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All out for 1499 C Teddy
Solid but some big scores out there.

Overall but note I am 168 points up in my only public H2H V Tapine & Edrick Lee. Should sneak home but just note Edrick has already scored!


Big score mate. Dfif updates should get you over 1500


Cheers Hoffa! 499th & out of trades now so hopefully the injuries are kind. Mulitalo who has been poor didn’t look great at the end of that sharks game…


Another great year mate. Time for a Podcast


Ha ha ha!… I don’t know that I have quite reached that level… haven’t cracked a top 100 finish yet.

Has been interesting seeing how Tim from Villi Army has attacked the byes and run home with some POD’s. A late season fade now but he had a decent crack the last 2 months…


Some nice updates for Gus and Nat Butcher. Tupou also got a bump.

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Rooster players got great bumps. Teddy went up 9 as well. I thought Nicho was the scorers favourite with all that the unicorn points but we actually went down.


Can somebody explain how Fifita didn’t get the assist for the Jojo’s try?


I’m a Dfif owner as well and I was hoping he’d get it. Looks like it went to Campbell. FB’s are usually favoured in 50/50 decisions. I actually think it should have gone to Wallace. He took the kick, broke a tackle and offloaded it to Campbell.

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

Because he had the least involvement, and didn’t play the role of a sweep/extra man. It should go to Wallace on review.


Looks like fermor is the CTW / Dual I should have kept all season


I traded him out round 14 for Mcinnes for 500K


All out 1551,hopefully get some updates

The Duke

Completely and utterly beaten this round. And I’m done for the year. Ironically it was the Roosters game that killed me. Garner went down for 3 and my opponent had had Captain Teddy and Crichton.

Will likely ride out next week cheering my peeps on.


1591 all out. VC looped Latrell. My best score ever.

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1432 C Teddy, ranked 121 overall before this weekend. Lost all my h2h with 1400+ haha. Some monster sores out there congratulations.

kegs kings

1599 opposition 1614
Happy with my score 2 trades left and concentrate on overall


Nice work KK. Gee you’ve done well to have 2 trades left!

kegs kings

Cheers mate
Tell me who to buy please

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I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE


kegs kings

Yeah can do easy but was thinking panthers outside backs this week maybe Crichton is due


Good call. Normally I would say it is To’o week but he isn’t in form and Salmon + Critter won’t pass it to him. Lots of goals for Crichton V warriors.. Match ups not great with some of the involving cellar dwellers playing each other. Cashing in on the sharks backs is tricky with a bit of flux there…


You reckon they upset the raiders in Canberra flock?

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

Unfortunately, they’re mentally cooked, and even with the Raiders proclivity to seemingly giving away games they should win, I think Manly is far too gone to take advantage of that.


Yeah agree hard to see them winning. I am just hoping they have one final effort so Ola and DCE are plays V bulldogs in last round…


You got space for Brimson??

Eric Cartman

1613 new record! Also into my first h2h final


All out 1483 c on teddy

I was loosing all 3 leagues until FERMOR trade has me up in 2 leagues.Will be in at least 1 final hth maybe 2.

Overall ranking 4800 so unsure if green/red arrow this wk ?

I think 1500 might be par this round.

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I would be surprised if you don’t see green.


I’ve just checked the 3 leagues i played in this wk & only 3 scores in each of them were over 1500.

So, green could be realistic.

P.s / I should have said those with the c on Hynes would be scores post 1500 not par.


With Hynes dropping to 130 and Teddy going up to 109 (Latrell 105) the C only cost most 21-25pts. Manu C the one that stung a bit this round…


Sharks/Manly updates before today’s games would’ve been handy. Instead of death riding Fifita playing behind turns out I could’ve matched and cruised on to victory. Oh well, next year. Made both draft H2H finals as consolation including a massive 769 in 20 team league which has 10 scoring players. Back to back 700+.


1465 with C munster
In to h2h finals . Brought in Johnston over murray this week which made a difference. Just wish sharks gave Mulitalo more decent ball


My goodness I hope tapine gets that try assist. Could make or break my season!

Score to Settle

Remarkable how things change, Last saturday of regular supercoach season I was 9th, praying for a drinkwater special to get me in finals, I finished 5th and now I am in a grand final with 6th.. What a remarkable turnaround, I love this game 

Eric Cartman

Had a similar story this year mate started the year 1-5 too!!


I have a 1,651 in one of my leagues. Can anyone do better than that?


I have seen a 1677 in one of mine
Victorious Secret

Score to Settle

Ive seen a 1699 in one of my leagues


Just checked and I got some nice round ups to 1,693. Crazy scores across the round this weekend and I have to say it’s nice to jag a score like that after a mediocre season. Just a little annoyed I took the C off Hynes onto Teddy at the last minute, but can’t complain.


Losing a match by 1 point!! All I can think of is tapine kicking that ball dead which was -3.


Tough luck. He did well to rack up 75pts for you though. I previously suggested i thought he would be a bit quieter on his return as that rib area would still be quite sore & vulnerable to another knock even if it was just a cartilage injury. He certainly looked in agony when he came off 2 weeks ago. I has a look at the match replay late tonight and watched him closely & he seemed to move totally freely and played really well. I was surprised that he didn’t seem to even be guarding or playing with any… Read more »


I see he said post game that with the pain in the first 3 days after it happened that he ruled himself out for 3 weeks but then they came good after a week. Huge for the raiders as they wouldn’t have won yesterday without him. Might come down to differential for 8th & 9th spot…


Scores should be final now. Player prices have changed…

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