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1,058 (C) Turbo.
High: Grant 105, Turbo,103, Walsh 99, Alamoti 71.
Low: Warbrick 14,S.Walker 24, Welch 25.Doueihi 27.


Same FBs and people ridiculed my choices. Had those highs with 7 more above 60 but my halves are killing me Doueihi 27, Katoa 27 and Boyd 43 (his best score to date), What do you think about Doueihi to Brown?


If you can afford it, yes. I would not pull my team apart for him, though.
You could also look at Schuster.


The halfs are killing me along with Warbrick. Cleary will stay but I think Boyd and Doueihi have to go. Boyd – Schuster via Katoa but who to trade for Doueihi? Warbrick will be an easy trade to Sloane.

wombat stew

Can i ask y sloane? Not being a prink just sometimes i get the blinkers on with players and have him pinned as relying on attacking stats too much.

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Aren’t all top fbs reliant on attacking stats?


Too true, I have Turbo and Walsh and up to halftime Walsh was hardly killing it.


Walsh was on 0 after 58 mins. I prefer Trell with a higher ceiling and base


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wombat stew

Yeah but he plays under hook @ dragons


He’s the only one I can afford and looks good for a couple of price rises at least. Plus could play him depending on matchups.

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Def looking at walsh myself


Walsh has taken over from Cody Walker as the king of junk time


Douehi didnt train all week due to a foot injury, I am forgiving for him.Not really anyone else I want there. As for Boyd, he is just sitting in my team in case of emergency, He will be upgraded to Nico in a rd7 after the Sharks bye


Here i am bitchin cause the doubt about Doueihi playing forced me to play I katoa…. and Doueihi only got one point better. I shoulda stuck with Uto instead of Doueihi.


1099 all out. Praying for a 1 point update for tomorrow lol. (C) turbo


Sitting on 999. That one point is the work of the unicorn


Praying for us both mate


1177 looking good then ?


xxxx yes


1209…feeling happy about that. Let’s see what the updates & price changes bring.

Wallah Hezbula

Nicely done Radio




Anyone know what happened to Nicholls on the weekend? Got no minutes for some reason.

Tommy Smurf Sangsta

It was really hot and I think forward rotations were all over the place. See where the dust settles after this round perhaps?

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