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So happy for Jake with that try.
Well done DCE for passing.


Who is starting with Koula IF priced at 500K and named as Fullback for round 1?


will be hard to look past someone like Pappen imo (at around 700k) and maybe a “can you trust it” Turbo?

wombat stew



vc koula. Much needed with only 12 players.


Well done. Anyone with Olak DCE and Koula? Wasn’t someone looking at DCE and Koula as final trade?


surely a few with those 3 in their team. Had my eye on dce but have cleary and hynes so hope they both play. Last 2 trades this week were walsh+ponga > pap+koula


8 to play if no more outs. Still mulling up the C. Probably Hynes but Cleary & Fifi possibles.

Tonight a tough SC watch. Bunnies fans must feel deflated knowing their boys wasted a season. That finish should burn the whole off season to be better. Well played those had Koula, DCE or Olak who are set to loop now. Cracker scores!!!

Temple Guard

Hi Guys, DT NFL H2H League Codes which are still looking for Coaches if you are interested …715346, 701916 & 144702

Sally M

24 hr Titans: J.Fifita OUT, Kini (wing), Randall OUT, Leeming (hooker), I.Fa’asuamaleaui IN (bench), Vuna IN (bench), Pahulu & Francis remain reserves
Bulldogs still 1-17, Skelton & Sutton remain reserves


Tino’s Bro Iszac just gave me a sniff in my OA cashie… classic if he gets me home as he has hurt me all season as an AE. Nicho going big the key.

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Sally M

24 hr Sharks: Moylan OUT, Kaufusi IN (bench), Iro & Atkinson remain reserves
Raiders: Horsburgh OUT, Saulo IN (lock), Hopoate & Mooney remain reserves

Brick Wall

Anyone know yet if Hynes kicking?

Sally M

Panthers: Tago IN (centre), Peachey (bench), Sorensen OUT, Garner (2nd row), Salmon (18)
Cowboys: Hess (prop), Taumalolo (bench), Taunoa-Brown (18)


The funniest thing about Soni Luke being (presumably) rested this week when many of us need him, is that he only comes on the field with 15-20 mins left each week, makes 10 or so tackles, misses a few, takes a few carries, and passes the ball out of dummy half a few dozen times…and that’s it!


Where does it say hes being rested? I need his 10-20 pts this week lol


You and me both!

I’m presuming he’s rested, as there’s no injury mentioned anywhere I can see…


Bloke is rested on the bench every week! Oh well from 12 to 11 men this week.



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Yes injury he has a sore arse.

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Still recovering from smelly finger syndrome. Needs to rest his temptation.

Sally M

Dragons: 1-17, T.Couchman (18)
Knights: Thompson OUT, Hetherington (prop), Keeley IN (bench), Aukafolau (18)


In his minor premiership presentation Andrew abdo just said dyl Edwards has made 179 try assists this year!! Ha! Dylan looked very confused 🙂


You forgot the Riff MC called NQ the NorthERN Queensland Cowboys…….what an idiot


Thanks for all the help and advise over the years everyone, going to miss this place!:-(


C’mon Reed Mahoney. 40mins to do something mate… anything. I neeeeeds it!!

Sally M

Sharks: Moylan OUT, Kaufusi IN (bench), Irons (18)
Raiders: Mariota (prop), Guler (bench, Horsburgh OUT, Puru (lock), Saulo IN (bench), Mooney IN (bench), Schiller OUT, Hopoate (18)

Well that’s the last team list. It’s been a pleasure. Thanks to all the support over the years. Thanks to the site organisers for everything. Best wishes to your SC adventures going forward.


Thanks for all the updates over the years Sally


1030 from rank 367. Hope to hang on to top 500 and maybe beat my PB rank of 418. Won some cash in H2h and overall comps. Thanks to everyone on this site. It’s such a great resource. I’ll miss it if it disappears all together.


1041 C Hynes.
Lost my cashie by ~30pts but Nicho tried hard to win it for me. A little lesson in holding trades for the last round yet again.

Should hold top 1000 from R454 though so a good year. Thanks everyone on here for contributing. The thoughts of the brains trust really helps. Cheers…

sgi steelers

Some nice updates might get you the win


There is always hope! Unfortunately he has Nich also but not as C as I did (he looped Koula) and he has Mulitalo so I would be seriously lucky. Reed Mahoney on my never again list… 🙂

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Updates in… came up 17pts short. Captaining Cleary (over Hynes) was the play I needed. Given I came in with a decent 243pt lead and was beaten by 260pts by him this round he deserved the win.

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Another great season mate. I wouldn’t be surprised if that score gets you a small green arrow.


Thanks Hoffa! Bittersweet. Really stoked with the top 1000 finish. Just can’t quite lift it a level to mix it with top 100.

Mistakes: Anti-podding Isaako for the season. Passing on CNK very early and Drink mid season.. Buying into bunnies run home narrative. Mahoney over Brailey as a back up Hkr. A little more trade patience & restraint etc etc. There was definitely plenty of good though.

Plenty of time for a full post mortem anyway. Time to enjoy a cracking finals series now. Hoping we get to see a new winner.


1159/11 looped koula. Won my overall cashie. Sitting at 4k overall so hoping to finish strong


Had two trades up my sleeve and did Walsh and sj for Teddy and dce
Sitting on 1324 this week with looped VC olak


10 for 1040 – “C” DCE with Harrisons 13. – ill take it.

Hope we have somewhere to chat next pre season. Best to all.

Peaked at 39 Three weeks back now at about 64 – Tomorrow who knows but still my best season guaranteed. 3 or 4 errors away from the top 10.


Hopefully you can fire it back up in 2024 mate. Each year is just a little different to the last but 2023 should be a confidence booster for you.

Hoffa and I made into top 100 in 2021 (I peaked at 37)… then last year and this year have been good (top 1000) but not that same feeling as being a real chance. The Pretender in here was 1st for a while last year… now that is something else entirely!


Thanks, I was never a chance but happy with a 50’s finish.

I normally wobble around the 2K area and hit the top 1K at some point. This year was better from the start, the difference a number of keepers in the original team.


10/ 943.
Olak vc.
No complaints.
If only I had a full squad.
See you all next year.