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The Duke

After last night, should I take my VC Garrick’s 166 (Ponga as Captain) and run or take the risk on Fifita or Holmes?


I think if risk it go Holmes every day as you’d need a big set to Captain Fifita


Holmes 100%

moon the loon

and goal kicking against the warriors in Townsville

moon the loon

+ if say holmes gets 70 you are only 36 points behind but don’t have to worry about AE, you get a player score under 20 then the loop only averages you about 60


i have c on val


Yeah me too. 🙂
Come on, Cap’n Val!


I really think the scorers should come out with a 20-30 minute video on different examples of try assists before the season. It’s crazy they have just completely changed how the assists work for backline movement’s. The majority of tries would come from them.

Temple Guard

I Love it…. took them long enough to get it right… without the last pass… there is no try… and I do have the Hammer

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They just gave Miller the lba though when gagai passed last.

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Scoring has definitely changed. Fullback sweeping is not a gimme TS n LBA anymore.
As long as they apply the same rule to the big name fullbacks, Lattrell Teddy or Turbo, I am ok with it.
I think it’s better for SC.


It’s horrible they didn’t communicate it before the season and it’s still not being applied consistently.

Keyser Soze

Yep and means fullbacks are overpriced and centres undervalued, let’s see if it’s changed on review


Who gets traded out for Hammer?

TU Reimis

Neither look like money makers


Too late mate, unless u mean next week.


I’ve got Hammer – but can update trade to lose either Reimis or AKP until they lock out

Colossal Von Crumpet

I went Reimis > Hammer before lockout. Game in progress


Yep, douehi will play now too.


I would not have played I Katoa but for the news about Doueihi in doubt. 4 points at half time. KMN




It do be like that sometime.


I feel there’s alot of us paddling on this boat rn :’)


Hammer and kiraz gonna be like hopgood and fail to score well 3rd round . Was always on the cards.


you are not alone

Sally M

Roosters: Waerea-Hargreaves (bench), F.Baker (prop), B.Smith (bench), Turpin (hooker), Whyte (18)
Rabbitohs: Burgess (bench), Sele (prop), Cartwright IN (bench), Taaffe OUT (18)


Who gets the C
TU Grant
TD Holmes

Brick Wall

Who to Captain?

TU – Murray
TD – Holmes


The Hammer looks like he never tries to break or evade tackles. His kick returns leave a lot of be desired. I see where all the criticism comes from.

Temple Guard

hope you didn’t buy him… he is terrible


I did unfortunately. Will move him on ASAP.


I bought him and was pretty happy. He bombed a certain lb, try or try assist with a simple drop. Almost got through the line off a katoa pass as well. Will make some good money


absolutely nothing wrong with those who got on him for a quick cash grab imo. He was never gonna be anything else.

Temple Guard

are you sure?

Temple Guard

You are a harsh judge if You feel that for the past 3 rd he scored 76… 79…53…is not good enough….sounds like a keeper CTW to me

Last edited 2 months ago by Temple Guard

He is 320k, they expecting Garrick scores? Doing a job

Bring Back The Bears

Junk time Katoa TA

Never walk alone

And I think the scorers missed a LBA earlier in the 2nd half when hammer was tackled by Miller


Who else held Smith? Smug alert.


I am still glad I got rid of him, only 53 points with 2 minutes to go,

Colossal Von Crumpet

Mid 50s with an LB try is a bit average.


Of course cheese scores now. Got to love SuperCoach timing


Paulo has to be one of the worst wingers in the game. Way out of position for AJs try and stayed way to upright going to the line where he should have scored. Cost teddy 20 points.


Well Paulo replied to you..


Just been hired by the roosters to send him motivation at half time every week. Two try hero


In terms of SC points he’s currently the best player on the field


You need to stop whinging bro,, fantasy is always going to go against you; don’t be a bitch about it


Agree on the whinging on my end. No need to Jesse Pinkman on me though bro.

Temple Guard

Tell me that after your replacement hooker scores less than Smith… I think you jumping the gun


Who needs a replacement hooker? Just get Grant/Cook and save the drama


Anyone rage trading Teddy?

Afro Monkey

Contemplating it.


Teddy and sualii. gone.


Very much so… butcher will be sent straight to the block as well


I think the matchup against eels is a good one so I’ll give him another chance. Roosters look a lot better with JWH back as well.


The Trell vs Teddy conundrum still favouring Trell. Game after game. Did nobody start with teddy last year? I did, hence, why I didn’t this year.


Teddy to turbo… have to. Even with manlys tough draw coming up

Sally M

24 hr Broncos still 1-17, Mariner & Piakura remain reserves
Dragons: Couchman OUT, M.Molo IN (bench), J.Hunt & Max Feagai remain reserves


Egan Butcher first gone after lockout. Should’ve just shelled out the extra for his brother.

Cohesive Unit

Nat is a weapon. This is Ebutchers first year playing consistent run on 1st grade, Nats more developed. I started with Nat but I can see Egan eventually jagging a try similar to Dooreys against weaker opposition’s.


EButch a better middle than an edge player, just filling in for Angus IMO