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Guaranteed win in h2h GF, last trade was going to be Walker > Walsh but thinking about numbers for Rd 27 with overall, want all the bodies in case of restings.

Garrick > CTW/2rf 707k

Or if we think Hynes doesn’t play next week, HLB 829k



Who do you have already?


Yep, that’d probably help.

Grant / simpkin
AFB Harris / Haas nuff
Nikora Fifita Tino / Horsburgh Hopgood nuff
Cleary / Hynes
Munster / Walker
DWZ Manu Marzhew Mulitalo / Garrick nuff nuff
Ponga / Tedesco


Fotuaika out if anyone has him. My opponent does 🙂


Cleary with a bucket load of unicorn points…actually all the Riff players got bonuses.

Eric Cartman

Anyone know what happened to fotu?


Stayed in Qld for personal reasons – Wife is due to give birth

Dodgy Dogs

Thumbs up to Loop Cleary’s 109 = 218
or captain Ponga Thumbs down ..


I’m regretting not looping. I put the c on CNK. Not that far off the mark, but in hindsight…


Big dave fifita unsighted today..

Colossal Von Crumpet

Just putting it out there: Tino is awe inspiring.


Should be around 800k next season. Will be one of the first players i pick.


Hi guys
H2H GF Need some urgent advice
Not sure which way to go
Is Drinky owed any extra points?
Will Joey Manu score more than Drinky?
I have VC on Drinky
Opponent has C on Joey
I can match him and we will be neck and neck
Or am I better off with Drinky
Our AE’s are pretty even

TU – leave it as is
TD – C Joey

Thanks in advance

Temple Guard

what are your uniques and his still to come and what’s the current scores
without the loop!!!

Last edited 6 months ago by Temple Guard

Unique –
Me – Hass Ola
Him – Billy Smith, Ronny muitalo

Without loop I’m in front by 7 points

Temple Guard

Don’t trust my advice but I think You are ahead for my liking… CTW’s can go nuts or fail,,, 2FR’s and FRF are solid in scoring…. Either or way should give you a win IMO
BoL Carso 🙂


Thanks TG
Sound advice
I’m gonna leave it as is and hope Joey doesn’t go to big and Drinky gets some unicorn points

True about FRF and 2FR – Hass and Ola are pretty reliable

Appreciate your help, good luck

Temple Guard

Well it’s not nice to see Manu injured as I said they either go nuts or fail… That Final should be yours now 😉


Never like seeing players get injured like that… but Woohoo

Sorry Joey, hope it’s not to bad.


Reports saying Kiraz out for the season bad back

Temple Guard

How ironic if Kiraz is out… I get Hopgood as AE


This is the week of SC carnage we’ve all been fearing


My trades this week?…DWZ and Manu.

Don’t you just love this game sometimes.


And to the dulcet tones of Captain Manu’s popped hamstring, thus do the curtains close on my SC season


Me Too – maybe my worst round of the season.


Manu (c).. there goes top 100. Going to be lingering in the top 500. Not a bad season but could have been better. In hindsight I should have just looped Drinky, bird in the hand etc.

Temple Guard

Happens… had Munster Capt. last week nice 28


C on Manu. Prime example of why I should have looped Cleary when considering it..


C Manu 16

You have to laugh… certainly won’t be pushing for too 100. Hope to salvage a top 1000 finish. Suaalii 140 at least helped me out. The chooks FB was always a good chance of a ton… just wasn’t Manu unfortunately…. 🙂

Temple Guard

Sheit.. 🙁

Last edited 6 months ago by Temple Guard

You might be right TG… should have looped! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Temple Guard

I modified my replay… wasn’t sure if you would see the funny side or feel offended which defiantly was not intended Thxs BG 🙂


Definitely have my sense of humour still intact mate. I had a chuckle. All good!

Temple Guard

Love to hear that Mate 🙂


I feel that pain also


It hurts but we can’t regret an injury too much. I figure it was an attacking move at the pointy end of the season that didn’t come off.


l was wondering…does anyone know the rules for qualifying for a dpp next year? During the season it’s 3 games at a position.

Temple Guard

If I recall DPP’s got added in RD6 / 12 & 18 and yes I believe they had to play 3 times in the new roll to get it,,,, but they normally ask the Team coaches where they be utilised before the season starts… I could be wrong 😉


As far as I’m aware it’s irrelevant what a player does this year when it comes to determining what positions they have next year. As TG says they talk to coaches before the season begins to find out where players are most likely to be played and make decisions based on that but it’s never as concrete as that because you’ll always see a few players have a questionable DPP before the season starts. For example I’ll be extremely surprised if Manu starts next season as 5/8 CTW and Ponga should be FLB only as the 5/8 experiment with him… Read more »

No Witty Name

No rules pre season, just how Rob Sutherland vibes it! He has said they will do as few DPP’s as possible as they can be adjusted several times during the year.


Its a shame that happens too, as some players are legitimately good at multiple positions and don’t get the recognition.
an example is Manu, who should start the year as a Ctw/fb, even if Teddy is in the team. He is a world class Fb.

No Witty Name

Let’s go POD captain Walsh. Last trade on Manu stings a little though as next week could be VERY tricky.


Unlucky with Manu but Sualili showed what he might have got
Happy you you got Walsh. I thought he was the go


Any chance Walsh gets points for the forced drop outs from the 2 kick off’s ?
Pretty toght H2H and could use a few extra points.


Never thought of that, but he should do


Wish theyd hurry up and update frudays games. Need to know if i need to loop drinky. Have a very close h2h because oppo has walsh he got junk at the end. Bloody frawley let in 3 tries cause hes too slow in centre defending. Anyway. Its loop or leave on capt ponga for the win and pongod needs to almost match walsh by my calcs to guarantee the win. Kiraz being out didn’t help as Keppie is my only backup


it stings I sold Manu 3 weeks ago, and brought him back just to C him, has hurt in my H2Hs and morale.
Can somehow still get a win even with Edwards and Hynes being critical losses. Walsh may have saved me