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thumbs up – BEAU FERMOR
thumbs down – MATT IKAVALU


Last R: Hughes, Haas or Cotter? Got Teddy, Munster and Matto atm


Prefer an 80-minute Hughes.

sgi steelers

Haas should play decent minutes tonight if the donkeys want to win

Colossal Von Crumpet

Tight H2H final and looking for PODs. Thinking of sitting Lolo and playing Ola/Talakai.
TU – Go risky (Ola or Talakai)
TD – Safety first (play Lolo)


Play Ola

Colossal Von Crumpet

Ola it is. Good luck this week!


You too. Best of luck to you!


Banner Stats update  It’s Grand Final week and the Banner will be more important than ever (or will it be?) It was always going to be hard for Munster to beat the Banner, but he almost did, last week it snuck over the line beating him by 7.2 when using his average as a benchmark and by 16 points compared to his predicted score. We now have 20 Banners (with stats) for 2022 (there was no Team news and scores for round 3, an entire team for round 20 and the late PG for 23) Banner vs Player average… Read more »


Captain, Vice Captain and combined percentages (correct as at time of posting).

Tad late again sorry – work sux.


  1. Hynes: 33.4
  2. Teddy: 10.5
  3. Latrell: 6.6
  4. Munster: 4.0
  5. Manu: 3.6
  6. Cleary: 3.3 (obviously non players)
  7. Paps: 2.7 (obviously non players)
  8. iPaps: 2.1
  9. Turbo: 1.6 (obviously non players)
  10. Haas: 1.4

Vice Captains:

  1. Munster: 10.1
  2. Hynes: 8.5
  3. Latrell: 6.3
  4. Teddy: 6.0
  5. iPaps: 5.5
  6. Manu: 3.8
  7. Dbags: 3.0
  8. Grant: 2.2
  9. Haas: 2.0
  10. Holmes: 1.7

Combined (C + VC)

  1. Hynes: 41.9
  2. Teddy: 16.5
  3. Latrell: 12.9
  4. Munster: 14.1
  5. iPaps: 7.6
  6. Manu: 7.4
  7. Haas: 3.4
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Nice work Shlapper, a lot of food for thought here for those chasing overall glory, POD captain could rocket you up the ranks.

As a fairly quiet background lurker on this forum thanks to all such as yourself and others that post useful stats.

Bring Back The Bears

No D.Fifita…. ultimate POD skipper

Bring Back The Bears

Locked and loaded

The First XIII

Opinions welcome for a thought that’s been with me for a while
TU: Haas is just tired and will come back strong after a rest and a good preseason. Get him for Rd1 next year at a discount
TD: Haas is still a great player, but not the SC FRF weapon he used to be and will just be another option rather than MUST HAVE next season


If my opponent already has an AE scorer . Could he still trade a player in to get rid of the AE

Never walk alone

No, if a player in his 17 has been locked out but didn’t play, nothing he can do except trade out a possible low scoring NPR to a better player or a non player


What if he has Garrick that isn’t in his 17. Can he trade him out to get rid of the AE

Never walk alone

No. He will get the lowest scoring non player in his squad

The SOL Man

CBB it depends whether the AE player has been added for someone who was involved Thursday night. SuperCoach adds the AE early for players not named or ruled out. So if AE is for a player not named later in round he can trade to get rid of AE. If AE was for a player who played in Eels v Broncs then there is nothing he can do. Hope that makes sense. Bit silly his SuperCoach shows the AE for later players.


The only 3 AE players they had all played last night


No other player they have could be an AE anymore

The SOL Man

Who has the AE come in for? If that player is not locked they could still trade them and AE will go.




Yep , he can be traded.

The SOL Man

So they can still trade out Garrick meaning no AE




Chasing points in a H2H final with 1 trade left, which move do you make?

TU Lolo > Dfifi
TD Drinky > Brimson
Comment : Drinky> SChrichton

Opponent has both trade out options + Latrell and Johnston uniques.


Drinky —> S Crichton


Last reserve ? Sorry it has come to this  Thanks
TU: Drinkwater
TD: Val Holmes


To show how fickle this game is compare my 3 Parramatta players scored against the lower placed – the Bulldogs (firstly) compared with the Broncos
Sivo: 50 vs 81
Papalai’i 81 vs 114
Gutherson (my vc) 44 vs 145
That’s more than an extra 160 without the loop when I drop Tago and make S Harris my captain. Unfortunately I’m already out of all my h2hs.
Anyway see you all next year.


Can only play 1…

TU- To’o
TD- Ikuvalu

Last edited 1 year ago by SD23

Who to play?

TU- Tago
TD- Mulitalo

Thanks 🙂

The SOL Man

Might be the week to play both!


I’d need to sit May, Manu or Holmes though…


this is one of those situations where you wont know what the right choice is til after the games. they all have a similar potential this week. go with your gut.
super unhelpful though.


I’d sit Holmes of those 3. Don’t sit May…


Last reserve?
TU- Olakau’atu (v raiders)
TD- L Miller (v dogs)

i dont think so

Seeking guidance please. Hold and play Ola/Lolo or trade to Tapine/Lomax?


You need a TU & TD but I’m pretty sure those TD’s are for trade…

i dont think so

Good point Bluegoose. Cheers

Cohesive Unit

TU- McInnes
TD- Luci L


Do any of the keen watchers here think Ipap is likely to see any score increases from last night?

I have him as my VC and would be keen to loop if he is around the 130 mark… wondering if anyone thinks he’ll move from his current 114?

Thanks legends


What to do? Should I TU: match my opponents D Fafita or TD: go a pod move of Johnston.


TU – to’o
TD – talakai

already playing may, concerned about double panthers wingers but could also be a drubbing


Who to play?

TU Ola
TD Holmes


Need a 1 week play CTW to accompany Manu, Doueihi, and To’o. Few toss ups are:

  • Fermor looking to avoid the spoon at home vs. NEW
  • 5 try Edrick vs. GCT
  • Crichton GK vs. NZL
  • Death, taxes, and AJ left corner post vs. NQC

Any best guesses on most likely to go large?


Critter for me. Fermor for a safe 60.

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