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Talk about a humble brag!!!


I love it


The banner curse has failed time and again this year, last ditch effort to help the boys into the top 200!


Good Luck – Hope it works.


Thanks – Good luck all.

Some nice numbers there.

With 11 players I likely drop out of the top 100 this week, still my best season ever

Went the hail Mary V on Pappy just for the fun of it and couldn’t think of anything much better with as good an upside. Tino would have likely been the smart play..


Good luck to all!!


Banner Stats 2023 This could be the last banner stats update ever. Last week was a massive win for the player Walsh scored 141 points. Above his 23 average of 76.2,  and his 22 average of 52.7, and his projected score of 51 points. This year the Banner scores have been 83,48,79,62,74,124, 85, 40, 90, a DNP, 59, 40, 77, DNP, 89, 117, 27, 97, 45, 58, 81, 74, 15, 77, 58 and 141 (two banners in week 2). An average of 69.7 not a bad score for what is supposed to be a curse. We have had 27 banners… Read more »


good spoonbowl type of game

The Beer Whisperer

Apparently it’s fine to slow the play down except when you make a try saving tackle.

A player simply isn’t held until the ref says so. Arbitrary judgement ruins the game.


Yes I thought that one was ok. He was up pretty quick. There were much worse hold downs that didn’t even get a penalty or restart.

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So torn whether to bring in koula or tino.

Feel like tino is safe for a good 80-100 but koula could go 150 or 60


Can you get DCE?


Got him already


It is the last round so why not go the Hail Mary play?


I’m going to embrace the craziness of the final round by looping Tristan Sailor… seems a fitting way to complete the chaos…


Excellent work T80.
Traded in this week or a sleeper ?


Sleeper… I had him behind Munster at 5/8 so that I could switch Ponga there in the case of a Munster injury. The VC was accidental – had it on Munster last week and forgot to check again before last night’s game!


Better buy a lotto ticket while you are hot


Aitken out – VTW in -Bennett presser on Isaako’s feats




Ford out for Warriors – one i cant afford
Down to 14

Temple Guard

Even with 14 I think you could jump 5k ranks CoG, BoL
Free Loop option too 😉


Ranked 33,778, somewhere close to you ?
How many have you got this weekend.
Virtual steak bet for who finishes highest
My only quality players are Cook Tapine Hynes Brimson Isaako Drinky

Temple Guard

got 14 as well, just inside the 30k C will be important but we got a free loop 😉
I am ranked 103 in DT but only 11 guys so I don’t think I break into the Top 100
EDIT: My 14 are… Mahoney Tapine DFitita Sorenson Howarth (40 fluck 😉 )
Nikora Hynes Brimson Isaako Billy Smith Lemuelu Mulitalo Timoko and Drinky who I traded in this week
VC Isaako and than C Hynes or Drinky, not sure yet

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BOL we’ll see how we have fared after the weekend.
vc drinky C brimmo

Temple Guard

Added my guys in about CoG 🙂


Ive got Muli and Tim as well
Ipap Leilua D Russell
Dearden Tass and Talakai
Predicted 918 but that hasn’t factored Ford being sent back to the factory
What could possibly go wrong lol

Temple Guard

Haha… they are not bad guys to have
BoL to us 😉

Temple Guard

Sorenson out down to 13 now

Dodgy Dogs

Vtw atleast takes me to 10 players , no trades ..
Ranked 281 .. a little luck might see me stay in top 1k


Good Luck. A bit similar trying to hang in the top 100 with 11 playing. Not much chance


First time – I have 6 NPP’s selected in my team

Non Playing Players


There nuffs now .guaranteed not to play until seasons end .I hope you keep top 100 as a lot are in the same sinking ship


C on DCE or Cleary ?

up / down

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Sally M

Sea Eagles: 1-17, Tualagi (18)
Tigers: Nofoaluma OUT, Kepaoa (wing), Da Silva IN (bench), James (18)

Sally M

24 hr Dolphins: Aitken OUT, Te Whare IN (centre), Teague & Fuller remain reserves
Warriors: Ford OUT, Going IN (bench), Roache IN (bench), Laban & Wiliame OUT remain reserves

Sally M

24 hr Panthers: Tago IN (centre), Peachey (bench), Sorensen OUT, Hosking (2nd row), Garner IN (bench), Salmon & Eisenhuth remain reserves
Cowboys still 1-17, Taunoa-Brown & Derby remain reserves


Reversed teddy and picked up koula with my last trade. BOL everyone

Sally M

Rabbitohs: 1-17, Milne (18)
Roosters: Manu OUT, Tupou OUT, Allan IN (centre), Pauga IN (wing), E.Butcher (prop), Baker (bench), Hutchison (18)


Gotta be a first…. 3 players over 150 points , yeah??


Brought in dce and Teddy for sj and Walsh with last 2 trades. And put the VC on olak

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