Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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Hynes is definitely off his game today. very rocks n diamonds in everything he’s done


Still scoring nicely. 🙂


All out 1232 C Hynes.
489th and should finish top 1000 so no complaints from me. Good luck to those with players left in this game. Thanks to all the contributors on here too especially the admin guys for putting in again all season long. Cheers


Holmes lost the TA to Drinks… so up to 1254. Hope Hynes has some unicorn points too…


Congratulations on a fine year, Bluegoose, and thanks for your input this year.
Have a great Christmas and see you next year.


Backatcha Watson! Little more challenging with the split sites (SC Pplabook & Discord) these days making it a bit fractured. Information overload at times so more informed than ever but hard sometimes to shut out the noise and make decisions. Here remains the easiest to read and dissect I think (?Showing my age) even if it has been quieter. See you next year mate.


Shall do.


Traded in Rapana and Manu for Garrick and Sualli’
201 pts for Harry and Robbo was nice
Left Hynes out for Dearden
1321 for the week
Cowboys for Premiers !
See ya next year
Thanks all

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Well done CoG.
enjoy the off-season and see you next year.


Scored 1335 C Holmes. Overall rank 216 prior to this round. Thanks to all the guys and girls o this site for another great year. I turned 43 recently but still love my SC. KBB


1370 with 16 players. Saved my best for last in a very average year.


29075 for the year, with a 1282 today.

Still going to be outside the 1000, but at least I won my cash league last week.

thanks for a great year and all the support from the site.

see you all next year


having had a year off it, i didnt miss it at all. Did you enjoy it as much as previous years?


About same as always I thought for SC Perrin.I just got frustrated at times watching the actual game with the holding down a& manhandling in the play the ball this year. V’landy ball last year was too fast but I thought they overcompensated back the other way this year. It made the games close for the most part though….


Ps- I imagine life was less stressful without the constant analysis and fretting each week on trades! You probably enjoyed watching the games more too without forever scanning for player you would have owned in the past? Bit like social media fir some people – Tough to break the addiction but things a whole lot simpler when you do…


Honestly, i dont enjoy nrl as much anymore. I think with the six again and the reffing debacles its really turned me off it. And mixed in with the bunker doing what it wants when it wants. Its just confusing.


It will be a bit different next year with a bye each week. With the huge depth of talent in the NRL and the very even games and spread of talent this year I can see why there was a need for expansion. (Sarc alert)
Well played all those at the pointy end and congrats to the winner.


All out for 1373. Armband on Hynes.
Cam Murray and Fifita the lowlights, but Crichton, Fermor and Robson the highlights to end the year.
Hoping to sneak into the top 4,000.
Another fun season comes to a close.

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Thanks for the year everyone. Finished last season ranked 58,790. Currently 1,306. Massive improvements. Turns out picking the best players is the easiest way to move up the rankings.

Afro Monkey

Thanks for a good year guys, finished just outside top 500 so stoked with that. Hope everyone has a good off-season and looking forward to next year!


1230 C Hynes Couldn’t quite bring it home but finished 536th and 2nd in my Overall cashie. A good year and pleased on the whole. Just didn’t quite nail it at CTW and FB at times. Taumalolo just didn’t cut it as a 2nd FRF either. Some lessons learned as always. Hoping to crack that elusive top 100 next year. Thanks for everyone for their votes and comments when a decision just seemed a bit hard to make on any give week. Great to see The Pretender have a red hot go early and hit the lead for a while.… Read more »

Pool Man

Hey Bluegoose, you got a placing in the cash comp I hosted. Can you contact me via twitter. Thanks mate


NFL Supercoach through Dream Team free league available to those that are interested league code is 385287 7/14 filled



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League 136055 – 4 spots left


Any cash NFL fantasy comps out there? Thanks


yea mate we need 2-6 more if you’ve got any mates. Drafting tomorrow night https://sleeper.app/i/m2O4QQPaVV9x


Thanks mate but was hoping for dreamteam not sleeper. Thanks anyway


Hey guys – well into Week 1 of finals footy – what a shame, as I kept Brian To’o!

Just like to thank all concerned on the site – great, dedicated write-ups and forever vigilant contributors! Backed up my 1,117th from last season with a finish deep into the 6,000s this year! Oh well, looking forward to next year! Cheers everyone and thanks again! 😉

Bring Back The Bears

5mins after Raiders win


Bloody Lolo sinking the Sharks with seconds to go. Why didn’t he play like that for our SC teams in the final weeks!
I think NRLW Knights player (and former Jillaroo) Caitlin Moran might be in hot water after her comments on the Queens’ passing. Pretty horrible saying it was a good day & the name calling. Very poor form for someone meant to be a role model


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Looking forward to Panthers v Rabbits tonight