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Rabbits need new halves. Ilias and walker don’t belong in first grade. Roosters halves weren’t much better, but where were ilias and walker all those times when rabbits were struggling to get out of their half? Neither wanted to direct the team.

Never walk alone

Ilias is still young but agree re Walker, the gap between his best and worst is huge

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Anyone else a new and infuriated Chee Kam owner…?


He was only ever relevant as a rookie.


45 in base is pretty good from a near bottom dollar dpp cheapie


Do I???

TU Loop Turbos 103 and AE Khan Peiera possible single digit against storm
TD Keep C on Hazza Grant


Personally I straight captained Garrick and I’m not too unhappy on missing 20 pts. I’m actually relieved my C is out of the way with 80+. So, not much help sorry.

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Temple Guard

trust your players


Who are you benching?


Trindall if I loop. C on Cleary


Haha Khan Pereira. This post aged well. Went with Captain Hazza. At the half it’s looking like Meaney was the best option for my team

Second Year Syndrome

Classic SC! Panicked at Cheese benching so had to go Thompson > Chee Kam to fund Cheese > Reed! Love it lol

Second Year Syndrome

Not totally mad with Chee Kam though. Looks to have the edge spot locked down. I expect Arrow to help the middle upon return

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10/668 C Garrick. Katoa and S.walker a bit of a let down but happy to hold both for at least one more week. Kotoa might go when fattened but I’d like to see a bit more from walker. Goal kicking always a boost.


SWalker will be good against bottom 10 teams but in games against Souths, Melb, Panthers I wouldn’t expect a lot. With Cleary out I had to play him and wasn’t expecting much more.

Temple Guard

Could you enlighten me on the bottom 10 teams… last time I checked Phins and Warriors are… let’s just say Top 8

Salty Former Owner

I’ll have a go at this, although with most teams only having played 2 games we could be very wrong.
But: Wests, Saints, Bulldogs, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Dolphins, Warriors then it gets harder, maybe Canberra, Broncos, Storm, Manly. So I’ll actually say 7 softer matchups compared to the rest.

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I’m talking generally. You won’t know who the bottom 10 teams are until Round 27 finishes!


The money laundering is going ok Issako and Hammer .Hopavge ok ish ,Wegan (surely he could change his name to Vivian or Vince) for Cheese still to come . Doorey to Preston looks good now.
As a Cook Trell and Chin owner i’m going to need all the black money i can wash !


“Wegan” with a German accent will get you that V sound!


Vade Egan


Or Kard (Egan)!


6/348 Captaining Hopgood hurts and so does not having Turbo. Thinking of trading him in for Teddy if I don’t have too many fires to put out


Cheese a buy R5?


Could be an interesting play to bank the cash from Egan but 55 with a try isn’t the greatest.


Needs to be starting or at least playing 60 consistently.

Eric Cartman

Worth the safe loop gent? a or just stick with Grant Captain? I’m the one in the left. Cheers and good luck for today. Would flick alomoti and Pele would be my AE.

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I think you’re safe with the players you have yet to come. You got some big names there. Stay with harry is my opinion

Eric Cartman

Cheers m8 will stick with c grant

Second Year Syndrome

Last R

TU: Loiero
TD: Preston

wombat stew

Kept loiero this week hoping the young half can get him some decent ball before munsters return. Plus a bellyache dressing down after last game. Bit of a pod choice


No news on doorey yet?

Blood Nutt

Not by the looks of it. I still think he’s playing


He played on Friday night?


Left Katoa on the bench and have Doueihi starting. Thinking about putting the C on Doueihi so if he doesn’t play it’s basically a free loop for Turbos 103. If he plays I can still loop with Taruva.
TU- Solid plan
TD- Just captain Grant and hope Douhie plays.


Perfect plan. You have to start him anyway, and this situation is what the VC was designed for anyway. I wouldn’t even call it a loop.


Any news of if Doueihi is confirmed to play? Saw a post on the previous page but not much detail.. would prefer to drop Boyd to loop Turbo but don’t wanna cop a non score if he’s ruled out late!

Problem is titans play before the 24hr cuts are announced..


Saw that he and Bateman both trained, Sheens called it 50/50 which doesn’t inspire too much confidence


in the same dilemma, based off sheens comments I just can’t risk it myself


John Bateman and Adam Doueihi (foot injury) both trained with the starting side at @WestsTigers training. Tim Sheens rates them “more than a 50% chance” of playing tomorrow. Will make final call in the AM @NRLonNine @wwos


Daily Telegraph reporting Doueihi & Bateman both completed the Captains run & only need to ‘pull up sound’ on Sunday morning to play. Phew!

Professor Fate

When will last nights games get updated. 3:05pm ?


AKP has arrived.


Some finisher


I own both Warbrick and AKP.
Of course i chose to play Warbrick.
Still another half i guess.


Some head high knocks in this one.

Really surprised Hughes didn’t get 10 for his shoulder charge on the kicker.


Those that dropped AKP to loop Turbo must be nervous now.


If Sloan looks good tonight who is every trading out for him? Was set to go AKP to Sloan now it looks like he will make some money. Might have to just give him a miss.


Maybe warbrick


Yeh looking like that. He will go on a run of tries at some point though


Maybe after Munster comes back. Not much ball getting past Katoa & reimis is mud


Won’t lose money at least.


Gold Coast goal line defence is disgraceful.

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