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Dodgy Dogs

1376 rank 394 . Took the C of Ponga , looped Cleary . Used last trade when Kiraz out .. Garrick to Marzhew


1303, captain Cleary and that included Crokers 2 and mulitalo’s 25. Still won my h2h final


Just finished with 1,471 with C Ponga. Left Garrick in there and got Laybutt’s 91 as an AE.

Was going to bring Manu in but the time difference while in Europe threw me off!

Ranked 18k so hopefully into the top 15k (would love top 10k).

Had Moses and Teddy on the sideline plus $300k ITB. Pretty stoked.

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Shout out to the Kumite 2K23 teams

Wallah Hezbula

Thanks for joining! League was a blast


1327 c cleary by mistake really. Was distracted and didn’t take the c off to vc. Worked out ok. Would havevc and c ponga buy thats the coach.


NFL DreamTeam Leagues 715346, 701916 8 spots in each if anyone interested


Tohu out- back injury that could threaten his finals.
Ponga out- high grade AC joint which could threaten his first finals game but club hopeful he will play in 2 weeks.
J Preston- has had surgery and season over

Game on!!!…


1199pts dropped me 172 places to 454th. Not as bad as first thought. I suspect there will be big moves this week for those that can field a decent 17 with all the potential outs.


Good Luck.

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