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11/955 C Cleary.


Solid again Hoffa. Just couldn’t bring it home fully this time I can see. Interesting to reflect on the good & bad for you this season and how you think you would adjust.

I felt after trading week 1 (which you suggested I didn’t) that I then couldn’t come up for air and hold trades for a long time. I felt a couple short late season like many always do. Alway plenty to think about post season before washing it all away.

Enjoy the finals and off season mate. Cheers 🙂


Thanks mate. Finished with a rank of 2002(dropped 8 spots this round with a 976). Not unhappy with it.

In the end I just never got that one big round to launch me up the rankings. I was ranked around the 2000’s from round 13 all the way to the end. Highest score for the year was 1350.

Great final rank for you mate. Enjoy the finals


Cheers Hoffa! It did feel like trying to get through quicksand this year. You weren’t that far off so it was a bit of a tease. I was with you in that 2K zone from R15. Just R22 things finally clicked. Hopefully we are smarter & more savvy in 2024.


More like 925 Cleary didn’t get that many points


1086 all out. A reasonable end to a terrible year.
One score in my Scholars league of 1493. Not a bad effort in any round, let alone this one.
Thanks for the year everyone. Enjoy the Christmas and I look forward to catching up with everyone next year.

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wombat stew

Thanks for the league watson, was an enjoyable win for the disco


You did well, wombat.
Enjoy your Christmas, mate.


11/928 C Fifita

Thanks to all that helped during the season
Should finish around 5k


Got to feel for the leader. Poor bloke probably won’t even stay in the top 10.

wombat stew

He ended 21st. Harsh. He deserves better


Wow beat what I thought was my gun teams score last week for the gf with only 15 this week lol supercoach


Yes I got 1050 out of 10 players – Crazy. And one scored 13.

Wallah Hezbula

Prices have changed, scores are final.

An absolute blast of a season – looking forward to next season!


Woohoo – stayed in top 1,000 – fell 142 spots to finish 633.

Bring on some chicken.


Well done.

Dodgy Dogs

961 from 10 players .. leaves me at rank 357 , dropped from rank 281 .. happy with that .. will make sure i keep trades for final rounds next year ..
Thankyou to everyone ..


96.1 average, very good


Good idea if you have any left.


You can see in the final results the difference lucking out with players rested made.

It appears that people lucked out with players they would have liked to move on.

Just the luck of the draw, I had two playable cntr wings, Seen one guy who had 6.

One league I was in a guy looped and had 2 NPR’s with 4 Parra players on Bye. Maybe 1 rested.

While this was exciting I don’t think it was a fair end to the season when it came down to just luck because teams chose to not compete in games.


Moved up 2k spots final round to finish the year at rank 2399. Best finish ever. Had a 5 year lay off until this season but made my team with the help of this site. Thanks everyone for the help and guidance through the preseason and season which helped build my team. No way i could’ve started so well without this site!


Gained 120 places to finish in 334th.
Just short of 327th (my best finish) so happy days.

Thanks again everyone. Hopefully catch you all next year.


Well done mate – I personally got into the top 1k for the first time in my 58 year existence (824th). Kind of limped over the line in the last round with 1133 pts but was enough to go up a few hundred spots. So many wasted trades this year (as usual), but some solid buys amongst them (eg.Drinky and Ponga early doors).
What a great platform this is – I hope we will all still have the chance to vent our thoughts here next season.
Thanks to everyone involved here! Enjoy the finals!
Hasta la vista! AJW 😉

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That is awesome AJW!!! A buzz to crack the top 1000. You are always upbeat and positive on here too mate. Really pleasing to hear so thanks for sharing.


Hey there Bluegoose – thanks very much. I’m chuffed by your comments. Every year I seem to paint myself into a corner, as far as trades are concerned, but this year it turned out alright, using the last 2 in round 26 (although it was for Drinky and DWZ – what a fizzer!). Anyway, it’s nice
to be inside the symbolic 1k mark. As for positivity, I try my hardest, and often see the lighter side of things – it’s probably for the best in a game like Supercoach!
Speak to you soon matie! 🙂

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Very nice, Bluegoose.
Thanks for your input this year. Enjoy the off-season.


Shame about the Weekly Cash Prize. Guy in 35th spot has played all year and to be gazumped by sniper teams especially on this round with so many players out and a limited pool to choose from. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel this round.

Part of the game I guess and hard to prevent with VPNs and masking of IP addresses etc. Emails don’t cut it with aliases.

Perhaps they can make it SC Gold subscribers only forcing you to at least stump up the 25 bucks! It would be shame to lose it.


They could make the prizes only eligible to teams that were created prior to round 1. Any team created from round 2 or later are ineligible for prizes.


Supercoach administration wouldn’t like that. The site makes money from hits. If you look at the amount of snipers in bye rounds and now every year in the last round they would miss out on all those extra hits or miss negating the hits they lose when players give up when they don’t get a good start(every year many teams drop out after a few early round fails). They need the hits to justify sponsors money and garner more.They don’t get the traffic they don’t get the sponsorship money or have to take less.Major sponsors like betting agencies will expect… Read more »


Sad but true!


H2H only but jumped up 2,255 from 7,548 to 5,293 this week with a score of 1,135 (12 players).

Insane, feel like a lot of people with a great rank didn’t change their team for rd 27?


Bradd, i think most people with a great rank didn’t change their team because they couldn’t, only 2 trades available and probably missing 10 plus guns.


Finished 424 . Highest rank was 36500 in r2. Lowest rank was 79 r22. Just curious on other roller-coaster ride. Worst trade was Sloan for a quick cash grab of 22k

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Rd 3- 53k, Rd17-12th, finished 46th
Great site. Just a lurker but appreciate everyone’s opinions


Impressive fight back from 53k


That is a fantastic effort congrat’s.


Finished 334 which was as high as I got but…
R1 71K..
R3 31K
R13 2.2K
R15 6K

Felt like quicksand until about R22.
Worst trade R7 Hopgood out for Shaun Lane at top dollar for 724K…

Temple Guard

Hi Gang if anybody is interested to play NFL H2H a few Leagues looking for Coaches if you are interested …715346 & 701916 2 & 3 spots left

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Have joined league code 715346. Looking forward to the NFL season.

Temple Guard

NFL Session kicks off Friday Morning 10am
League 715346 is full up but we still got 2 Spots left in NFL H2H 701916

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Cheers mate. NFL DT should be fun. Good luck all.
I hope this site is still going next year in some format. Sal’s Teams and Late Mail perhaps. I am recently retired so have time but not much inside info, only what I read on NRL.COM etc. Thanks everyone who contributes, makes SC more fun

Temple Guard

Thanks all for joining the NFL Leagues… all the Leagues are now full up
Please feel free to advertise your incomplete League Codes here… please just ensure You state if it’s a H2H or Draft League

Thanks TG

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Just a reminder that Supercoach Scores has a dedicated NFL thread:

For anyone seeking advice for their lineups before the season starts this Friday, to fill league spots if you are having trouble doing so or for some nice camaraderie over the NFL season.

Temple Guard

DT NFL finished Lock out after last Game finished within an hour…SC delays the finishes and keeps updating to get the 10th of Thousand of frustrated hits to up the viewing numbers…. I get it but it’s just rubbish really 🙁

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Temple Guard

Los Angeles Rams

wombat stew

Bbl league 155336 if anyone else is checking


Still checking but seems very quiet. Hopefully site doesn’t die. I don’t write much but read everything. Great source of information for me

Temple Guard

I do check as well Tammma… from what has been said the forum keeps going but most of the Legends will stop various topic feeds…. we will find out in February what the site will be like…. comes down to the members how much info will be provided by them as the Legends have retired from the site…. Fingers Crossed some Members step up with providing useful updates and news 🙂


Hey mate. How are you going in NFL. I initially joined the NFL forum but after 3 or 4 weeks I couldn’t get in via the thread. So flying solo. Geez I’ve left so many points on the bench. Good Luck for finals.

Temple Guard

Hi Mate 🙂 slowly improving in Overall Ranking… battled my way back from 1200 Ranking in Rd6 to 450 or so this week The Format in the SCS Forum is definitely different alright… I struggled with find the NFL tread too… Not sure if that works for you but what I normally do is I click “Alerts ” sort off Top right of the page and than just look for the NFL page… just also be aware that that could be a few pages back where you land so scroll done and hit the latest page… hope that works for… Read more »

Temple Guard