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The Beer Whisperer

Another try off a penalty. Heaven forbid the ref is disliked by the locals.

Tommy Smurf Sangsta

Munster and Teddy 16 combined at halftime! Haha! At least pretty much everybody has them!


Looks like the banner has struck too – Crichton to the centres.


Hope that Hughes try assist sticks after updates

Mr Perfect

Can someone explain this TKO non-knock on to me? I thought that if you lose the ball and it touches an opposition player its an automatic knock on. So it doesnt matter if it hits cheeses’ head should have been storm ball.

Adam Gee way out of his depth in this game.


Think they ruled it that he was playing at the ball and knocked it on. Agreed on Gee he lost control of that game. Roosters used their challenges very well to fix up his mistakes. JWH was very grubby. Storm consistently elbowing players like they have all year.


Teddy and Crichton have pretty much assured langerslegends 2 GF victories. They were never going to score big against the Storm


They both average 60 against Melbourne historically, “were never going to go big” is a bold statement. Particularly after the game has already finished.


60 is not big, what they scored last week was big. 60 is below average this season for both of them. Teddy’s average is 80 and Crighton average is 65.
Going POD against them 2 players has just won me my 2 GF’s. That’s all that matters to me. Particularly when 1 league was worth $2000


My money’s on it actually being some random public league with nothing on the line at all… 😆

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Wow you’re are bad sport.

Temple Guard

4 Games to go Mate… You may have jumped the Gun after 3 Games already claiming Victory…. how is Hynes doing for You as C????


Last reserve
TU Lolo
TD Drinky


Which cowboys player to leave out?

TU: Drinky
TD: Lolo
Comment: Holmes

Replacement options are Dfifi, Brimson, AJ, Jojo, DCE.


All your replacement options are starts


Agreed – only issue is out of them I only own DCE. Follow up question, who would you trade in ?


Fifita and or Brimson


Drinkie to Mitchell worth it in a close final?

Thumbs up Do it
Thumbs down you’ll regret it!!

Eric Cartman

must win h2h grand for ultimate glory. should i match hynes as captain or vc him and put the c on latrel. cant split it . cheers gents GL for the weekend of footy.

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 11.03.09 am.png

See how your ola goes against his Tapine. If your still around evens or a little behind id leave it on hynes. Whos your AE? Who would you drop?Your team should have him covered… good luck.

Eric Cartman

cheers mate! should of put that info in my ae will likely be 31 from palasea and id drop tass.


Hmm, its a tricky one. Cant see tass killing it against cowboys. 31 ae score isnt horrible. Im now leaning towards vc hynes. Does your head in this game hey!

Eric Cartman

Absolutely mate doesent help that it’s the biggest game of the season for me. Latells been killing it tho tough to spit



Gee the roosters Storm game hurt a bit!… especially Tupou going down after scoring that first try. Given Suaalii scored on that L side Tupou could have had a decent score. I may have to go VC Hynes and then risk a POD C this week like Lomax or Fifi but hard not to stick with Latrell.

Anyway I’m looking at my last R between Drink, Ola, DCE & Tass. I think raiders give it to Manly but hard to write off DCE…

TD Tass
Comment for other


If ola gets the right amount of ball he does some damage. He’s a good player.

Eric Cartman

id go dce for more upside .

Eric Cartman

tass has been producing solid scores without tries but its hard to tell the game he goes back to a 40ish score


Yeah I thought if Ola goes well then DCE is probably going better especially with goal kicking and both on R side. No point aiming for just a safe score…


I have both playing . So hopefully which ever one you choose goes well


Tupou would have had 100 easy if he didn’t get hurt. Very unlucky there


Hey guys,
Gotta win this h2h, had Ikuvalu until he got ruled out, not sure if I should start holmes or jojo, or I can trade either out for any CTW.

TU: Play Holmes
TD: Play Jojo
Comment any player I could trade to. Thanks in advance


Probably the best week I’ve ever had so far in sc. I’m currently 10/1,061 with looping gutho. Also had Hughes, to’o, may, iPap. Projected is just above 1,500. Hopefully players such as Latrell, nicho, burton all go well this weekend. Goodluck to everyone this super Saturday!


Baffles me how Stephen Chricton didn’t at least get one try assist last night

Tommy Turbo

best option to replace ikuvalu?

Eric Cartman

AJ, lomax, ronaldo would be my top 3

Tommy Turbo

what are your thoughts on fermor? as i do already have fifita in this week

Eric Cartman

I like fermor hes been on a tear recently and has the knights. If I had a trade to spare I’d be seriously Considering him

Last edited 1 year ago by Eric Cartman

In a H2H final, thinking of swapping Holmes, Drinky and Lolo >>> Jojo, DCE and Dfifi

TU or TD?

Opponent has all 3 cowboys players + Latrell and AJ both unique



Im similar. Selling holmes for aj. Dropping lolo for jojo in my case.. only cause im behind and projections for nth qld guys a little high. Putting faith in drinky as last reserve.


Hey yo!

Doing ok ish this week so far. Played To’o and May and then the usuals to get me to 628/9

Which 3 would you pick out of these 5. I have Mulitalo/ Talakai, DCE Drinkwater and Jojo Fifita


Hey guys last R?

TU – koula
TD – Amone
Comment: hammer at FB


Who scores more?
TU Olakuato & Tapine
TD Lolo & DFifita

Rowdy has cook out.
is this correct?


See Stilseys late mail comments


Well that sucks, should have had him in my bench rather than grant, rookie error


I’m not a manly supporter but they have clocked out for the year.
Since Pride round.