 15 SC points at halftime? Has he had a head knock?


Dogs just playing so expansive and Tigers are useless so not much happening in the middle of the field that he needs to do.


He played the full 40 but that’s just the player he is. Doesn’t run very often so the majority of his points come from tackles and then attacking stats. Opinion from a disgruntled owner from last year


And it’s a strange game. Hasn’t been that much up the middle to defend.


I think it’s because sheens wants the tigers to pass a lot including the forwards. Balls not staying in the middle as long.


Just picked up 2 FDs


Only paid one at this stage.

franky 4 fingers

Not sure if the first one pays as it was dropped backwards by a defender in the field of play. Correct me if I’m wrong


Not sure. I guess we’ll see in updates

Sally M

Raiders: Cotric OUT, Schiller IN (wing), Guler (Prop), Saulo (bench), Frawley (18)
Sharks: 1-17, Tracey (18)