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Bring Back The Bears

Banner wins already. Isn’t ARey out?


Yeah they’ve gone the easy route choosing Campbell who’s out

Temple Guard

Banner done that 3 times at least this year… I find that weak… surely they know he was out… guess it’s desperation for a win 🙁

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Isn’t it Walsh?

Temple Guard

Could be the Mouse Mascot on the left too haha… Photo is showing Reynold… Walsh has only half a face

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No, Walsh full face on my photo. Walsh was actually first player I saw.

Temple Guard

Interesting… You could be right… as long as it isn’t Jayden Campbell who is been tackled by Reynolds 😛

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It is Campbell


It’s just a banner – who cares.

Everyone gets a fair go in the GF – It’s ok by me.

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So Sivo’s 3rd try, both TA n LBA went to Simmonson?
Thought it was Gutho’s all day but Ive also seen this given to the center’s throughtout the year, I think benefited from it. So who knows….
Disclaimer owns Gutho, btw!

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Eric Cartman

surleu thats pensinis lba and not browns he was the last pass?


Sivo’s 5RA was 16.

And he goes 150+ against the Panthers.

I bet there’s someone lucky enough to play him with all the other outs.


My opponent has him and played him

Bring Back The Bears

Yep. First thing hes done in the 12 weeks ive had him

Colossal Von Crumpet

Please tell me you played him

Bring Back The Bears

Yep, only cos i had 17 available.

Sally M

24 hr Dolphins: J.Bromwich OUT, Jennings OUT, Wallace (prop), Aitken (centre),Katoa IN (bench), Collins IN (bench), Donoghue & Milford remain reserves
Cowboys still 1-17, Taunoa-Brown & Derby remain reserves

Lusty Lemons

Does Crichton get the TA for the Cleary try the drop out ? (Crichton owner ) he got one for the Martin try


Yeah I was surprised it wasn’t paid live


VCs and Cs any suggestions?
looking to pick from SJ, Drinkwater, Munster and Ponga…
Playing against someone who has 15 players but has played Gutho and Brown used his VC on Cleary and will likely C ponga or Manu..


Need a Latrell replacement. Can get any CTW or FLB. Thoughts on Suaalii? Or keep it simple with DWZ…

Meaney and Walsh other options. Too many choices I can’t decide haha

Colossal Von Crumpet

DWZ could be anything this round, he’d be my pick.
Depending on who you already have: CNK, Manu.
Any risk of Paps stealing mins from Meaney on return?


Yeah I think Meaney is out of the running now with the Paps confirmation. Have 3 Warriors already so may as well grab a 4th haha

Currently have CNK, Ponga, Isaako, Marzhew and Timoko in the backline along with Garrick and BSmith

R.Cotter Cheese

I havent seen anyone looking at Grant or Munster for captain?
Both have an average over 90 against Titans.

Do I need to be talked out of putting the C on Munster?


Titans right side looks weakest,- weaver haas shop jojo plus if papi makes an appearance he favours the left
Worth a punt for a pod C imo

Eric Cartman

hynes out saw on fox sports : quad injury

Last edited 6 months ago by Eric Cartman

Yep confirmed. Mahoney or Welch to play for me now. Not ideal but better than having no subs


Stefano or Cheese for me. Never thought I’d have to let those two out of the basement again.


With Nicho likely out, I need to play one of these benchies:
TU: Paikura
TD: Blore


Which 2 of these trades
Opponent has sj and dwz



If your team is projecting higher, i’d go SJ/DWZ.


If I go sj dwz
Our uniques will be
My team


Plus a trade in

Sally M

24 hr Storm: MacDonald OUT, Papenhuyzen IN (bench), Lewis & Wishart remain reserves
Titans still 1-17, Kini & Vuna remain reserves

Temple Guard

With the Hynes News… I think I will reverse my Munster to Drinky Trade…What do We think?
TU: Nahhhh get Drinky
TD: Stick with Munster


Munster definitely not a sell

ZZ Top

H2H grand final, I have 1 trade up my sleeve left, Opponent I don’t think has any trades and he only has 15 playing, who wins this:


ME: Tohu Russell Manu Bateman Horse Edwards Nikora Young & whoever i trade in out of Marzhew/Walsh

OPPONENT: Hopgood (58), AFB Drinkwater HTF Tino Welch Gagai

Opponent only has 15 now that Hynes is out.

TU: Looking ok
TD: Opponent will win

Obviously depends on captain pick, we both have it on Ponga at the moment.

Temple Guard

Do You really need reassurance that much haha
17 vs 15 is not even close to be classed a contest

Sally M

Warriors: 1-17, Tuaupiki (18)
Dragons: Finau IN (wing), Muhleisen (hooker), Liddle (bench), Mathew Feagai OUT (18)

Last edited 6 months ago by Sally M

HFB carnage next week? Hynes out this week, can’t see him being rushed back unless they are at risk of falling out of the 8. Cleary, Hughes, SJ all a big chance of copping a rest next week as well.

Temple Guard

Add Arey to the list… hence I reserved my trade to get a HB if needed


The Hynes news means I need to revisit my trades for this week. I was going to bring in both Drinky and DWZ, but can now only bring in one. The question is, which one ? Drinky’s up against the Dolphins who concede big points to fullbacks plus he has the goal kicking, while DWZ could easily back a few tries against the Dragons right edge…
TU: Drinky

Temple Guard

I am in the same boat gone DWZ but only because it worked with trade… either will go great for You is my opinion


Thanks TG !


Late with the banner stats again, (that is what happens when work gets in the way of SC and you are losing interest as you are out of your cashie h2h final) Banner Stats 2023 Two draws in a row for the banner Mulitalo scored 58 points. Just below his 23 average of 63.1,  and his 22 average of 60.9, and his projected score of 61 points. The first 25 weeks of Banner scores have been 83,48,79,62,74,124, 85, 40, 90, a DNP, 59, 40, 77, DNP, 89, 117, 27, 97, 45, 58, 81, 74, 15, 77 and 58 (two banners… Read more »

Sally M

24 hr Roosters still 1-17, Hutchison & E.Butcher remain reserves
Tigers: Twal OUT, James IN (bench), Laulilii & Wakeham remain reserves

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