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family bragging rights upheld,obliterated own son with 1500 plus score,personal best ever,in hth semi final,


I was best all year then fell off. came 1st in h2h then bowed out in straight sets by 5 or less points. Overall i was winning by 150 come rd 20 then i captained teddy and it all fell apart.
Good job luigi


Watching it back… surely Latrell’s stupid dummy spit of a forearm was of insufficient force to warrant a game off? Just a fine? Biased owner hoping he plays R27 of course!


Losing my cash head to head by 12 points!! if he just makes the tackle i win……


Ouch! Childish stuff from him…


He always was always will be a stupid angry man

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Wallah Hezbula

Prices have changed, scores are final.

Wallah Hezbula



Into 282nd place but Latrell 1 match if pleads guilty & 2 matches if fights and loses. There goes that last trade for injury or resting. Doh!


well done BG, best of luck with the final trade. Hope it’s a banger


Bloody awesome mate. Looks like we’re all trading latrell out, I might hold this week if I can field a decent 17 and then assess my requirements in round 27, I’ll have a couple of eels to deal with as well as restings.


Cheers mate. I think I might do the same and hold til next round and see who else is out. I sold Hopgood to Katoa so no eels at least… just have the issue of the 4 bunnies.

Garrick could miss this week maybe. Hopefully not too many other rests. Warriors could rest a few next week V dolphins to save a few the trip over the ditch?

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