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1286, Ponga C


More than solid! Nice score Hoffa


Thanks mate. Small bounce back from last week. Bit of a rookie error this week trading CNK to Gagai so I could sit Garrick. Gagai went well but I wish I’d just held the trade. 2 emergency trades left now for the year. Hopefully hold until the last round to cover Parra bye/restings.


You just have to hope CNK sits out again or has a quiet one. Gagai is a nice POD. I sat Garrick so caught out like many were. He could go big in one of those last 2 rounds.

I still have 3 trades and it will be hard not to spend 1 this week but I think R26 & R27 will be tough so will try and hold. Wonder which bunnies outfit turns up in Newy…


1373 rank 210 3 weeks left to try and sneak into top 100


Excellent score this week mate! Big chance at top 100


You probably get my spot.


Well done

The Duke

And Robby’s Headcases are finished and done for season 2023. Top tier of my H2H for the first time and just getting beat in the second week of the finals, I’d cop that for my Roosters.

I’ll hang about until the bitter end. I want to be here when Leonardo freezes to death while hanging on a large floating door. I guess that’s just revenge for getting poor, shy Kate Winslet to expose her breasts.


1336(c) ponga


1304, Ponga C.

Benched Garrick for Te Whare, but thankfully I played Mulitalo, Meaney and To’o. Could’ve hit around 1360 but I won my h2h so I’m happy


1343 (c) Munster ,happy with that since I benched ronaldo & Garrick


1291 with Captain Kalyn.
Mulitalo and Garrick were the nice surprises, Hopgood and Tapine the let downs.
Look to have secured a spot in the semis next week. Let’s wring this out for a little longer…


1302, ponga C. Sat garrick and tohu


1316 C Ponga. Had E Katoa on the sideline.

Went to bed last night up 5 points in my H2H, woke up this morning down 3 points 🙁

Both Ponga and Meaney lost points overnight. Anyone think there will be more updates from yesterday’s games or is that it?


1343 C Ponga

Wallah Hezbula

Prices have changed, scores are final.


1225 C Ponga – only lost 10 positions. Just hanging on.

I think I had all the top line players who went under 50 before updates.

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