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C Manu – maybe my worst round of the season. I had 3 opponents who captained DH2O that wasn’t the problem all 3 had Issako and 2 had Gutho. Their top 5 unique players were averaging over 110. I took the C off Cleary and moved it to Ponga then Sat night moved it to Manu tried to change back but too late. Also have Hynes and Kiraz with Harrison as AE 47. Hopgood 2nd NPR. Gone from 3 trades next week to needing to boost this week just to lose by less. Deciding who to trade Maybe Hynes to… Read more »


Going to be some massive rank changes next week with injuries and suspensions of highly owned players, never mind restings. Anyone with trades and / or a good 17 can make up some serious ground.

Manu – almost certainly out
Teddy – possibly out
Horburgh – Suspended
Garrick – almost certainly out
Hynes – possibly out

Add lower owned guys:

Broncos beat Storm Thursday night, Panthers could rest plenty. Warriors surely get a rest with Tohu and SJ high on that list IMO.

Fun times ahead


Harry Grant a watch with that L shoulder for next week too…

Temple Guard

If the Knights win vs the Sharks… Storms got 4th spot locked up which makes me think the Top 4 will rest heavily next week… but that’s only a guess obviously

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Great info, but yes we all get it, it’s obviously just a guess.

Temple Guard

Let’s have a Beer on that and enjoy the 2 remaining Games 😉


Cheers, i wouldn’t say no to that.


They still haven’t updated fridays games. They updated Penriff Parra in time to influence trades and looping. Im waiting on Driny’s updates for the same damn reason. Tight h2h, i need to know. Oh and not to mention the unicorn points Cleary and co got… grrrr..


Anyone on here have any insight as to the reasons why SC guys are so wishy-washy with their timings etc? I would understand at the start of the year, but considering we are at the pointy end of the NRL season, but also the H2H GF. It seems a little amateurish from the SC Team in my opinion. It’s a shame.


The stats are taken directly from the Fox Sports lab. And while I think that Fox cares a little bit about Supercoach (all part of the same company), the stats guys are actually just interested in doing their jobs not your SC trades


All games except Roosters now updated


Can anyone even explain the imaginary points the give Cleary anymore?

Anyone who watched that game would be shocked haha he did nothing for the entire game then got the try off the dropout and set up one try, yet they give him TC for both other tries he did absolutely nothing with and then somehow an extra 20pt in Unicorn updates for what..?

SC has some negligent on the point of almost fixed bad scoring at times

Temple Guard

SC is SC them delays in updates is frustrating indeed… I play Dream Team in Sports Deck as a different version of SC and within 1 hour of every game scores are locked in and no waiting for 3 days of Unicorn Points… much more pleasant to be honest… instead of the darn Scorers adjustments in SC

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That sounds great, yeah I love sleeper for NFL draft because it’s all locked in and no update drama

Temple Guard

The Dream Team NFL session is now open if anybody is interested…
Played it last year and it was fun plus it helped getting over the 7 Months of waitng for NRL again
If anybody got Leagues that need coaches just advertise the League code here


One of my favourite formats but it might be largely due to a friendly salary cap and a finish in 22nd place in my debut season. There is a dedicated NFL thread at Supercoach Scores for the Dream Team NFL comp if you need help filling any of your dream team leagues or draft leagues, that provide excellent advice and assistance to newcomers of the format.

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Temple Guard

Much appreciate the Mate… I had my Cousin in Seattle checking out my team last year as I struggle with the scoring and rules haha… after that I took over and I am planning to do the same this year…. Mahonnes or Allen are a must in QB …. RB’s lots of Guns Ekeler or McCaffrey be nice too… WR’s Kupp or Jefferson are sure tempting and TE Kelce is basically a must have…. Kicker …. Tucker the same…. and than the darn salary Cap… Hope to see You in a League Mate 😉


Leagues 715346 and 701916 – 8 spots in each. Cheers

Eric Cartman

Surley that’s a lba to Crocker for that first sipley line break ?


Since friday scores not updated, leaving Capt on ponga instead of looping drinky. … wishing ponga all the best to crack the ton.


The game was updated. Drinkwater 124

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If that’s the case, Boomer should consider looping. 🙂


Hi all. I closed and reopened the app and it updated. So yeah i did loop drinky. So after including my ae of marzhew i need nikora to score 50+ and also cover Walshs unicorn points to win…gonna be close now nikora robbed of his try


How they took that try away i can not fathom..


H2H captain dilemma… Have Tracey + Mulitalo (me) vs Nikora + 89 head start. Both have C Ponga and Marzhew as well. I have Billy Smith and Reece Walsh still to update.

TU Stick with C Ponga (match)
TD Change to C Marzhew


1306 with Ponga C. Enough to win my H2H GF. Manu and DWZ in the team. Cheese and Utoi were real warriors covering Nicho and Garrick. Great year!

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1399 (c)ponga. Was a rough start with the likes of manu and dwz but walsh came through to win my h2h final. On to the last round!


1308 C Ponga

Carnage next week, hope everyone’s gots some trades.

Big watch on

I’m sure there’s more


All Eels players:






Haha, yep I’ve got a couple of them as well


1460 c drinky
Won my h2h most likely barring ridiculous updates
Opponent had c on ponga but I had manus injury. So I guess that’s SuperCoach

No Witty Name

That’s huge. Nice one.


Thanks . And thanks to everyone on this page!


15/1041 C Manu


Damn that is tough. Solid score regardless with only 15.


1243 Manu C

Better than I deserved. Trade in DCE and Gagai helped.

1 remaining trade and no idea what I can field next week.

GF over hope all done well.

I won 3 from 6 appearances and hope the red isn’t too deep. Still trying to hold onto a top 100 finish..


1336 looped Drinky
Won my Cashie H2H

Thanks to everyone’s input on this forum has helped me get my victory today.

Not just when I ask for advice, but also reading other people’s questions, opinions and TU and TD got me over line.


1186 C Manu
Hopefully next week is better 🙂

Temple Guard

That’s not bad considering You C’ed Manu… BoL next week BG


Have done the full post mortem TG. With the hand I had I just muffed the decisions. Maybe felt a bit bulletproof too after last week. The Manu C choice was an unexpected/unlucky blunder but risky/POD VC then Popular C often the recipe. Ponga very reliable in the run home. Used last trade to go: Trell to CNK 89 (handy) Other 3 affordable options though were: Walsh 141 Isaako 111 Meaney 75 2 week trade so no clear winner yet… unless they rest CNK. Walsh smashed it though. Had 18 players & chose Mahoney 36 over Welch 75. Typical SC… Read more »


Hard luck on the Manu injury mate. One week to go and there should be plenty of carnage


Cheers Hoffa. Solid score I see from you and a solid C choice. Well played. Hope you have a decent 17 next week or trades up your sleeve. I’m out of trades but 3 bunnies coming back & no eels which helps.

I think going to have to stop the POD C thing in last 2-3 rounds I had forgotten how much that can sting. Took me back to that Ponga all chips in misfire.


Thanks mate. 1trade left. I don’t like my chances of fielding 17 this week. I expect mass restings and teams not to risk players with minor injuries. Manu C was unlucky. He could’ve been anything. I had it on him all week and only changed it to Ponga when Hynes was out.

No Witty Name

1383 from 181st C. Walsh. Top 100 the goal but with no trades left next week will be a hard one for me. Praying for minimal restings!! Make sure you all come back next year for the chat- only forum I use, good cross section of opinions and always respectful.

Temple Guard

You done well… Yes with the Top 4 Locked in… I can’t see the Broncos or Storms will field our Boys and protect them for finals… If the Broncos win the Panthers can rest every one as the Minor Premiership would be the Broncos


887 C Manu.
Kiraz,Edwards out made me get an ae and miss a player.
Manu got 32 as captain
sharks wingers combined for 55
dallin and sj letdowns
Not even dissapointed at this stage just finding it funny.
Oh also i had sivo and olakuatu in my npr

wombat stew

1447 – stoked won me all my finals but a bit hollow for number of outs this week, most teams took a hit.



Hopefully enough to claw back some of those 300 spots last round and possibly move back into the top 500. Used my last trade on Garrick to CNK, so will be very interesting to see if Walker, Johnston, Hynes, Mahoney will be enough to cover Gutherson, Manu, Matterson and any other injuries for a playing 17.


1,384 C Ponga.
Used my last trade to bring in Manu.
Sitting rank 700 – hoping to hang in the top 1,000 next week but I will be playing short…….possibly really short!